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Beastars Season 2 Episode 8 Recap – Laughing at the Shadows We Cast

BY Harris

Published 1 year ago

Beastars Season 2 Episode 8 Recap - Laughing at the Shadows We Cast


A cheetah named Sheila has qualms about having her classmate Peach use her picture for likes. Herbivores taking pictures alongside carnivores seems to be more popular at the moment. This novelty stems from the former’s defensive instinct. Wanting more from the exchange, she invites Peach to go out with her shopping. Peach notices how popular Sheila really is, and the two learn about the different worries each species has to consider when buying clothes. For example, Sheila can’t wear patterned clothes, while Peach can’t wear polyester as it can cause static electricity. As the two bond over their differences, Sheila can now comfortably take pictures with her friend.

At the Black Market, Gohin and Legoshi find a striped hyena suffering from meat addiction. He’s come so low that feeding on rotten meat doesn’t faze him. On top of that, the hyena doesn’t feel satisfaction from merely feeding but also wants to enjoy the hunt. Gohin will need to take him into custody. The panda asks Legoshi how he feels about losing his jaw strength, but before he can answer, Gohin clamps his jaws and throws him at the hyena.

Crazed for meat, the hyena attacks Legoshi, managing to bite through his arm. Legoshi’s flesh withstands the blow. He raises the enemy and slams him to the ground. Legoshi frees himself from the hyena’s jaws and smashes the junkie’s head to a wall.

Beastar Candidate

Back at the drama club, Sanu gives the leading role of Adler to Juno — a surprise considering she’s a first year. Sanu feels it could greatly display the club’s rebellious spirit to stand out from the other club’s performances. Juno accepts gracefully, but something feels off.

Other students are against segregation amongst species, but Juno doesn’t see it that way. She sees a world where distance is necessary. Outside, Els congratulates her on earning the role, adding that first years don’t always get opportunities like such.

Juno has never had any issue around herbivores, but her temper flares as soon as she sees Haru. She stalks Haru to study her movements, following her to the gardening club. Haru catches her spying and actually knows she’s close with Legoshi.

Juno tries to leave after their introductions, but Haru stops her with an evil grin. Somehow, she manages to ask Juno to help her with the day’s gardening work. The wolf sees how good Haru is at interacting with people, even with carnivores. She gets to know why Legoshi likes her.

Still, she remains pro-segregation, seeing how much of a difference in size and strength she has from the rabbit. Perhaps she isn’t fit to become a Beastar candidate like Rouis. Before she leaves, Juno tells Haru that Rouis is worried about her, so she should contact him if possible.


Haru fondly remembers the time she spent with Rouis in bed. Despite being herbivores, they jokingly wondered as to which one of them would taste much better.

Ibuki wakes Rouis up as they reach their destination. Rouis wonders how he managed to dream of Haru all of a sudden. As he walks through the Black Market, he notices that his aversion toward selling meat has gone. They visit a drug store where a Caiman crocodile is about to sell his body parts. Ibuki tries to shield Rouis’ eyes from the amputation, but Rouis takes them off and says it isn’t any worse than his childhood.

Outside, Ibuki shows Rouis his arm with a stamp that signifies he’s for sale. Perhaps their childhoods aren’t that different after all.

Our Thoughts

This episode just showed us how the world of Beastars truly is. 3.8/5.

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