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DOTA: Dragon‘s Blood Season 2 Episode 2 Recap – My Sword, My Life

BY Harris

Published 1 year ago

DOTA: Dragon‘s Blood Season 2 Episode 2 Recap - My Sword, My Life

The Swarm

The Dragon Knights defend the hold from the onslaught of dragons. Bram is thrust into the frontlines, but they are forced to fall back due to an incoming swarm. Kaden saves the defending forces and leads them inside.

Terrorblade speaks to Davion, who’s possessing father’s body. He threatens to kill everyone inside unless Davion surrenders Slyrak. Davion wants to fight him, but Fymryn sees how futile it is and teleports him away. As they argue, an Earth Wyrmling breaks through the walls and chases them.

Mirana’s group finally enters friendly territory, but they discover that Luna has an infected wound that’s gotten worse. They’ll need help from a nearby fort.

An Ice wyrmling manages to break through the hold. Kaden steps in to fight alongside the others when an Earth wyrm emerges from the ground. This is the first time they’ve seen different breeds working together. Ritterfau manages to cut one down but ultimately falls to another.

Kaden instructs Bram to pick up a sword and promotes him to Dragon Knight, seeing how he’s able to kill one outside. Bram takes Ritterfau’s sword, and they retreat to find the others. They find father’s room in a state of disarray. Suspicions arise of what may have happened.

The elves arrive at the fort where they are taken in for supplies and medicine. The fort’s defenders assure them they’ll be safe from their pursuers. There, they managed to stitch up Luna’s wounds. Luna will need rest, or she’ll soon die, but they’ll also have to leave immediately before they invite danger. The soldiers cheer Mirana for the food and shelter they’ll enjoy for the day. The captain then summons Mirana for a meeting.


Mirana enters a moonlit room full of crystallized statues. Vanari greets her as she passes out. The ale they had drunk earlier is laced with sedatives.

Davion goes to the armory to wear his gear. Wyrmlings come in not long after to attack them; a melee ensues. Kaden barges in through the door and helps them fight. The two fight together to defeat the remaining foes.

Terrorblade appears and puts them in a vision. The demon insults Davion for turning into an abomination and Fymryn for fancying herself a goddess. He questions Bram’s legitimacy as a Dragon Knight and mocks Kaden for his loneliness.

One by one, the demon appeals to their weaknesses and invites them to give in to their deepest desires. All they have to do is let the demon in.

Kaden cuts off father, but Terrorblade fights back to take Slyrak from Davion. In the ensuing panic, Fymryn teleports father outside, and they fall from a great height. She manages to cut off the demon as she falls under the moonlight‘s gaze.


Suddenly, Davion catches her in dragon form while father dies as he sees the Dragonhold crumbles in flame.

Terrorblade loosens his control of the Wyrms, and the beasts return to normal behavior. The rest of the Dragon Knights flee with Davion defending them.

Help arrives when a large dragon breathes down and freezes the swarm of Wyrmlings. On the dragon’s back is Rylai, who tells them to retreat.

Dragon-form Davion wants to stay and fight, but Bram manages to appeal to him. The real enemy is elsewhere; fighting there would put them under Terrorblade’s plans.

The bandits haul the Night Silverwoods men into carriages. They put Mirana and Luna on a separate one to be taken to the former’s uncle. Sagan sees them depart.

Invoker appears to Vahdrak, Father of Chaos. The next Eldwyrm for him to collect.

Our Thoughts

Interesting to see where all these new characters will lead us. I just hope there was more introduction, though. 3.5/5

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