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Better Than Us Season 1 Episode 15 Recap

BY Kean

Published 1 year ago

Better Than Us Season 1 Episode 15 Recap

Doctor Valash tells Lara that the tumor has already spread to the brain stem, so the chance of successful surgery is minimal. The doctors can no longer operate on her because it’s too late. He says any surgical intervention will result in death. Igor visits the asylum where Svetlana is and uses a drone to look for her room. When a staff spots him, Igor takes the drone and leaves. He comes back, shows him a photo of Svetlana, and asks how much he must pay to talk to Svetlana.

Georgy and Victor guest on a talk show to tell people that everything is going well in Cronos. Victor talked with the show host before and told him what the interview should be about, so the host plays the video of Arisa 2.0 attacking the guards at Cronos. He says it‘s not the bots that are dangerous but the Liquidators themselves. Victor says the Liquidators created a fake Arisa and made her attack the guards so they could create the fake video. To prove that Arisa 2.0 is not the real Arisa, Victor calls Arisa to the stage. Then the host asks Arisa if she can harm or kill a human. Arisa says no. Victor says that for the second bidding, because Georgy is a doctor, Arisa will also become a doctor. She’ll perform one of the most complex surgical procedures. Georgy says he spent years studying before becoming a doctor, so he can‘t teach Arisa everything he knows in just a few days. Victor says Georgy just has to make sure Arisa will fail. 

Egor goes out looking for something he can use to remove the tracker on Zhanna’s leg. The store owner tells him they can’t cut the tracker strap because the alarm will go off, but he can give Egor something he can use. Egor goes back to the hospital to show Zhanna a device that will block the transmitter so the tracker will disappear from the radar.

While Georgy is at the restaurant, he complains to Lara because he doesn’t understand why Victor wants Arisa to fail. Georgy asks Arisa if she wants to be a doctor. Arisa says she‘ll do what Georgy wants if Georgy takes her on a date. Lara says Arisa is being logical. Georgy agrees to take Arisa on a picnic date. 

Egor takes Zhanna out of the hospital and brings her to the mall. He shows her the video of Arisa 2.0 with Bars and his men attacking the guards at Cronos. He says Bars is in jail. Suddenly, some policemen with a bot approach Zhanna and Egor. The bot says Zhanna violated the remote monitoring order. She‘s not supposed to leave the hospital. Egor says he’s the one who convinced Zhanna, but the bot says the police have to take them back. Within three days, Zhanna will be taken to an orphanage. 

After talking to Major Varlamov, Irina returns to the Cyber Crimes Department. She tells Suponev that Varlamov is no longer in the hospital and adds that after the death of the other detective, Varlamov is doing his own investigation. Suponev meets up with Gleb afterward. He‘s worried the detectives will find out he’s the one who killed his partner. Gleb says most witnesses died, so no one can say it‘s him. They don’t know that Irina and Varlamov are listening to their conversation.

Georgy brings Arisa to the hospital he used to work at. They use the department of Georgy’s former boss, Doctor Valash. They start with the simplest operation, then move on to difficult ones. Georgy gets frustrated with Arisa, so he leaves the room. He tells Lara that Arisa has already learned everything Georgy knows. The problem is he can’t make Arisa make a mistake. Arisa knows Georgy will get in trouble if the operation is successful, yet she can’t intentionally make a mistake. Because the surgery computer leads the simulation, Lara says he should show Arisa an unsuccessful operation from the database. That way, Arisa will learn how to make a mistake. Victor tells Gleb it’s not enough for Arisa to make a simple mistake. He says someone has to die by Arisa’s hand on the operating table. 

Igor calls the staff from the asylum. He tries talking to Svetlana, but she’s not herself. The staff says it’s because of the pills they’re giving her. Igor tells him he’ll pay more if he stops giving Svetlana the pills. Meanwhile, Egor sees Lara in Georgy’s apartment. He shows her the device he bought to block the tracker in Zhanna’s leg. Lara says it’s a fake. Then she teaches Egor how to jam the signal of the tracker. Later, Lara tells Georgy that everything’s good. She‘ll have the surgery in two weeks. Arisa knows she’s lying. When they go back to the apartment, Lara packs her things and says she’ll go to the hospital. Arisa will operate on her, and Gleb will pay her a lot of money. Then she’ll send the money to her daughter. Georgy doesn’t want to let her, but she says her case is hopeless. 

Igor meets with Arisa and says the only way to get rid of Victor is to kill him. He offers to remove the blocking device on Arisa’s neck. Georgy talks to Lara’s mother to tell her about Lara’s situation. She doesn’t want to believe it at first, but she finally visits Lara before the operation. Arisa injects Georgy with something to make him fall asleep. Then she finally does the operation on Lara. Victor, the Minister, and the others watch the operation through the monitor. When Georgy wakes up, the operation is already over. It was successful, much to Victor’s disappointment. Arisa says she has no intention of killing Lara. She just wanted to let her die. But during the operation, she figured out a way to save her. Lara’s condition was the same as Boris, Victor’s son. By studying Georgy’s surgery, she avoided the fatal outcome. Georgy realizes he could have saved the child. Then he tells Arisa he’ll take her out on a date as he promised. Arisa says she has to go to Victor for Georgy’s good. She goes to Victor and says she’s finally his. Meanwhile, Major Varlamov and Irina finally catch Suponev after luring him to the apartment. 

Our Thoughts

That was difficult — they wanted Arisa to fail the surgery but wanted her to do it on a real person. If Arisa intentionally made a mistake, Lara would be dead. Maybe Georgy would hate Arisa because he likes Lara a lot, but it was his and Victor’s idea to make Arisa fail. Now we don’t know what Victor will do to Georgy. At first, we thought he’d hurt Georgy again because the surgery was successful, but he might change his mind because Arisa willingly goes to him. 

Igor finally makes his move. Still, he can’t fight back against Victor, so he asks Arisa to do it for him. Once Victor is dead, everyone can go to their normal lives. But will Gleb leave them alone? Maybe he will because no one will tell him what to do anymore. As for Bars and Zhanna, there‘s one thing we’re really curious about: What happened to their family that made them hate the bots so much?

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