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Switched Season 1 Episode 2 Recap – Betrayal

BY Kean

Published 1 year ago

Switched Season 1 Episode 2 Recap - Betrayal

Ayumi picks up the comb and combs her hair. Umine’s mother grabs the comb from her hand, saying it’s hers. Then she goes back to eating. Ayumi asks her where her comb is because she doesn’t know where she put it. Umine’s mother snaps at her and says she doesn’t have one. She tells Ayumi, “Fixing your hair won’t fix your face anyway.”

Koshiro asks Umine if they can talk. Once they’re inside a room, Koshiro closes the door. It’s really dark inside, so she asks Umine if she’s afraid. Umine says nothing scares her when she’s with Koshiro. Koshiro tells Umine that Ayumi is terrified of the dark. Kaga sees that Ayumi looks so sad as she walks to school, so Kaga gives her a hairclip and says he likes it more. Ayumi smiles and tells Kaga that she’s happy they’re friends. While they’re talking, a woman observes them. The woman holds the notice Ayumi has put up for the lost parrot. Ayumi tells Kaga she thinks Umine jumping off the building sets things in motion. Kaga tells her Umine was lucky. If she and Ayumi didn’t switch, Umine would have died. Ayumi realizes that Umine knew they would switch. Ritsu and Maria greet Umine. Umine says, “Who cares?” then she walks away with Koshiro.

Ayumi meets up with Umine on the rooftop. She asks Umine to tell her how to switch back. Umine tells her she doesn’t know how to do it. Ayumi tells Umine that if they switch back, Kaga and she will keep it a secret. They will also not tell Koshiro anything. Umine laughs at her and says Koshiro already knows they switched bodies.

Kaga confronts Koshiro. “What I like about Ayumi is her face. That’s why I’m fine with dating Umine,” Koshiro says. Kaga gets mad, but Koshiro tells him to help Ayumi himself. Later, Ritsu and Maria apologize to Ayumi. Then they hand her a note from Umine. The note says that if Ayumi can find Umine by 4:00 p.m., she’ll tell her how to switch. After running around looking for Umine, Ayumi sees her enter the room. Because of their class entry for the school festival, the room was designed as a horror house. Ayumi still enters the room, and Umine turns off all the lights inside. Ayumi calls for Koshiro. She remembers the same thing happening when she was young. The curtains open. Instead of Koshiro, Kaga comes to save Ayumi. Kaga tells Ayumi that he thinks Koshiro would never betray her. He remembers that Koshiro sent him a message. It says: “Go to the classroom now. Open the curtains when you see Ayumi.”

Ayumi goes to the art room to see Koshiro. When she gets there, she sees Umine and Koshiro kissing. Ayumi turns back and runs. She bumps into Kaga. When Kaga sees Koshiro and Umine, he runs and follows Ayumi. Once he grabs her hand, he pulls her into a hug. Kaga says, “I will find a way to get your body back.”

Meanwhile, Umine is still at school with Koshiro. She remembers the conversation they had that morning. She begged Koshiro to fall in love with her. Koshiro says it doesn’t matter to him. He says he has always been better athletically and academically than Kaga, but everyone always gravitated toward Kaga. But then he has stolen the one thing Kaga values the most — Ayumi. He adds he never had any feelings for Ayumi. He asks Umine to tell him how he can trade places with Kaga because he has always wanted to be him. Umine says that if Koshiro intends to fall in love with her, then maybe she‘ll consider it. Koshiro agrees. What Koshiro doesn’t know is that Umine doesn’t have any plan on telling him. Because she likes who he is at the moment. Later that night, Ayumi receives a call from an unknown caller. Ayumi looks surprised when the caller says, “You changed bodies, didn’t you?”

Our Thoughts

Umine has a very negative self-image because her mother doesn’t care about her. Her mom can’t even let her use her comb. If her mother feels insecure, it‘d be best to handle it herself. The house looks messy, and the mom is rude. If Umine had grown up in a loving home, she wouldn’t have hated herself, at least not that much. If we‘re to pick a team, we‘d pick Kaga. We don’t know what Koshiro is planning. It’s good that Kaga stays beside Ayumi no matter how she looks. He even told her he would always pick her side. We thought Umine was just someone with a bad attitude. But when we saw what kind of home and family she has, it’s not difficult to see why she wouldn’t want to come back. Maybe there really is a way to switch bodies again. We wonder who called Ayumi. How did that person know what happened to Ayumi and Umine?

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