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Warrior Nun Season 1 Episode 7 Recap – Ephesians 4:22-24


Published 7 months ago

Warrior Nun Season 1 Episode 7 Recap - Ephesians 4:22-24

[00:00:30] Beatrice leads the sisters in prayer for Lilith. Camila asks Mary if Lilith is in heaven. She fears Lilith is in hell—the Tarask dragged her into it. Camila wonders if it’s even possible to be dragged to hell, but Mother Superion stops her before she asks any more questions. Cardinal Duretti arrives with a few sisters. Camila wonders who the sisters with Duretti were. Mary answers they are rejects of the OCS. Beatrice tells Mary she hopes Ava will show up before things get out of hand inside the OCS.

[00:02:00] Ava goes to Arq-Tech and demands to see Jillian Salvius. The guards won’t let her in, so she takes out the Divinium Dagger and makes a scene. The guards try to apprehend her, but she phases through their attacks. Ava captures Jillian’s attention, so she goes to welcome her. She requests Jillian to find out everything about her and the halo. Ava thinks Jillian will provide her with the answers she couldn’t find within the OCS. Jillian agrees to Ava’s request and adds Jillian will leave her alone once she gets all the answers.

[00:04:00] Mother Superion watches as the current roster of the OCS goes up against the rejects Cardinal Duretti brought back. Mother Superion disapproves of bringing Sister Crimson back. Duretti tells her new problems require new solutions. Mother Superion doesn’t think Cardinal Duretti will resort to such drastic measures. She dismissed Crimson from the OCS because she’s too aggressive, showing signs of being a sociopath. Duretti gives Mother Superion an envelope and asks her to send the documents inside. Meanwhile, Jillian introduces Ava to Kristian. She reveals Kristian is her source from inside the Vatican. Ava goes to Jillian to avoid the church, but it seems she can’t escape them completely. Kristian tells her he left the church to search for the truth.

[00:08:00] Jillian tells Ava the halo in her back is some sort of a power source. Ava has a lot of questions, but Jillian doesn’t have all the answers. Ava demands she runs more tests to answer her questions. Mother Superion calls Beatrice and Father Vincent into his office. They are being reassigned and removed from the OCS, so Cardinal Duretti could have his way. Mother Superion refuses to go against Cardinal Duretti in fear of losing her home in the OCS. Father Vincent tells Mother Superion she’s better than this, and she could fight for the way of things inside the OCS. Beatrice is reassigned to a convent in Malaysia while Vincent goes to Florida. In the end, Mother Superion asks both of them to leave immediately.

[00:10:00] Jillian hooks Ava to her machine to tap into the halo’s power source. Ava is oblivious to the real intentions of Jillian. She plans to use her to power up her quantum portal. Ava thinks Jillian is just running tests on the halo, but she’s already harnessing its energy. The portal nearly stabilizes, but it fails due to the lack of power. Jillian tries to increase the conductivity to get more energy from the halo, but it hurts Ava in the process. Jillian doesn’t care what happens to Ava as long as she opens the portal. Ava pulls the plug out of her back to stop the pain. Kristian rushes inside the machine to help Ava up. Jillian tells Ava she’s not what she thought she was.

[00:13:30] Ava phases through the floor and finds she is hooked up to the portal all along. Jillian enters the room and tells Ava she’ll show her what she means. She brings Ava to her son, Michael. Michael instantly gets a reaction from the halo as his skin starts glowing like it’s made of Divinium. Meanwhile, Camila checks Beatrice’s equipment as she surrenders them to her. She wishes the OCS would just kick her out as well; she doesn’t want to stay without Beatrice or Father Vincent. Beatrice tells her she could do her job and stay even though they aren’t with her. Meanwhile, Mother Superion visits Shannon’s room to speak with Mary. Mary already knew why she came. She tries to convince Mother Superion to stand up for them, but she refuses.

[00:18:00] On her way out, Crimson bumps into Mary. Mary punches her so hard she goes out cold. Jillian tells Ava about Michael. She wasn’t supposed to have a baby, so she turned to science to give her one. Michael is a medical miracle, but his birth came at a cost. Michael’s sickness is beyond cure in the mortal plane. Jillian created the ark to transport him to a world without pain or sickness. Jillian tells Ava such a place exists in a parallel universe. The place already exists; the ark is just a door to the other dimension. Jillian apologizes to Ava for using her to make the ark work. She also apologizes she couldn’t provide answers for what she’s looking for. Ava apologizes she couldn’t help Jillian out.

