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My Hero Academia Season 2 Episode 4 Recap – Strategy, Strategy, Strategy

BY Harris

Published 3 weeks ago

My Hero Academia Season 2 Episode 4 Recap - Strategy, Strategy, Strategy

Cavalry Teams

Midoriya becomes the prime target for the Cavalry Battle. After winning the previous race, capturing him would be an enormous bounty of points. Midoriya feels everyone’s eyes around him, but he realizes that this must be how All Might feels as the number one hero.

The game’s rules are as follows: each member has a point assigned to him, with the leader of the cavalry wearing the total score on their head. Teams will move in a piggyback formation and have to grab headbands from other groups to compete for the highest points. Headbands they collect would need to be worn on the head of the cavalry. Teams that have their headbands stolen are still allowed to play. Every quirk is permitted except for actions with evil intent.

Midnight gives the teams fifteen minutes to strategize, and Midoriya starts planning immediately. The pro heroes are watching the games liken the battle to real-world scenarios. Different hero agencies often compete with each other for jobs. But sometimes, there are moments when they’ll have to group up with other heroes and need to think about quirk compatibility. The students are asked to do something pro heroes constantly face.

Many students ask Bakugo to join their team due to his strong quirk, but he doesn’t know any other person’s quirk, even his classmates. Kirishima invites them to join him as he can withstand Bakugo’s quirk; they both aim for Midoriya’s points.


On the other hand, Mineta cant’s seem to find a team due to his small stature and preference to join with girls. But after some planning with Shoji, he finds a willing pair. Due to the burden of Midoriya’s points, he can’t seem to find a willing teammate. Thankfully, Uraraka decides to join him as she wants to team up with a friend.

Midoriya has a strategy on hand with her quirk and approaches to Iida. With the three of them combined, they’ll have supreme mobility to avoid their opponents. Sadly, Iida refuses, citing that he finds Midoriya as a rival and doesn’t want to ride his coattails.

The support girl Hatsune Mei joins them since she wants to showcase her gear above all. Mei has a lot of gear that heroes can use to enhance their quirks. Midoriya approaches their final teammate, someone with a particular set of skills.

To add to their rivalry, Class B students are also eager to prove themselves. 1A will have their hands full in this battle.


The event starts, and Midoriya forms his team with Uraraka and Mei on the legs, himself as the head, and Tokoyami in front. Todoroki has Kaminari, Yaoyorozu, and Iida supporting him–a combination of offense and defense. As expected, Midoriya’s team becomes the first target for everyone.

The floor starts to sink from the 1B opponent, but Midoriya flies using Mei’s Rocket booster, and Tokoyami defends them. Uraraka’s quirk makes them lighter than usual. Headbands start swapping amongst teams, with Midoriya’s team getting caught by two attackers.

Mineta sticks them to the ground, but they manage to fly again. Bakugo attacks them from behind but gets blocked by a dark shadow. Suddenly, headbands start disappearing from class 1A. While they’re too busy chasing Midoriya, the class 1B teams start stealing their headbands.

As a result, Bakugo gets mad and sets his sight on revenge. Midoriya sees this and thinks the situation will be better for them in the ensuing commotion, but then they come face to face with Todoroki and his team. Things won’t come as easy as he thought after all.

Our Thoughts

Strategic battles with creative abilities are the highlights of a shounen battle. This sequence whole is top-notch, 4.5/5.


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