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Beastars Season 2 Episode 7 Recap – Unforgettable Sweetness

BY Harris

Published 4 weeks ago

Beastars Season 2 Episode 7 Recap - Unforgettable Sweetness


Legoshi wonders why his jaw feels so weak even though he’s been training hard. He starts going through the lockers to taste the drinks to find clues to the culprit. There he finds a crushed deodorant that perhaps is a warning.

During practice, Kibi’s arm gets torn off by their panther classmate, Tao. It’s not unheard of for carnivores to forget their strength, then unconsciously hurt herbivores. But with the current medical technology, it’s still possible to attach Kibi‘s arm if they hurry.

The carnivores volunteer to carry him, but Kibi is too afraid. He trusts only Legoshi to do it. As for the severed arm, Riz, the bear, volunteers to bring it along with them to the infirmary.

The carnivores comfort Tao after what he’s done. The panther says his classmates’ look terrifies him more than what he’s done. He feels they think he‘s the one who devoured Tem.

After leaving the nurse’s room, Legoshi confronts Riz for the murder of Tem. Riz remains calm and figures out that Legoshi’s bite was the one that gave it away. Riz admits he merely lost his way, but it was just a mistake.

Riz scratches the ceiling and threatens to shut Legoshi. The wolf’s body feels tense, but he welcomes the fight. Suddenly, Pina arrives in front of them carrying Kibi’s belongings.


As Pina leaves, Legoshi grabs him and asks if he heard anything. Pina admits it, saying he wants to be involved. They discuss Riz‘s crime at the cafeteria. Riz threatens to hurt him but that would lead to a bigger problem. Legoshi and Pina leave him growling in anger.

After Kibi’s incident, drama club activities are canceled for the next month, and the school plans to segregate herbivores and carnivores. Els tries to ask Bill about it but is disappointed by his nonchalance on the issue. Everybody knows he consumes meat, yet they’ve managed to work together. People have good and bad qualities in them. After seeing Els pass out from frustration, Bill promises to join the protests so they can keep the club.

They find everyone already in the club room planning their next step. It seems everyone has voted to continue club activities.

Back in his dorm, Riz has trouble sleeping and has been for a couple of nights. Bears need muscle atrophy medicine to temper their overwhelming strength, but its main side effects are headaches. Riz feels humiliated by it and guzzles down a bottle of honey.


Riz has a reputation for being a honey-loving fluffy bear, but they don’t know his real identity. Eight months ago, Tem expressed fear of his large stature, something that others don’t tend to notice. Tem offered to talk to him if he needed anything and clarified that he’s scary, but not in a bad way.

Riz admired Tem’s honesty as he showed the alpaca the medication that‘s tormenting him. Tem told him he’s fine and offered to accompany him outside the club to make him feel better. After hanging out with Tem multiple times, Riz‘s symptoms disappeared, so much so that he didn’t find the need to take medicine anymore. He wanted to present his true self to Tem.

During that night, he told Tem what he’s done. Tem felt threatened by Riz‘s surprisingly huge stature, so he ran, but not before Riz grabbed his arm and ripped his shoulder. The bear chased him to lecture room two to explain himself. Tem told him carnivores are all monsters, but he accepted him for who he was.

Riz hugged Tem, but he couldn’t help himself.

Our Thoughts

The reveal was so abrupt that it left me speechless. In the end, I’m both terrified and sympathetic to the culprit. 4/5.

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