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Attack On Titan Season 2 Episode 3 Recap – I’m Home

BY Harris

Published 3 weeks ago

Attack On Titan Season 2 Episode 3 Recap - I'm Home

Mysteries within Horrors

Connie stares at the abnormal titan, unnerved by its presence. His seniors think that perhaps the villagers survived since there is no trace of blood or dead bodies in the area. Still, Gelgar feels something is amiss since the titans couldn’t have destroyed empty buildings and it is unlikely to escape even with horses. Just before Connie leaves, the titan speaks and welcomes him home. This unnerves him, but Reiner insists that they should keep moving to find the survivors.

Elsewhere, Nanaba and Henning lead Christa and Ymir towards the south to find out where the walls were actually breached. Ymir insists that they should be exempt due to their lack of ODM gear, but Christa tells her that she’s fine with it. Her willingness to risk her life was one of the reasons why she joined the scouts.

Christa tells Ymir that she doesn’t have to stick with her, knowing that her first choice was joining the Military Police. Ymir denies this, saying she decided to join this squad of her own volition. Christa thanks her.

Meanwhile, at the eastern defense line, the Garrison regiment defeat an incoming titan with cannon fire and ODM gear. Captain Rico finds something wrong with this recent attack. Hannes, who’s surveying the perimeter of the wall feels the same way too. The lack of titan numbers doesn’t add up with the reported breach in the walls.


Night falls, and Connie, Reiner, and his squad move with their torches in the night, dreading the enemies that could lie in wait. Thankfully, they get reunited with the other squad. Nanaba and Gelgar are stunned to discover that there isn’t any hole in both ways. They can look once again, but their horses are exhausted so they are forced to seek refuge in the nearby castle ruins.

Hange inspects a fragment of rock left behind from the Female titan’s transformation and notes how it is similar to the composition of the walls. Perhaps it would be possible for them to plug the hole in Wall Maria using Eren’s titan ability. Armin suggests using the cover of night to plug the walls, as it would be their best bet to avoid any titans. Still, this plan hinges on if Eren can actually seal up the wall. Everyone looks at him for a response, but Levi tells him he has no other choice. They’re too desperate at this point. Eren agrees to do it, whatever it takes.

Eren remembers the key and his father’s basement and wonders what clue could be found inside.

Unexpected developments

Levi lets Pastor Nick have a good look at all the refugees forced to flee from the titan’s continued attack. Hange asks him if he’s had a change of heart yet, but Pastor Nick is set on his beliefs. The Order of the Walls is something that he alone cannot decide on as they are all bound to obey. What he can reveal is that there’s someone with the power to change all of this, and that she’s joined the 104th Cadet Corps just this year. Sasha then arrives with a message for Hange.

The squad at the castle ruins find that they have been surrounded by titans who seem to be awake even without any sunlight. Connie points to the beast titan nearby, which leaves everyone speechless. It seems to be headed towards the walls.

Hange, Armin, Eren and Mikasa are tasked to help out their classmates in the besieged castle.

The titans start attacking the tower, forcing Nanaba, Henning and the others to protect the unarmed 104th cadets.

Our Thoughts

Questions are still piling up at this point. I’m still hooked but a little worried if all these could be paid off well. Rating: 3.8/5

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