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Beastars Season 1 Episode 2 Recap – The Academy’s Top Dogs

BY Harris

Published 7 months ago

Beastars Season 1 Episode 2 Recap - The Academy's Top Dogs

Bloody Dream

Legoshi dreams he’s in a pool of blood. He doesn’t want to wake up, but a dog friend awakes him.
He is dragged to the common room as his friends ask him to dress up. A classmate notices he looks gloomier than usual.
He remembers the incident from last night: feeling Hal’s breathing and the sensations of her fur. Legoshi struggled with his base instincts when he heard a voice. A dark figure loomed in the distance. It sees Legoshi’s struggle: his urges suppressed since he was young. The voice haunted him, and it noticed his delight while holding Hal.
The voice challenged him to see himself for who he is. Legoshi fought back, but the voice told him they’d just begun. He is tempted to bite Hal to have a taste. Legoshi asked the voice to leave him alone. His grip tightened on Hal, but Zoe called out from behind.
Hal managed to slip away; her arm bled from the wolf’s grip.
Legoshi returned to find Rouis injured. Zoe was the one who slipped, but Rouis tried to help him. Legoshi helped the deer up.
Rouis asked him if there was a problem outside. He denied it.
Alone, Legoshi sees his shadow in the mirror. Frightened, he breaks it.

Various Species

At the boarding school, the food for carnivores and herbivores is different, but meat is strictly prohibited. There’s also a disparity between the sizes of the species, so students have to be wary.
Legoshi is out of it. He can’t forget the memory of Hal in his hands.
Later, two carnivores get into a biting match, triggering Legoshi’s instincts. He yells at them to stop, surprising everyone else.
One of the troublemakers gets angry, challenging him to fight.
Rouis appears and defends Legoshi. The canine challenges his hubris, saying he’s only doing this for the Beastar title: a hero and leadership title in their school. The other students support Rouis; the troublemakers back down.

Standing Tall

Rouis asks Legoshi if it was enough repayment for last night. He reminds the wolf not to hold back his personality, and he’s the worst wolf he’s ever known.
The club is rehearsing for their drama. Rouis is great as usual, exciting everyone to be serious. Even as a herbivore, he plays the main character fiercely. Despite his injury, Rouis is trying to walk tall.
The art department is working on the costumes when Legoshi finds Tem’s costume. Legoshi remembers the murder, but people don’t talk about it—it’s a big taboo.
Legoshi is asked to go to the gardening club to collect flowers. Since it’s a herbivores club, he hesitates but decides to go with his anteater club mate.
Before getting into the door, Legoshi gets a whiff of Hal. When he sees her, he realizes how small she is. He looks for an excuse to escape, but his companion suddenly leaves in fear because of the rumors. Hal infers they’re there for the flowers.


They are now alone. She asks if Legoshi is also afraid of her, but the wolf feels it should be the other way around.
Hal guides him in the flower picking process. The rabbit asks for repayment by asking him to do some errands.
They have a casual talk. Legoshi learns Hal is alone in the club, but she stays because the flowers need her. Legoshi notices the bandage on her arm. He asks her about it, but she claims she can’t recall. She thinks it happened when she had a nightmare.
Legoshi feels weird she hasn’t accused her. She even offers him food. The wolf hesitates. The rabbit sighs, closes the blinds, and strips to her undergarments, thinking this is “one of those times.” She says it’s okay; she’ll still enjoy it even if he’s rough.

Our Thoughts

Okay, things are getting spicy now. I’m left speechless, but I’m definitely hooked. I give it a 4/5 rating.

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