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I Am Not Okay With This Season 1 Episode 2 Recap – The Master of One F**k

BY Angela

Published 4 weeks ago

I Am Not Okay With This Season 1 Episode 2 Recap - The Master of One F**k

Syd moves her drawers back to where they were after checking out the crack she made on the wall after she got upset the previous night. She‘s still wondering if she really made the crack or if their house is just shitty and the wall just cracked because of its shitty foundation.

She toasts bread with Liam and tells him she can make the toast pop with her mind. The toast pops out, of course. Maggie notices Syd is wearing the same sweater she wore the previous day. She asks Syd to do some grocery shopping, so Syd protests she has no way of getting them home because they don’t have a car. Maggie tells her just to do it the way she did before. Syd jokes she can bring home the groceries in exchange for sexual favors with strangers. Syd walks away. Maggie reminds her to change her sweater as she does, saying she‘s making her look like a bad mom when she‘s actually a good one.

Syd is walking to school when Stan pulls over in his dad’s car and tells her to hop in. They go to school together, and Stan tells her he cannot believe some people are already asking for dates on homecoming. She agrees and says the event is still far, even when it‘s only a week away.

At school, Syd asks Dina for a ride after school so she can go grocery shopping. Dina says she can’t because she promised Brad she’ll go to the pep rally with him and watch the game afterward. Syd asks Dina if the pep rally isn’t just for people who pep. Dina laughs at her and says it is a pretty big game as she puts on Brad’s jacket. Syd asks her about the jacket, so Dina proudly says he has never given the jacket to anyone before — sweet.

Syd walks along the train tracks, upset that Dina ditched her for Brad while she still needs to find a way to get groceries and bring them home. She throws stones and aims for the railroad crossing sign. When she finally hits it, the sign gets dismantled from the ground and flies a few feet away. Syd gets surprised, so she looks around to see if anybody else has seen what just happened.

She goes to the bowling alley where Stan works and asks to borrow his car. Stan says he cannot lend it to her because his father doesn’t even know he’s driving it. When Syd starts walking away, Stan volunteers to drive her, so they go shopping together. She writes that Stan’s car smelled like weed, like her father’s. She adds that she later realized her father was a stoner. Syd tells Stan that she has never seen his dad. Stan tells her that his dad drives an 18-wheeler for 25 days a month, so he’s rarely home. He adds that his life is better without his dad at home but quickly apologizes when he realizes that what he said must have offended Syd, given that she recently lost her dad. She says it doesn’t bother her, although she silently wishes her dad is still alive.

Stan makes a quick stop before they head to the store. He drops off some drugs and admits to having four clients. They talk while Syd shops; she realizes there is more to Stan. When they get to the register, Syd comes short a few dollars because her mother just gave her $50. Stan offers to pay for the rest, but she refuses. She returns some of the items while thinking how her day is so messed up — her mom only giving her 50 bucks, Dina ditching her, and the cashier looking down on her when she cannot pay for everything. She talks to herself and tries to calm down but fails. As a result, items from the grocery shelves in front of her drop to the floor.

Hearing the noise, Stan comes to check on her. She panics and runs outside. Stan finds her sitting by the Brownsville marker. He tries to comfort her by telling her that his mother used to have panic attacks like the one she had just suffered from. Syd thinks Stan won’t talk to her anymore after what happened, so she asks why he still chooses to talk to her. “Because everyone else in this town is boring,” he responds. Stan offers her a weed cigarette. She smiles and tells him she has never smoked before. He tells her to try; he’ll go first, so she’ll see how it’s done. Syd follows suit, and surprisingly for a first-timer, she doesn’t even cough.

They get high and decide to go to the football game. As they watch, Syd tells Stan that she thinks football games in their school are lame. Stan tells her it’s actually live theater because they get to watch people like Brad Lewis at their best. It’s as good as it gets for them — nothing else noteworthy will happen in their lives.

She writes she only wanted a boy to keep up with Dina, but now that she’s with Stan, she welcomes the idea of truly liking him. She borrows Stan’s eyeglasses to look at Bradley without anyone seeing her. She looks at Bradley, and Bradley gets knocked off to the ground, leaving him with an injured ankle.

Stan brings Syd into his room. They smoke and get high again. They decide to play Would You Rather. After a couple of questions, Stan asks Syd, “Would you rather tell me your deepest darkest secret or…?” But before he can even finish his question, Syd says she will tell Stan her deepest darkest secret but only after promising that he won’t tell a soul. Stan promises, so Syd tries to convince herself to tell him about her power, but she ends up saying she has pimples on her thighs. Stan bursts out in laughter and asks to see them, but Syd refuses to show him. He then tells her that he got her beaten, as he removes his shirt and shows his back to Syd. It turns out he has the worst backne that goes all the way down to his ass, all the way inside the cheeks. He says he wins, so Syd stands up and puts down her pants. She shows him her thighs and says he cannot compare and compete with how gross her pimple thighs are. Stan stands and kisses her. He asks her if what he did was bad, but she kisses him back instead of answering. They end up sleeping together.

Our Thoughts

Whew, way to go, Stan! So I was wrong about Syd having a thing for Dina because now she slept with Stan, so it can only mean she’s attracted to him, right? Or maybe Syd is, again, keeping up with Dina since she already gave her V-card to Brad. Well, if that’s the case, then, poor Stan! He seems like a good guy, and Syd feels less weird when she‘s with him, so he must be doing something right. Let’s just hope he can keep up with Syd because there are lots of things going on with Syd right now. For starters, it looks like she really has legit powers she still cannot control. Plus, she’s sent for groceries but what she did was get high! Oh, what would Maggie say?

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