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Attack On Titan Season 2 Episode 2 Recap – Southwestward

BY Harris

Published 4 months ago

Attack On Titan Season 2 Episode 2 Recap - Southwestward

Wall Titans

At Stohess district, Armin thinks about the construction of the Walls, guessing that it could have been made with titan’s hardened skin similar to the ones Annie used for hardening. Hange continues to search for further answers in her lab.

Commander Erwin rallies his troops to defend against the recent attack. Hange joins Eren, Armin, and Mikasa in their carriage alongside Levi and Pastor Nick. As they leave, Armin thinks about how the titans themselves could be protecting them from other titans. Later, Hange reveals that Pastor Nick is aware of the titans within the walls, but he wouldn’t divulge their secrets. Hange hopes that he’ll come around after seeing the horrors experienced by humanity.

Eren can’t accept this and berates the priest. Levi joins and threatens him too, but Hange knows that it won’t work.

Sasha arrives alone at her own hometown to check on their situation. Her home is deep within the forest, where she grew up with his father who’s a hunter. Back then, Sasha blames their lack of food on the immigrants that have entered the town, but her father explains that these people are in need as well. He reminds her that it was the titans who took their homes. These people were forced to destroy the forest in order to make way for farms. Her father contemplates quitting their hunting lifestyle and cutting their losses.


Sasha complains that they shouldn’t give up their way of life for such a reason, but her father explains that humanity should live in harmony with others. If she isn’t willing to live considerately with others, then she shouldn’t expect any of them to help her either. He challenges her to live a different life so she can get along with others.

It has been three years since she came back. On her way she finds giant footsteps and suspects the worse.

Sasha finds her town completely deserted except for a Titan devouring a woman in their home. Her daughter sits nearby, in shock. Sasha runs to the titan and slices off its nape with a hatchet, but it doesn’t work.

She finally notices the girl and takes her away from the house. Sasha panics in trying to comfort the girl, which causes her horse to run away. The titan steps out of the home to pursue them, which forces Sasha to take a nearby bow and a few arrows and run for it.

The little girl tells her that no one bothered helping her mother since they knew she had a bad leg. All she could do was watch. Sasha keeps telling her it’ll be okay while frantically trying to escape.

Triumph and Tragedy

Sasha remembers during training, when Ymir asks her why she keeps talking politely to everyone. Ymir guesses that she’s embarrassed to show her country accent and she’s afraid of socializing. Ymir tells Sasha that she should stop pretending and just live her life the way she wants. Christa reprimands Ymir, saying she likes Sasha for how she is.

Sasha fondly remembers her friends and reassures the little girl that someone will be there to help her as long as she runs forward. Sasha stops and draws her bow, yelling at the girl to run. She shoots the titan at the chest but it doesn’t slow down. With two remaining arrows, he shoots one of its eyes and stabs the other, blinding the titan.

As she runs, she meets with her father along with some other horsemen who’ve already rescued the little girl. Sasha’s father tells her how proud he is.

Connie rushes to his own town to find the whole village destroyed and deserted. Upon reaching his house, he finds a titan on its back trapped inside, which doesn’t make sense since it can’t possible move with its feeble legs.

Our Thoughts

It’s nice to see snippets of the world and how others live within the walls. Rating: 3.85/5.

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