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Attack on Titan Season 2 Episode 8 Recap – The Hunters

BY Harris

Published 1 year ago

Attack on Titan Season 2 Episode 8 Recap - The Hunters

New Developments

A steam explosion emanates from the shockwave as the Colossal Titan falls into Reiner. Eren, Mikasa, Armin, and the others struggle to shield themselves against the heat while Reiner bites into Eren’s nape and takes him away. Bertholdt exits from his Titan form while carrying Ymir. He grapples into Reiner as the Armored Titan runs away.

Back in the Trost district walls, Commander Pyxis lies asleep with a case of empty bottles in front of him. His subordinate wakes him and reports that the squads who moved out didn’t encounter that much opposition. Commander Erwin arrives and tells him they’ve always been one step behind, but Pyxis wants it to happen as it will force the Interior Government on its toes.

As they speak, the Military Police have been deployed into areas with Titan presence. When the police mockingly ask Levi where the Titans are, he tells them to be thankful and invites them to an expedition outside.

A soldier from the Garrison arrives to report to Pyxis. He explains that three more Titans emerged among the 104th cadet corps. He adds that there was a battle against the Armored and Colossal Titans, but they were too late to join.

Mikasa and the other wounded scouts are laid down on top of the wall, most suffering from burn marks. Hannes checks on Mikasa, who suffers from a minor concussion. He also reminds Armin to have something to eat.

On His Own

Armin remembers calling on Mikasa to stop Eren from fighting against three bullies who took a loaf of bread from him. Outnumbered, Eren still fought the bullies while Hannes watched idly nearby, confident that someone would come to save him. Mikasa arrived to beat up the three bullies as the soldiers laughed.

Mikasa wakes up to see everyone injured and asks for Eren. She looks down at the fight scene to find only ordinary Titans there. Eren and Ymir were taken by Bertholdt and Reiner. They lost to the Armored Titan. She asks if anyone is going after them, but there’s none. They’ll need to pull horses on the other side of the wall, but no one is experienced enough to venture out with Hange; the others are still injured.

Mikasa feels her headache and remembers when they could get Eren from Annie. This time though, it’s been five hours but help hasn’t arrived. She asks Armin why Eren always runs off alone, leaving them behind. All she wants is to be with him.

Good Old Days

Hannes tries to cheer them up by giving them food. He notes that the situation looks the same as when they were kids when Eren would do something reckless, so they would have to clean up after him. Eren’s headstrong attitude leads him to get beaten most of the time, but he has a tenacious attitude. They won’t take Eren without a fight until the time comes for them to save him. That’s what always happens in the end.

Hannes promises to join them and bring the good old days back. Mikasa and Armin both agree and eat their rations with gusto.

Commander Erwin finally arrives with the Military Police in town. Armin tells Christa she’ll probably have to retreat, but she refuses. Hange wakes up and asks for a map while the others prepare the lifts.

The captain suggests that the enemy must be hiding in a nearby forest location. After all the fighting, they’ll have to rest on top of the trees to evade the regular Titans. The Scout Regiment rushes in to deploy.

Our Thoughts

Time for another epic and dangerous expedition! Rating: 4/5.

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