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Attack On Titan Season 3 Episode 8 Recap – Outside the Walls of Orvud District

BY Harris

Published 11 months ago

Attack On Titan Season 3 Episode 8 Recap - Outside the Walls of Orvud District

Massive Titan

Levi’s squad finds themselves blocked from moving into the inner cavern when they see the bright light brought by Rod Reiss’ transformation. The cavern pillars start crumbling, putting everyone inside at risk.

Armin finds a small opening near him, so Levi calls for him and Moblit to escape carrying Hange.

Eren tells Historia to let Reiss’ titan form eat him to stop the destruction, but she refuses after remembering the lessons she learned from Ymir and their fake pasts. Mikasa arrives to save Historia from the force while Levi and the guys free Eren from his shackles. Reiss continues swelling in size, so much more than a Colossal titan, that he starts to collapse the ceiling.

Kenny curses Rod as he flees and calls all his troops back off.

Eren and the others stare in disbelief as they’re backed into a corner. Feeling useless about the situation at hand, Eren breaks down and cries. Suddenly he sees a serum dropped near them labeled as ‘armor.’ Jean tells Eren he shouldn’t bear all the burden since he’s just a weakling and to trust in their combined strength. Everyone here has been through similar dangers before. Historia, Mikasa, and Jean still believe that they can push through. Levi now entrusts Eren to make the right call.

Remembering the incident from before, Eren drunks the serum and transforms. This grants him the power to create a small crystalline structure similar to the walls to protect his friends.


On the surface, Armin, Hange, and Moblit find the estate crumbling to the ground as the titan as huge as two Colossal starts advancing towards the walls. Erwin and his squad see this unfold, so the commander orders them to move.

Mikasa and Jean break Eren out of his titan form, which has now formed like a statue inside the cave. Levi praises his work and finds that this too can work to plug the hole in Wall Maria. The fight has been ugly, but they’ve come so far now.

Sasha thanks Eren for what he’d done, but the job isn’t over yet. They all reach the surface but the destruction brought by Reiss’ titan rampage. They manage to join Commander Erwin and their squad, and Levi reports the whole situation and asks for his order. Right now, the titan is advancing towards the Orvud district.

Hange learns of the whole titan situation from Historia and Eren and questions why the royal blood would refuse to fight after gaining the founder’s power. If Eren offers himself to get eaten, there’s still a chance to restore Rod to normal and brainwash him later. But Historia thinks that brainwashing isn’t foolproof, and he could just erase their memories like before. There’s still too much that they don’t know.

Next Step

Historia suggests that Grisha did what he did to escape the pacifistic nature of the Kings. He committed a necessary atrocity by stealing away the Founding titan’s power from Frieda and killing her other siblings. Armin and Mikasa figure that Grisha left another way to fight the enemy in their basement.

Still, the problem lies in how they’ll deal with Reiss’ titan. Historia apologizes to Eren for being tempted to kill him back then; now it’s time for her to say goodbye to her Reiss legacy.

The squad convenes at Orvuds headquarters, where Levi asks Historia to become the next Queen. Her presence is crucial to sell the change of regime from the fake king to the rightful one.

Connie asks them if it’s appropriate, given that Historia just broke free from the Reiss family. Nevertheless, she accepts on one condition, that she join the fight and leave everything on the line.

At the briefing, everyone is surprised to hear Erwin’s plan to keep all the citizens remain inside the Orvud district.

Our Thoughts

Love how Historia surpassed Eren in the growth to become her real self. Rating: 4/5.

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