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Better Than Us Season 1 Episode 14 Recap

BY Kean

Published 1 year ago

Better Than Us Season 1 Episode 14 Recap

Alla comes to Nikolay’s house to pick up Egor, but Egor doesn’t want to go with her. Alla thinks Egor is being selfish, but Egor thinks what he’s doing is right for him and Zhanna. Nikolay tells Alla that Egor grew up, so she should trust him in making his decisions. 

After beating Georgy, Gleb shows him a video of Bars confessing to the crime. Georgy knows it wasn’t Bars who killed the detective and was forced to confess. If Georgy agrees to help, they will hand over to the police Bars’ confession, but Georgy says Bars can always take back his confession. Witnesses on that day prove the detective who died wasn’t even there. Suponev loses his patience and points a gun at Georgy. Georgy takes the chance and takes the gun from Suponev. Georgy pulls the trigger and realizes that the gun isn’t loaded. Suponev takes the gun back from Georgy and punches him. They really wanted Georgy’s fingerprints on the gun. They take the Liquidator member and shoot him in front of Georgy. They say that if Georgy disagrees with training Arisa, they‘ll put the gun with Georgy’s fingerprints on the dead body. Georgy finally agrees, but he tells them to let Lara go. He tells Arisa they‘ll head to the Cyber Crimes Department. He tells Arisa to let the detectives access her memories but not see them. 

Suponev brings Arisa and Georgy to the Cyber Crimes Department. They give Georgy a lawyer who will defend him. Suponev acts like he’s disappointed they can’t file a case against Georgy. The lawyer says Cronos no longer wish to file a case against Georgy because they already got Arisa back. And as for the detective‘s death, he says the accusations are all baseless, and there are no witnesses nor a murder weapon. So he tells them to let Georgy go.

Zhanna wakes up in a hospital. She gets angry at Egor for breaking his promise not to bring her there. She tells him never to come to see her again. Egor leaves and tells his grandfather what Zhanna said. Nikolay tells him to do what he thinks is right, so Egor goes back to Zhanna and takes a picture of the tracker on her leg. He says he‘ll get her out of the hospital before she gets taken to an orphanage. 

Lara goes to a playground to see her daughter, but her mother doesn’t allow her. Her mother worries that the child will only be sad if she finds out Lara abandoned her. Lara explains she‘s young then and didn’t know what to do, so she had to give her daughter away. Lara’s mother warns her that if she comes back again, she‘ll call the police. Lara admits to her mother that she‘s sick and won’t see her daughter again, but her mother doesn’t believe her anymore. 

When Arisa and Georgy arrive at the apartment Gleb got for them, they continue to argue. Arisa stops listening to Georgy’s request and continues to do as she pleases. She says it’s okay as long as it’s for Georgy’s benefit. Lara walks in and says Arisa is entering a new developmental stage, which is why she’s acting like such. Georgy is surprised to find Lara there because he told Gleb to let her go. Lara explains she’s there willingly. Gleb discovered she could access Arisa’s memory, so he tells Lara to delete Arisa’s memory after the bidding. She has received the payment and finally has the money to pay for her surgery, but Lara tells Georgy she won‘t do it.

Major Varlamov visits the crime scene where they found the Liquidators member. He’s still disappointed he didn’t have the chance to question Georgy himself, and they also had to let Arisa go. He sees Georgy waving at him not far from where he is. To avoid being seen together, they only use a device to talk to each other. Georgy tells Varlamov he‘s waiting for him to save them, but he never came. He tells Varlamov that Suponev is the mole in their department, so he should be careful. But Varlamov doesn’t know if he can still trust Georgy, so they part ways. 

Alexei finds Victor enjoying his time in his indoor swimming pool. He confronts him about the bad things he did to Svetlana and his company. Alexei says he‘ll make Victor pay for what he did. Victor suddenly grabs Alexei’s shirt and pulls him under the water. Alexei’s fragile old body can’t fight back against Victor’s big body, so it only takes a few minutes for Victor to drown the old man. He leaves the body floating in the pool. He asks Gleb for advice on what to do with the body. Gleb says Alexei‘s death doesn’t mean Victor is the new company owner, but Victor has other plans. He says Alexei left all his money and company to Svetlana, but Svetlana loses her mind because of so much grief. Victor has to step in and handle the company himself.

Arisa watches videos about sex, so she knows what to do with Georgy. Lara finds it funny and jokes around Arisa like she’s not a bot. Lara and Georgy keep getting close to each other. They say they‘re willing to love someone as long as the other person feels the same. Before they can even kiss, Alla knocks on the door. She tells Georgy she‘ll leave with Sonya and Leo. She‘ll leave Egor under Georgy’s care. Georgy thanks her for trusting him and says he‘ll look after Egor. 

Victor watches the news about Alexei’s death. Gleb staged a car accident, so everyone thinks Alexei died because of it. Victor tells Igor that he knows Igor called Svetlana 30 times and Alexei once. Igor realizes it was Victor who killed Alexei. Victor threatens Igor that something terrible will happen to Svetlana if he doesn’t follow his orders, so to save Svetlana, Igor agrees.

Our Thoughts

Victor has lost his mind. We thought he‘s the type to only give orders but would never do the job himself, but seeing how he treated Svetlana and how he killed Alexei, we realized we‘re wrong. Why didn’t Alexei have any bodyguards with him? He’s richer than Victor and owns the company, yet he lacks bodyguards to protect him. It got even more frustrating because Alexei finally told Svetlana he‘d help her, but now that he’s dead, Igor is the only one who can help Svetlana. But Igor is a coward. He’s better than Victor, but he can never fight back.

Did the new development happening to Arisa make her argue more? It seems like it gave her more free will. She argues with Georgy even more. And if she thinks it’s for the best, she‘ll do it even if Georgy doesn’t want her to. Arisa spends more time with Lara than with Georgy because Georgy wants to go alone. And we feel sad for Arisa even if she’s a bot because it’s been too long since she last saw Sonya.

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