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Attack on Titan Season 2 Episode 6 Recap – Warrior

BY Harris

Published 10 months ago

Attack on Titan Season 2 Episode 6 Recap - Warrior


The Scout Regiment carries the unconscious Ymir on top of the wall as they prepare to get her some care. Christa swears to Captain Hange that Ymir isn’t a threat. She may have kept her Titan abilities as a secret to protect herself, but she purposely transformed to save them nonetheless. Hange hopes they can get along, as her knowledge of the Titans could be a key to defeating their enemies. She sighs as this world seems to be growing more confusing by the minute.

Hange confirms Christa’s real name Historia Reiss, a noble’s name. Ymir’s bleeding has stopped, and steam is coming from her wounds. Hange orders to bring her to Trost to get medical attention. She prepares for their next mission to seal the wall.

Eren asks Reiner if he’s feeling better. Reiner feels regret that a Titan bit his arm. He feels remorse and thinks his spirit is slowly waning as a soldier. Being away from their hometown weighs heavily on him. Bertholdt tells him there’s a little more left for them to do before they can finally go home. Eren asks them what they’re talking about.

Hange promises Conny she’ll send a scout squad to investigate his village. But for the time being, they’ll have to focus on their mission to seal the wall. They find Hannes below on horseback, who tells them there’s no hole to be found along the wall, and there are no Titans either.

Sudden Confession

Hange orders everyone to prepare and head back to Trost. Hannes advises the rookies to keep on their guard at all times as he swings away. Eren and Armin wonder how the Titans could attack without any opening.

Reiner calls Eren, saying they must talk. He explains that he and Bertholdt demolished the wall five years ago to attack humanity. He admits he is the Armored Titan, and his friend is the Colossal Titan. Mikasa overhears the confession.

Reiner tells Eren that their initial plan is to wipe out humanity, but it won’t be necessary if Eren comes with them. Bertholdt grabs his friend, asking what he’s trying to do while Eren tries to make sense of him.

Reiner tells him it isn’t a bad deal. It’s time for him to go back to their hometown. They can easily avoid a crisis in such a way.


Hange received a report twelve hours earlier that Annie Leonhart came to the cadets along with Reiner and Bertholdt. They appeared five years ago with no records or family backgrounds. They were also among the squads who weren’t told about Eren’s location during the expedition. Still, Eren finds it hard to believe as Reiner acts like a friend to all of them. Armin realized Reiner could’ve conspired with the female Titan. As a result, Hange asked everyone to keep silent about the two until they could confine them underground.

Eren tells Reiner that he’s just tired from the previous fight. After all, he won’t just agree to go with them. Reiner agrees, realizing it must’ve sounded crazy. He’s been there for far too long, and they were just kids back then who didn’t know anything. But it’s too late for him to abandon his duty. He tells Bertholdt to settle things already, which prompts Mikasa to attack them both.

They transform above the wall in a flash of lightning. The Armored Titan grabs Eren while the Colossal takes Ymir. Eren cries, regretting the memories they shared. He calls them traitors and transforms to fight.

Our Thoughts

I really enjoy how closely linked the set pieces are in this anime. The audience hardly has any space to figure things out before the next reveal. Rating: 4/5.

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