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Biohackers Season 1 Episode 4 Recap – Certainty

BY Kean

Published 1 week ago

Biohackers Season 1 Episode 4 Recap - Certainty

Dr. Lorenz tells Jasper she doesn’t like strangers going in and out of her home. So, Jasper says it won’t happen again. Dr. Lorenz asks Jasper if he unplugged the Wifi router the night before. When Jasper denies doing so, Dr. Lorenz realizes it was Mia who did it. Jasper says that Mia doesn’t know anything about the work they are doing. Then he says he was the one who unplugged the Wifi router because the internet was not working. He only forgot to plug it back. 

Mia goes to Jasper’s house in the woods, looking for Niklas. However, instead of getting the files she needs, she argues with him. So, she goes to the library to do her research about the ‘Homo Deus’ she saw in her brother’s file. Jasper arrives and asks her if she unplugged the router at Lorenz’s house. Mia gets irritated and defends herself, saying she only did that because the internet was not working. Jasper says he knows he can trust Mia. Mia goes back to Niklas and apologizes for how she acted. Then she reveals the truth about who she really is. She says her real name is Emma Engels, and Ben Engels was her twin brother. He was very sick and died when he was ten. Lorenz did something to him and her father knew it. Both of Mia’s parents died the night they were supposed to go to Berlin. Now, Mia is in contact with the journalist who worked with her father. She needs proof if she wants to bring Lorenz down.  

Lorenz asks her assistant, Monique, if Mia’s been acting strange. Monique shows her a video of Mia in the Archive room. She says Mia asked about the off-site storage. And that she also told her Dr. Lorenz has been keeping the patients’ files at her home. So, Dr. Lorenz asks Monique to bring Mia’s cv and her DNA sample. She shows Jasper the DNA-based composite sketch of someone who is supposed to be Mia. Then she adds that even though Mia has freckles, her test results don’t show that gene variant. They know that Mia gave a fake DNA sample. Dr. Lorenz says that the Ethics Committee uses undercover agents, and she suspects that Mia is a spy. 

Mia has problems understanding the files. There were records of genetic tests, but she doesn’t know what kind of tests they were. She only knows that they are conducted by ‘AKS.’ Niklas says AKS stands for Arnold K. Schumann. He is a former lab technician and Dr. Lorenz’s colleague. Niklas says he found out about him in his research. The two of them visit Mr. Schumann in a nursing home in Basel to ask him about Project Homo Deus. He says they wanted to rid the world of diseases, and they needed test subjects to research the cures. He thought the embryos were already sick. It turned out that Dr. Lorenz purposefully caused the mutations. Mia realizes that they deliberately made the subjects sick, but they didn’t respond to the therapy as hoped. 

Later that night, Mia meets up with Jasper. Jasper asks her who she is and who she is working for. He admits they already know about the fake DNA sample Mia submitted. Mia says she didn’t want her DNA to end in a cloud. Jasper laughs and then walks away from her. Earlier that day, he went to Mia’s apartment; only her friends were there. He entered Mia’s room and found the newspaper clippings she was hiding in her speakers. Then he took a hair strand from her bed and tested it in the lab. He calls Dr. Lorenz and informs her that Mia is faking her identity. He says that Mia is spying on her, and she knows too much already. When Dr. Lorenz opens the door, she sees Mia standing there. “My name isn’t Mia,” she says. 

Our Thoughts:

Is it better if they think Mia is a spy? Spy or not, we are sure they would want to deal with her because she already knows too much. We knew this day would come, and she would get caught. Jasper already feels like Mia fooled him, so how would he feel if he finds out Niklas knows the truth? And we think that Niklas likes Mia even if he’s mean to her. He didn’t have to go with her to the nursing home, but he still did. 

So Dr. Lorenz and Mr. Schumann had good intentions when they experimented. However, their means of doing their research weren’t right. They made the kids sick so they could test them. In the process, Mia’s brother, Ben, died. And how Mr. Schumann reacted to Mia after seeing the files tells us that she is probably the only survivor. Mia is brave because she doesn’t have anything to lose. She has already lost her entire family. So, bringing Dr. Lorenz down is the only thing that keeps her going. So, why did she come to her house saying she’s not Mia? 

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