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Better Than Us Season 1 Episode 4 Recap

BY Kean

Published 1 year ago

Better Than Us Season 1 Episode 4 Recap

Nikolay goes out to search for his missing robot. He finds a robot hanging off the bridge with a message written by the Liquidators. Due to shock, Nikolay loses consciousness. Meanwhile, Georgy burns his jacket under the bridge, removing the only thing that links him to the fire. Arisa tells him he should spend more time with the kids because they love him, but Georgy tells her he doesn’t need advice from a bot. 

Detective Varlamov finds out that Kirill is no longer in his cell when they check on him. He immediately goes to the colonel but gets scolded instead. The colonel says the Liquidators posted online everything they did the night before. He adds that the Liquidators did it to show they‘re not afraid of the law and the CCD, even if they should be. He tells Detective Varlamov to check the footage and get the identity of everyone involved, including their addresses and their leader. Varlamov checks the damaged robots and finds Alex with blood on its shirt. They send the blood sample to the lab, hoping the information is in their database.

While Georgy waits in the hospital, he gets annoyed by the advertisement playing, so he turns them off one by one. Tanya, a new female nurse, stops him, but Misha, a male nurse, recognizes him. He even calls him one of the hospital’s leading surgeons. Georgy says it‘s all in the past. Detective Varlamov and Detective Vlad arrive at the hospital looking for Nikolay. They want to talk to him about the Liquidators in their latest event. They show the video of the event to Nikolay and tell him that the Liquidators kidnapped bots and hung them throughout the city. They ask him if he knows anyone who could have an interest in his bot and if he recognizes anyone in the video. The Liquidators wear masks, but they still recognize Egor when he appears on the screen. When Georgy says they don’t recognize anybody, Varlamov leaves. But Varlamov saw Nikolay‘s expression change while watching the video, so he tells Irina to look up if Georgy has a son. 

Kirill is in Bot.Net after escaping from prison. Bars tells him he did a good job giving the detectives wrong information, so all the members had left when they arrived. Bars says someone will come later to pick up Kirill to bring him somewhere safe. Kirill wants to talk to his mom before he leaves, but Bars says she‘s being watched, so Kirill can’t visit her.

Alexei attends his daughter’s TV program to talk about his Early Retirement plan where bots will replace humans to do the work. His daughter, Svetlana, keeps asking how bots can replace humans in jobs requiring understanding human emotions. Alexei is not happy about the interview. During the break, he tells his daughter to find something better to do and give him an heir. Svetlana gets embarrassed after being scolded by her father in front of all the staff. She hurries to the dressing room and tells her friend what happened. “I already have a boy,” she says. Then she asks for the tablet where she monitors her boy inside a room.

Back at Cronos, Igor Maslovsky presents Arisa Number Two to Victor. Victor looks happy with the result, so he asks Igor how he created another super bot. Igor calls his assistant, Katya, and introduces her. He admits that Arisa Number Two has no brains; Katya operates the bot, so it only works when there‘s a network. 

Georgy comes home looking for Egor. Arisa tells him his son hasn’t come home yet. Then she asks for access to Georgy’s contacts so he can look for Egor. When she finds out where he is, she sends the information to Georgy, including how to get to the address. At Bot.Net, Kirill asks Egor to deliver a letter to his mom. He says he can’t call her because he‘ll blow up his cover. When Georgy arrives at Bot.Net, Egor refuses to come home with him. He says his dad died years ago. Bars comes out and tells Egor to do as he’s told and go home with his father. Georgy tells Egor that Nikolay is in the hospital after finding out what happened to his bot. Then Georgy tells his son to remove the chip hanging from his neck because investigators are already investigating his case. At first, Egor refuses to remove the necklace, saying it’s a gift from his girlfriend, but then he removes it when Georgy gets really angry and grabs his shirt. 

After confirming that Georgy has a son, Detective Varlamov tells his staff to check the identity of the Liquidator member with a chip necklace. Even when the member wears a mask, they confirm Egor’s identity by matching his eyes with another photo. After getting a match, Varlomov goes to Egor’s school to check his locker.

As soon as Georgy and Egor come home, Vadim, the ambulance driver, arrives. He tells Georgy he saw the super bot and knows it’s in their home. He reminds Georgy that influential people want the bot back, so he should think about his kids’ safety. Georgy says that if powerful people want him, they should talk to him. Georgy turns Vadim away, but Arisa leaves home to talk to Vadim. Vadim says no one will harm Georgy and his family now that Arisa is with him, so Arisa asks Vadim to bring her to the people who want to harm the Safronovs.

Victor and his wife talk about the interview over dinner. Svetlana‘s boy calls for her mom, so she rushes to his room quickly. Victor continues eating and tries not to pay attention to what’s happening. Svetlana calls for him and says their child is sick. Victor says he‘ll tell Igor to come tomorrow, but Svetlana continues to panic. Victor reminds her that their son died years ago, so if Svetlana doesn’t stop acting out, her father will send her to an asylum. The boy is a bot resembling her dead son.

Georgy asks the kids to pack their bags because they’ll go to Nikolay’s other house. Alla sees what’s happening, so she tells Marina she must stop them from leaving. Egor refuses to pack his things. When it’s time for them to go, Georgy finds out Egor is no longer in his room. Georgy chases him, but suddenly the investigators appear to catch Egor. Varlamov tells Georgy that Egor’s blood was found inside a damaged bot, so they suspect Egor had cut himself while ripping the chip out. Georgy doesn’t want to let go, but Varlamov sees the necklace with the bot’s chip hanging from Egor’s neck. With the evidence dangling from his neck, Egor has no choice but to go with the investigators. Alla sees everything that happened and rushes to the house to check on Sonya. 

Vadim delivers Arisa to Gleb. Gleb says no one will harm Georgy’s family; they just want to bring Arisa back to her owner. Arisa says she doesn’t have an owner; what she has is a family. Gleb laughs and says it changes everything — Georgy’s family is in trouble. He says he, Vadim, and Arisa’s owner will be the ones to harm the family. Arisa asks for her owner’s name, and then he thanks Gleb for the information about her owner. She kills Vadim and Gleb.

Our Thoughts

Is Egor only rebelling against Georgy, or is it who he really is? Does he have the same belief as the Liquidators, or does he want to impress Bars so he can stay and be with Zhanna? If he doesn’t stop spending time with Zhanna’s friends, he will always get in trouble. Georgy is in the middle of everything, so even if he doesn’t have anything to do with Sergey’s death since he’s the only one who knows what happened to the body, the detective can’t let him go. And since the detective won‘t stop until he finds out the truth, Georgy can’t run away. 

As for Victor’s wife, we don’t know if she’s sick or what. She seems okay when we look at her, but then she thinks a robot is her child. We wonder what happened to their child that changed the relationship between Victor and his wife. Does Alexei even know what happened to his grandson? Or does he even know that his daughter is sick? If he knew, would he be nicer to his daughter, or would he still pressure her into giving him an heir? We also wonder what will happen to bots that kill. In this world, bots don’t kill, so Arisa is an exception. If she’s a super bot, can she defend herself from guns, or if anyone tries to hurt her?

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