[00:21:00] Mary plans on breaking into the OCS to find Shannon’s secret room. She knows the answers they’re looking for are inside the room. Mary tries to convince Father Vincent and Beatrice that Cardinal Duretti is behind Shannon’s death. Beatrice is skeptical of Mary’s claims and asks for evidence. She tells Beatrice the evidence they are looking for is inside Shannon’s secret room. Beatrice refuses to help Mary, but she gives her a clue on how to get in the OCS unseen.

[00:23:00] Kristian escorts Ava out of the building while telling her why he left the church. Kristian reveals he used to be an altar boy, and he followed the church’s teachings to the dot. His mother got sick, so he asked God for a miracle, which he didn’t get. Kristian thought he wasn’t worthy of a miracle, driving him deeper into the church. He joined the Vatican and witnessed thousands of people asking God for a miracle every day. He started questioning the need for prayer since it didn’t seem to work. This ultimately drove Kristian to leave the church and join Jillian in search of the truth. He tells Ava he realized people need to trust themselves rather than God. Ava tells Kristian she will continue looking for answers to her problems.

[00:25:00] Mary asks Father Vincent to help, but he’s blaming himself for getting Shannon killed. Shannon came to Vincent a few weeks ago looking for answers. He tells Shannon to speak with Cardinal Duretti. If Mary’s theory is true, Shannon went to Duretti and had her killed to hide the truth. Mary continues blaming Duretti for Shannon’s death. She swears to Father Vincent she will bring hell to Duretti for what he did to Shannon. Meanwhile, Crimson prepares for war as Duretti orders her to immediately remove dismissed personnel from the monastery. Camila tells Crimson she couldn’t access the armory without permission from Mother Superion. Crimson responds she takes orders from Cardinal Duretti himself. He instructed her to use any means necessary to remove anyone standing in his way.

[00:27:00] The airport shuttle arrives, but Beatrice thinks whether she should get on or not. Tourists get off the bus while Beatrice makes up her mind. The bus leaves, but we don’t see whether Beatrice got on or not. Meanwhile, Ava goes back to the OCS. Mary finds Ava before the new OCS members see her. She tells Ava they were replaced by Cardinal Duretti a few days after she got back. Mary tells Ava about her plan to break into the OCS without being seen. They enter through the crypt and make their way to Shannon’s room. Ava phases through the wall and finds Shannon’s secret room while Mary stands guard outside.

[00:30:00] Crimson eventually finds Mary, and a fight breaks out between them. Ava uncovers a book inside the room and takes it out with her. Crimson manages to overpower Mary and Ava, but Beatrice saves them. Crimson nearly kills Beatrice with Mary’s shotgun, but Ava saves Beatrice using the halo. They are met with resistance as they try to escape. Ava gets shot by a cross-bolt while Camila backs them up. Father Vincent arrives with a van, and they all escape the OCS.

[00:34:00] After getting as far away from the OCS as possible, Beatrice requests Father Vincent to pull over, so they can stop the bleeding from Ava’s wound. Ava tells Mary about the book and Shannon’s notes at the end. The note reads: “There is a secret at the heart of Vatican that keeps demons anchored to our world. Telling him was a mistake because he wants to use it for himself.” Father Vincent looks onward as Mary reads Shannon’s notes. They finally have proof Cardinal Duretti has something sinister planned.

[00:35:00] Jillian apologizes to Michael while he’s sleeping. She tells Michael she failed him. Michael wakes up and looks for Ava. Jillian tells him Ava couldn’t help them. Michael responds Ava is the key to opening the door. Jillian disagrees and tells him they already tried opening the door, but it failed. Michael responds it’s not the ark Ava opens; it’s the door on the ground.

[00:37:00] Mother Superion visits Cardinal Duretti for guidance. He tells Mother Superion the pope is dead. Duretti leaves Mother Superion and tells her to do the same since the Vatican will be closed for the conclave. Meanwhile, Lilith returns from hell or wherever she’s been and enters the OCS.



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