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Beastars Season 2 Episode 11 Recap – Scatter Your Scales

BY Harris

Published 2 years ago

Beastars Season 2 Episode 11 Recap - Scatter Your Scales


Legoshi goes into the woods to follow Gohin’s advice. His strengthening ritual involves eating a caterpillar. At first, he hesitates to follow through, but Gohin reminds him how he’s willing to do anything just to get with Haru. After tasting one, he feels invigorated for a moment, then feels sick. Before he can vomit, the spirit of the moth appears in front of him and invites him to partake and join with its spirit. Legoshi cries and wishes he‘s an insect himself.

When Gohin wakes him up, he finds that his fur has grown back to normal. He wants to meet with Rouis again but can’t go to the Shishigumi with his current appearance, but the panda has a great idea.

Riz continues to cook for his friends, happily noticing that his sense of taste is coming back to normal. They notice how Riz’s body seems to have grown bigger in the last week and suspect he hasn’t been taking his medicine. Riz manages to crush a can of sauce and looks forward to his fight with full strength.

At the bar, Rouis and Ibuki discuss how the latter must give up his life if a rival group gets to them. If Rouis gets taken out, rumors of the Shishigumi devouring their own boss will spread, and that won’t be good for business. Legoshi suddenly sits beside Rouis, wearing a female disguise.


Although Rouis gets infuriated by his look, he manages to drive Ibuki away. Legoshi explains that Riz is the culprit, and they’re about to have a duel instead of going to the police. He asks Rouis to be there so Legoshi can show him how far he’s gone. Rouis feels hesitant. Legoshi storms off and gives him the time and place for the duel. The deer thinks there’s no way he’ll go.

Pina approaches Riz on the night of the duel. The sheep interviews him about the experience of devouring a classmate, feigning that it’s all out of curiosity. Riz refuses after noticing the camera the sheep set up to goad a confession from him.

Legoshi takes off the bandage on his eyebrow and wonders if the scar left by Riz will remain there forever. Gohin tells him it marks a turning point in his life, whether he wins or loses.

On the way to the duel, Legoshi remembers always spending New Year‘s with Jack. He wonders if his friends will remember him if he dies.


Ibuki sees the full moon and wonders if it‘s a good omen. The lion reflects that they’ve become strong while protecting a herbivore. Rouis sees the restraint in them even though they have the urge to dine on meat. He remembers Legoshi, who introduced him to how gentle and protective carnivores can be.

Rouis tells Ibuki that he’s resigning, saying he can’t stay with the gang if he wants to be there for Legoshi. Ibuki tries to stop him, but Rouis resolves to look after his friend. The lion warns him that situations will change between them if he leaves. As Ibuki drives Rouis to the location, he tells the deer that he’s one of the most formidable beasts he’s ever seen. His old boss always pressured him to be the biggest and strongest, making people fear him. He had trouble with this corruption until Rouis came to brighten things up.

Legoshi meets with Riz underneath the train tracks. To start the fight, Riz fires Legoshi up by revealing that he ate Pina on the way there.

Our Thoughts

I still think they should have gone to the police. And yes, I think Pina had it coming. I am excited for this fight’s conclusion. 3.5/5.

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