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Attack on Titan Season 2 Episode 11 Recap – Charge

BY Harris

Published 1 year ago

Attack on Titan Season 2 Episode 11 Recap - Charge


Commander Erwin sees Reiner escape, so he rallies everyone to use the regular Titans as bait to pressure the Armored Titan.

Mikasa swears to kill Reiner and Bertholdt, including Ymir if she stands in their way.

Ymir pulls Christa out of her mouth. She goes outside of her Titan form and apologizes to her. Ymir tells her she‘s coming with Reiner and Bertholdt now, and that she should come along with them. There isn‘t much of a future inside the walls, and the outside world isn‘t as bad as it sounds.

Christa cries in confusion and asks if she‘s being manipulated by Reiner and Bertholdt. Bertholdt whispers that it‘s the other way around, but Christa offers to fight them if they‘re hurting her.

Bertholdt warns Ymir that the scouts are gaining in on them due to her risky gambit. At this rate, they‘ll get caught. He pleads for her to stay on their side and not waste their trust. Ymir admits that saving Christa was a way for her to survive her previous punishment. She hopes that she can be exonerated if she takes someone important from within the walls. Ymir admits she was being pathetic and pleads for Historia to save her. Historia promises that she‘ll be her ally to the end.


Eren wakes up and sees Hannes and the others trying to retrieve them. Mikasa blinds Ymir and chases after Bertholdt, who hides behind the Armored Titan‘s fist. She‘s about to kill Ymir when Historia pleads to Mikasa, saying she‘s only blackmailed into fighting them.

Mikasa warns she‘s running out of compassion. She lets her choose between Eren and Ymir. Ymir moves to attack, but Historia stops her.

Jean and the others reach Bertholdt at the Armored Titan‘s chest and ask them to come out. Connie pleads to them as they‘ve been comrades under one roof for three years before. Jean asks him how he could sleep right beside his victims.

Mikasa says it‘s all for nothing — they are now enemies of humanity. Bertholdt yells he never chose for such to happen; they are just atoning for their sins. Bertholdt cries and asks for someone to save them. Mikasa asks for Eren once more, but he still refuses.

Hannes warns everyone to stay back as Commander Erwin has lured a group of Titans running toward them. Mikasa and the others return to their horses as Reiner rushes his way against a horde of Titans.

A Mess

Reiner and Ymir defend themselves, but Commander Erwin isn‘t satisfied. He declares Eren as the hope for humanity and calls for everyone to charge.

Reiner has no choice but to expose Bertholdt and Eren to fight his way through. Erwin gets caught by a Titan while charging, but he keeps the same orders to advance. The scouts get picked off one by one as Mikasa weaves through the crowd.

Armin reaches Bertholdt‘s position and asks them how they can abandon Annie. He bluffs that she‘s being tortured underground repeatedly as they speak.

Bertholdt curses him, which gives Erwin an opportunity to cut Eren off. Mikasa escapes with Eren while Historia saves Ymir from a Titan.

Connie drags Historia from the battle but she asks to be let go, telling them Ymir’s life is in danger. Connie and Sasha know it for a lie, as Ymir would never put Historia‘s life in danger.

Suddenly, a Titan falls ahead of their position, tossed by Reiner himself. Eren and Mikasa are dismounted from the blow. A Titan approaches them — the same one that ate Eren‘s mother.

Our Thoughts

The show continues to pounce with continuous hooks and no end in sight. It‘s just a pleasure experiencing a thrill ride like this with equal amounts of depth in its characters. Rating: 4.2/5.

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