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Attack On Titan Season 3 Episode 6 Recap – Sin

BY Harris

Published 1 month ago

Attack On Titan Season 3 Episode 6 Recap - Sin


Histora assures Eren that he doesn’t have anything to worry about. She explains that her father has been an ally for humanity within the walls, and all he’s done so far was for their own safety. Rod Reiss tells her to stay back as he explains more of the situation.

Eren looks around him, amazed at the wonder of the crystalline cavern. But something is odd, he feels like he’s been here before.

Rod and Historia tap him on the back, which suddenly triggers a barrage of memories to flood into Eren’s mind. He sees the Reiss family performing a ritual inside the halls. Then there’s a battle between him and one of his daughters who turned into a titan. He sees the key to the basement that his father left him and their last moments together when he had to be turned into a titan by his father’s will.

When Historia was young, Reiss’ eldest daughter Frieda used to spend a lot of time with her. They read books and stories together, so Historia wanted to become like her when she was older. Until one day when Frieda used something on her to remove those memories. The truth was, she was never alone before, as Frieda taught her to read and write. Being in contact with Eren made her remember this again.

The Thief

Histora asks Rod where she is right now so she can thank her, but she’s already dead. Rod explains that his wife and five other children were killed by Grisha Jaeger.

Five years ago, Grisha came into the caverns to demand the Reiss’ power. He transformed into a titan, which prompted Frieda to fight him in titan form as well. Her powers were much stronger than any other titan’s, but due to her inexperience, she was bested and eaten by Grisha Jaeger, therefore stealing their power.

That wasn’t enough, as Grisha continued to kill all of Reiss’ children, leaving Rod as the sole survivor of the incident. Historia stares at Eren in shock, questioning how such a thing could have happened.

Kenny arrives and asks them what they’re still doing here when there’s a coup d’etat from the Scouts outside. The nobles and the fake king has been found out. Reiss orders him to defend the entrance as they continue the ritual. Kenny defers to him as King and obeys.

At the overthrown capital, Zachary continues to torture the previous regime’s leaders, but to no avail. The rumors might be true, that the royal blood can manipulate people’s memories as they please. Erwin now assembles all of his troops to raid Reiss’ chapel.

The Ackermans

Levi warns his squad that Kenny will be their biggest obstacle in this attack. Mikasa explains her Ackerman heritage from her father’s side and how they were prosecuted for it, which caused them to live by the mountains. Levi asks her if there was a moment in her life where she felt a huge improvement in power, and she remembers it as the day Eren saved her. Kenny and Levi had similar experiences too.

Kenny remembers asking his grandfather about their tarnished reputation, and the old man explains that they’re feared by the King because of their uncontrollable qualities. They were once known as the King’s sword and one of their vital supporters. The King controlled the power of the titan to wipe out people’s memories, but some of noble birth were immune to the power. Until a day came when the Oriental clans and the Ackerman’s went against the King, which led them to be prosecuted.

Levi and Hange’s squad finally reach the chapel doors where Kenny’s Interior police are waiting. With their government now overthrown, they feel more desperate to win.

Our Thoughts

Even with exposition-heavy sequences the story continues to feel gripping with every reveal. Rating: 3.8/5.

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