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I Am Not Okay With This Season 1 Episode 5 Recap – Another Day in Paradise

BY Angela

Published 2 years ago

I Am Not Okay With This Season 1 Episode 5 Recap - Another Day in Paradise

During an exam, Syd contemplates just not doing or saying anything just so she can avoid further damage. Stan whispers and tells her he needs to talk to her. Brad asks Dina to show him her paper so she can copy from her. The teacher catches them and gives them detention. Syd tells the teacher it‘s unfair that Dina studied so hard, but because of Brad, she will get a failing grade and be sent to detention. She says it’s bullshit, so she also gets detention for her language. Stan then stands up, makes a scene, and swears so he can be in detention with Syd.

Syd goes to the gym for detention and sees Brad is already there. Brad approaches her and tells her they should try to get along for Dina’s sake. Syd is not so convinced, but she agrees. Jenny walks in and says she is in detention because she got caught vaping in the teacher’s lounge. Dina and Stan come in with Mr. Whitaker. They are tasked with scraping gums from the bleachers until 7 PM.

Dina stands and tells the group that if they divide and conquer the bleachers, they will be done before long, and they can all go home. “Go, Team,” Jenny sarcastically cheers. She says they should just play Fuck, Marry, Kill. She picks Brad to go first, but Dina refuses to let him play. So Jenny picks Dina to play instead. Fuck, Marry, Kill: Stan, Mr. Whitaker, and Syd. Dina says she’ll kill Mr. Whitaker, marry her best friend Syd, and fuck Stan. Syd tells Jenny she should go next, but Jenny says she thinks Syd should go next. But then again, she knows realistically, no one would want to have sex with her. Dina and Stan both tell her to stop. Syd walks out and goes to the library.

She calmly sits there because she knows bad things start happening when she gets upset. The lights start flickering, but it‘s not her doing. She gets up and calls out to whoever is doing that but gets no response.

She returns to the gym and calls Stan to meet her outside. She leads him into the library where almost all the shelves have tipped over, and the books are scattered everywhere. Syd says she doesn’t want to talk about what happened. Stan tells her they need a carpenter or a miracle to fix the mess, but Syd tells him she doesn’t care about the shelves and the books; all she cares about is the camera. The whole thing is on record, so they need to steal the footage from the principal’s office.

They plan to get the key from the janitor and then sneak into the principal’s office without being seen by Mr. Whitaker. Syd tells Stan they need someone with boobs if they are to distract the janitor. Syd comes back to the gym where Dina and Brad are making out. She asks Dina to go with her, so she leaves Brad.

Once Dina is outside, Syd lies and tells her that she and Stan had sex in the library. It’s all on tape, so they need her help to get the keys to the principal’s office from the janitor so they can steal the footage. Dina obliges and flirtatiously asks for the keys by showing off her cleavage. But the janitor says she should have just asked because he’s married and gay.

They distract Mr. Whittaker by putting burritos in a microwave oven, causing an explosion. Dina is on lookout duty while Stan and Syd go into the principal’s office. They succeed and get the footage. The three of them smoke weed by the lockers.

Syd walks in on Brad and Jenny talking about how they had sex at Ricky’s party. Brad begs for Syd not to tell Dina, but then Dina also walks in so Syd tells her. Dina breaks up with Brad, and they get dismissed by Mr. Whitaker.

Syd rides with Stan, so Stan takes the opportunity to ask her what really happened in the library. Syd tells him she felt like someone was following her in the library. She swears she wasn’t alone and what happened wasn’t her doing.

Our Thoughts

So wait, maybe Stan was right that there’s a mentor figure that would help Syd harness her powers. Perhaps it’s the shadowy figure the other night at the train tracks? If that’s the case, that thing in the library was slightly too intense. I can only imagine the kind of trouble the school would go into just to find whoever’s responsible, and the missing footage will all make it more complicated. I just hope they don’t trace it back to either of our three characters because, again, Stan may be right — they would be in detention for a thousand years.

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