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My Hero Academia Season 3 Episode 18 Recap – RUSH!

BY Harris

Published 1 year ago

My Hero Academia Season 3 Episode 18 Recap - RUSH!

Final Moments

The passing count jumps to 62. Soon the first phase of the provisional exam will end. Shindo from Ketsubutsu rallies his classmates to watch the ensuing chaos quietly. Splitting up UA doesn’t necessarily favor them, but he has another idea. As the number of slots winds down, he plans to catch people off guard who are trying to recover.

Elsewhere, Seiji faces Kaminari and Bakugo. Bakugo uses his AP-shot cannons to thwart the incoming flesh attack. Seiji’s dignified philosophy clashes against the UA hothead, who wants to go for a quick attack.

Seiji counters him with a multidirectional strike. Bakugo’s explosions prove ineffective, so he gets caught by an attack from behind. Kaminari shoots him with his discs, but he misses and it punches into the wall. Bakugo’s body turns into a meatball from Seiji’s quirk, enabling him to manipulate flesh by massaging it. But before succumbing to the ability, Bakugo hands something to his remaining classmate.

Seiji reveals he has gathered many opponents because he wants to weed out those he deems unworthy to hold the hero profession. If Kaminari were to attack him already, it would hurt his teammates nearby. Kaminari responds by throwing Bakugo’s grenade, repositioning Seiji and getting him primed to receive a pinpoint electric shock that flows from Kaminari’s arm to his disc. He got the new upgrade from the support team, giving him some much needed accuracy.

Team Ups

Kaminari tells Seiji that Bakugo is a smart hero despite his surface attitude and should not insult his friends. Kirishima and Bakugo free themselves from the meatball quirk and hit Seiji with a combined attack. Then the rest of Seiji’s victims also return to normal.

Seventy students have passed, but Todoroki worries that his other classmates have not pulled through. Thankfully, Yaoyorozu and her team join him in the waiting room. Still, it’s not quite half of them.

A slew of examinees pursues Midoriya and Sero. Sero and Uraraka catch them by flinging rocks attached to tape and creating a trap. They pass after subduing a large group.

The examiner notes that even if UA is still highly targeted, none have been taken out.

Iida finds Aoyama huddled in a corner as he scouts for those he can help. The president dedicates all the time looking for stragglers from the class to help them, encouraging Aoyama.


Bakugo and Midoriya’s team celebrate with each other as they meet on the way to the waiting room. Bakugo acknowledges his friends’ success, adding that he can now make something borrowed as his own. Yaoyorozu congratulates them as they enter, which means nine are still fighting inside with eighteen slots left.

A group of Ketsubutsu students passes, decreasing the remaining slots to ten. Iida drags Aoyama by the neck as they evade a barrage of attacks. He decides to let Iida pass and sacrifice himself by sending a laser signal for everyone to see. It backfires as it sends the rest of Class A to come and help them instead.

With a combination of their quirks, they round up enough opponents and take them out. Aoyama and Iida become the final examinees to pass.

The whole Class A celebrate as everyone passes. Aizawa expresses anger at his students for making him nervous and promises to give them more training. Ms. Joke laughs beside him and teases him that he’s secretly proud of them.

Our Thoughts

I kind of agree with Aizawa that Class A should have an easier path with their OP quirks. Still, that sequence was solid, 3.8/5.

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