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Beastars Season 1 Episode 1 Recap – The Moon and the Beast

BY Harris

Published 2 years ago

Beastars Season 1 Episode 1 Recap - The Moon and the Beast


We see an alpaca running through the halls, chased by a huge shadow. He finds an empty room and closes it behind him, but the pursuer bangs against it. The alpaca asks if the pursuer could really eat him, they’re classmates, after all. The shadowed figure barges in, and the alpaca stumbles to a corner.
He asks if they’re nothing but food to them: carnivores. In this world, there’s something called a mutual understanding from species. But some incidents are unavoidable. The alpaca accuses all carnivores are monsters as the culprit sinks its fangs into him.
The students learn of the incident the next day. It scares all the herbivores as they look at the carnivores in the area with suspicion. The alpaca’s name is Tem, from the drama club.
A donkey warns Els, the sheep, to be wary of her wolf club mate. They are worried as there’s supposed to be a good relationship between herbivores and carnivores in the club.


Back in practice, the members are discussing a replacement for Tem. The herbivores feel threatened by the sight of Legoshi: the gray wolf who is inherently weird. The pelican teacher comes in and realizes the tension between the two groups. People are jealous of Tem’s role.
As Els gets back home, she sees the gray wolf appear behind her. She tells him to stay away, but the wolf doesn’t stop. She defends herself with scissors before getting overwhelmed. The wolf hands her a love letter. He was waiting for her to be alone. The love letter is from Tem.
Legoshi knew Tem couldn’t hand her the letter. He apologizes. Els forgives him and apologizes for saying mean things. She says she’ll make it up to him, but the wolf says it’s fine. He is used to being feared anyway.


The wolf visits Tem’s memorial at school and remembers advising him to confess already.
Rouis, an upperclassman deer, appears beside him with a bouquet. Rouis is very deliberate in his actions and very popular in school. He asks the wolf to follow him.
A female rabbit at the gardens: Hal is harassed by bullies. She tells them she’s not bothered. They drop Hal’s mattress from the window, forcing her to carry it back by herself. Hal is a loner but smart.
The bullies approach her again that evening, telling her species is inferior. She fights back, but she’s thrown to the ground. The bully, a harlequin rabbit, threatens to spread gossip—Hal’s flirting with men.

Drama Club Drama

Legoshi meets Tem’s replacement: Zoe, a goat. They rehearse their lines, but Zoe hasn’t memorized his lines yet. Rouis grabs him by the chin; Zoe promises to be ready by the next day.
Kai barges in. He thinks Zoe is not a suitable replacement for Tem. But he immediately learns he is demoted from acting. He will now work with Legoshi in the art department. Kai gets angry. He punches Rouis, but Legoshi stops him. Kai cowers away as Legoshi shows his carnivore instincts.
Rouis is impressed. Legoshi acts like a herbivore, but he’s hiding some ferocity. Rouis grabs him by the tail and asks him to look out as they rehearse their lines that night at the auditorium. He tells Legoshi to have some dignity as a wolf.

The Hunt

Hal stares at herself in the mirror. She’s bothered by her looks as a dwarf rabbit. People think she’s prey and misjudge her all the time.
Legoshi is patroling the auditorium door when he hears a noise. He smells something in the darkness—a herbivore—instincts kick in.
Hal is walking alone in the dark; she feels an attack coming. She runs away, knowing the inevitable. Legoshi pounces at her, eyes red. He hugs her from behind with ferocity.

Our Thoughts

Not going to lie: this is a confusing episode. But I think it all comes down to being introduced to a very different world from what we’re used to. But what it lacks in clarity, it makes up for intrigue. The coexistence of predator and prey makes for a perfect stage for drama. I rate this a 3/5.

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