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Beastars Season 2 Episode 6 Recap – Fly, O Corrupt One

BY Harris

Published 1 year ago

Beastars Season 2 Episode 6 Recap - Fly, O Corrupt One


Rouis threatens his father at gunpoint to sign his withdrawal slip. He claims he’s a deer born of darkness. His father sees it all as an improvisation, something that made him a star of the drama club. He admits he doesn’t know how to love someone he’d just bought, but now they’re at gunpoint — the opportunity to express themselves excites him. Shooting him would taint his legacy as a conglomerate boss who committed suicide out of a delinquent son. He lets Rouis decide.

They settle for a letter of absence instead.

Later, Cosmo meets with Rouis at a bar. She wants to thank him for saving her and orders some veggie juice. Luckily, the bar owner is sympathetic to herbivores. They share a toast, and Rouis finally enjoys a drink for once.

Cosmo sees the struggle in Rouis’ eyes. She has been working there for eight years and knows how hard it can be for herbivores. Before leaving, she kisses him and tells him to run while he’s still young. Rouis remembers his father’s words, daring him to return once he’s strong enough to pull the trigger. Now there’s no turning back. He’ll have to move forward with the path he’s started.


Legoshi goes back to the place where he was attacked to investigate. He asks for Juno’s help, asking to take a peek inside her mouth to inspect her fangs. She feels flustered at his boldness, especially considering she confessed to him before.

Juno opens her mouth wide enough for him to take a closer look. Legoshi concludes that female fangs are much smaller than those of males. He thanks her and leaves abruptly, making Juno feel crushed.

Mr. Gohin checks in on Legoshi after a week of meat meditation. He finds the wolf touching the meat without any adverse effects. Legoshi asks to accompany him as they bury the slabs of meat on a nearby beach. The wolf has all the tombstones named after researching the names and personalities of the victims from the butcher.

At this point, Gohin thinks Legoshi can achieve the impossible. He throws him a punch, which the wolf catches immediately. He’s passed his first hurdle.

Legoshi falls asleep in the library when Haru suddenly joins him. She thinks his new hair is businesslike. She scolds him for ignoring her texts and for avoiding her at school. It didn’t sit well with her how Legoshi made assumptions about her feelings toward Rouis.


Legoshi apologizes and tells her he’s trying his best, saying his work outside might benefit her and other herbivores. But that’s not what Haru wants. She just wants to spend time with him. To her surprise, Legoshi proposes to marry her. The wolf explains they should do it after graduation. He lists his reasons for them to marry immediately and tells her not to hang out with shady guys.

Haru storms off in frustration. But when a guy asks him to hang out at the garden club, the rabbit refuses him, saying she’s got someone stronger and scarier with her.

Bill catches Legoshi slacking off at the club. They argue about who’s the strongest and decide to settle through Jaw Wars. They look at Legoshi who‘s lost in thought. Bill asks him to be his first opponent, so they start pulling on the ropes with their jaws. Legoshi sees it as an opportunity to weed out the culprit, so he gets serious. To his surprise, he loses against Bill even with above-average jaw strength.

Our Thoughts

Legoshi really has come a long way in this show. He’s now working as an active protagonist where in the first season, all he did was react. 3.5/5.

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