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Beastars Season 2 Episode 12 Recap – The Taste of Rebellion

BY Harris

Published 2 years ago

Beastars Season 2 Episode 12 Recap - The Taste of Rebellion


As Ibuki drives Rouis into the dark tunnel, he turns off the headlights. He confesses that Rouis made his life happier with the Shishigumi. He stops the car and threatens to devour Rouis unless the deer shoots him. Rouis hesitates, but the lion is determined to follow through. He’s left without a choice.

Mistaking that Ibuki is about to kill the boss, Free follows them and shoots Ibuki due to their prior arrangement. Yet when Rouis tells Free what really transpired, the lion threatens him never to return to the Black Market again. Killing Rouis there will make Ibuki’s death in vain.

Riz taunts Legoshi by showing his bloody clothes, but Legoshi sees through his ruse. Pina is actually tied up somewhere behind them with a wound on his arm. The wolf has developed a scent vault in his mind of herbivores he wants to protect. Legoshi lunges at Riz after the bear compares their fascination with herbivores as the same.

In Riz’s view, they’re both pouring their loneliness into this display of strength. Riz takes a bite at Legoshi but finds he cannot penetrate the latter’s strength. He asks if the wolf has eaten meat lately, to which the wolf replies that he has respect for life.

The bear sees a hundred glowing moths surrounding Legoshi and likens it to his and Tem’s friendship. After beating Legoshi to a pulp, he finally admits that what happened with Tem was a one-sided devouring. Despite his wounds, Legoshi asks for more details about his story.


Riz lies down beside him and shares Tem’s last words: “All carnivores are monsters.” That time he hugged Tem and changed his memory to justify his actions. Yet he can still remember Tem’s taste and scent.

Legoshi thinks the same thing could have happened to him and Haru if he’s not careful, so he touches the bear’s hand in sympathy. Riz takes the hand and picks him up to restart the fight, saying that their claws and fangs are made for fighting. The wolf refutes him, saying those are tools to protect what’s important.

The fight ensues once again, but Rouis comes in to stop them. The bear goes after him, but Legoshi defends his friend and covers the bear’s eyes. They manage to escape to the upper tracks. Legoshi tells Rouis that he intends to resume the fight to take responsibility for his strength.

Rouis breaks down crying as he remembers Ibuki’s sacrifice which mirrors Legoshi’s intent. The deer offers his marked foot for nourishment to give the wolf a fighting edge. Legoshi pays his respects to Rouis and promises he won’t waste it.

Change and Redemption

Legoshi comes back to the fight with newfound savagery. Riz can’t believe he ate Roui; now they are the same. The wolf fights with the forbidden magic while Rouis continues to cheer him on. Riz sees the bond between them and feels jealous. Unlike he and Tem, Legoshi and Rouis‘ friendship seems to have grown.

Legoshi punches the bear in his midsection, and the whole world halts. The nearby boats signal the upcoming New Year. Riz accepts defeat and admits that Legoshi is right. A friendship between herbivores and carnivores is actually possible. Rouis gives Riz some parting words, apologizing for how he failed to see the loneliness in him.

Legoshi thanks Rouis for his sacrifice, and the deer tells him to wash his bloody face. Rouis was taken to the hospital in the aftermath, while Riz and Legoshi were taken into custody. Through his friends‘ testimonies, the wolf is set free.

Legoshi tells Haru that he’s dropping out but can’t explain why. The rabbit warns that it will have repercussions on their relationship.

Our Thoughts

I didn’t think the ending would be this tight and clean. Some moments in this season may have been too melodramatic for my taste, but I can’t deny that the whole story came out great. 4/5.

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