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Attack on Titan Season 3 Episode 16 Recap – Perfect Game

BY Harris

Published 10 months ago

Attack on Titan Season 3 Episode 16 Recap - Perfect Game

First Strike

The Colossal Titan threatens to destroy everything in Shiganshina by scattering burning debris all over the town. Everyone defers to Armin for orders, but he feels remorse after misreading Bertholdt‘s intent, so he asks Jean to lead instead. Jean makes a plan to lead Eren toward the river stealthily but tells Armin that he‘s also drawing blanks on how to defeat them. He tells Armin to keep thinking.

The Scouts on the other side have defeated all the small Titans nearby, with only those in front still standing. Still, the question remains on how to defeat the remaining large Titans that are lined up with the Beast. It seems the enemy is content to watch idly in their position. Levi looks back on the other side when a barrage of rocks and debris fall on them like artillery.

The Beast Titan starts his attack by launching huge boulders like they were baseballs, destroying many of the Scouts in front. He launches another volley again and kills even more. Levi retreats and tells everyone to hide behind the walls with their horses. It forces Commander Erwin to drop and reconvene with them. They are pressured on both sides by the Beast and Colossal‘s attacks.

The Beast used the small Titans to direct three of Erwin‘s squads into an area and targets them with the bombardment. All that‘s left on the side are the new recruits with their horses, Levi, and Erwin. Another volley arrives, so Levi asks for a plan.

Second Base

Eren calls out to the Colossal Titan to bait him, but Bertholdt doesn‘t bite. Jean then decides to attack him on his legs and tells Armin to keep observing from afar.

Eren grabs hold of the Colossal‘s foot but gets thrown back by a kick to the top of the wall. Jean calls out for another attack, distracting Bertholdt while Mikasa shoots from behind. The Colossal responds with a gust of steam and knocks away the thunder spears. Mikasa falls down wounded and asks Armin for a plan, but he doesn‘t have one. Then they hear Reiner stand up.

The Beast Titan continues his attack, pinning Erwin and the Scouts near the walls. Levi suggests to take back Eren and retreat with the rest of the horses. One of their new recruits breaks down as their fate seems to look helpless by the minute. Seeing their strong comrades get defeated so easily made him feel the meaninglessness of the operation.

Levi continues concocting a plan to create a decoy and have Eren escape, but Erwin doesn‘t think it‘ll work. Attacking the Beast Titan head-on would seem pointless either. Erwin reveals he has a plan to take down the Beast, but he and the other recruits will have to sacrifice their lives. Either way, there‘s no going out of it with most of them alive.

Home Run

Erwin decides to lead the new recruits to their death as bait, regretting that he‘ll never learn the secrets in the basement. Everything he had done was in pursuit of humanity‘s secrets; now he has to sacrifice it for the others. He remembers their old comrades and questions if it all was a childish delusion. Levi bows down and promises to take out the Beast Titan.

The Beast prepares another volley but is surprised to find the Scouts charging at him with Erwin in the front. He feels disappointed that it is the best they could muster. The Scouts shoot smoke signals to blur the enemy‘s aim and charge while Levi moves using the giant Titans as ODM launchpads.

The recruits realize they‘ll be charging toward their deaths. Erwin admits it‘s all meaningless, but it doesn‘t make their lives meaningless as their fallen comrades did the same to get them there. The final charge is their rebellion against this world‘s cruelty.

Our Thoughts

For some stories, this blaze of glory would seem corny, but in this situation with all the setups prepared it looks masterful. Rating: 4.5/5.

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