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Biohackers Season 2 Episode 3 Recap – Partners

BY Kean

Published 2 months ago

Biohackers Season 2 Episode 3 Recap - Partners

Mia and her friends go to dinner with Lotta’s parents. There she meets Dr. Baron von Fürstenberg. She asks him what he thinks about Homo Deus. He says that the project is a good idea, but Dr. Lorenz lacks its moral compass. He invites Mia and the others to the founders’ gala they’ll be hosting on the weekend. All of a sudden, Mia gets dizzy again, and her nose starts bleeding.

While in the ladies’ room, Lotta’s brother, Uli, walks in and kisses her. Uli asks Mia why she stopped sending him photos of her. Even when she’s confused, Mia acts as if she knows what’s happening. 

Jasper agrees to help Mia even though Dr. Baron von Fürstenberg was the one who helped him with his scholarship. That night she wakes up from a nightmare. She no longer remembers her grandmother’s face. So, Chen-Lu decides to sleep beside her to comfort her.

When Mia meets with her psychiatrist the next day, Dr. Reuther says she has a dissociative fugue. Those who have it are usually faced with extreme situations, and as a response, they start to have gaps in their memories.

Mia and Jasper meet with Dr. Lorenz afterward to learn more about Lotta’s father. Dr. Lorenz says Dr. Baron von Fürstenberg funded her research for Homo Deus. He knows about Mia’s immune system and that the experiment worked. Because of that, Mia will be useful for his other projects. On the other hand, Dr. Lorenz was kidnapped because he wanted to make sure she would agree to their deal. But, no evidence can point to Dr. Baron von Fürstenberg’s involvement. Everything was discussed verbally, with no documents or bank statements. He, however, put everything in a red leather notebook. Dr. Lorenz needs that notebook to reduce her sentence. And Mia needs it to know what happened to her. 

Mia uses her connection to Uli to have an excuse to visit their house. She still doesn’t know how they formed their relationship, but Mia knows she could use it.

Inside the house, she sees a set of rifles. Uli says Lotta is the one who is good at using it, not him. Mia gets the chance to go to Fürstenberg’s office but fails to get the red book. So, she decides to try again at the founders’ gala. Uli’s girlfriend, Vera, confronts Mia when she sees her. Not only that, Lotta arrives at the gala with Niklas as her date. Lotta explains that Mia was okay with Niklas being her boyfriend. It’s just that Mia no longer remembers.

Mia walks away from the crowd and makes her way to Dr. Baron von Fürstenberg’s office. Luckily, Uli and his girlfriend are there, and they leave the door open upon leaving. Mia gets inside and starts looking for the red book. While searching, she finds her doctor’s notes on the table. She realizes Dr. Reuther lied to her when she said the notes were confidential. Dr. Baron von Fürstenberg returns, and Mia has to hide and wait until he leaves.

Downstairs, she sees Dr. Winter talking to someone. She remembers meeting him by the lake the day she was kidnapped. Her nose starts bleeding, so Jasper decides it’s time for them to go home. Mia is now sure that Lotta’s father was behind it all. Just seeing her doctor’s notes in his office was enough to confirm her suspicions. While driving the car out of the estate, they are stopped by two guards. And then Dr. Winter walks to the car and greets Mia. 

Our Thoughts:

What was Mia doing those past three months? Was she a different person? She broke up with Niklas, approved his new relationship with Lotta, and got into a relationship with Uli, who has a girlfriend. Mia is surprised that she did all these things meaning she acted those past three months differently. It seems like it’s not only her memory that is affected but her personality as well. And we think that Dr. Lorenz teaming up with Mia is a good idea. But we doubt if she can bring Dr. Baron von Fürstenberg down with her. We’re not even sure if it’s going to reduce her sentence. 

It’s not going to be easy to bring him down. Not only is he a powerful figure, but his image is also really good. He’s been supporting the science community. And we doubt Lotta would believe Mia if she found out about it. But the problem they would have to face now is how they will deal with Dr. Winter. We guess it’s not bad that she didn’t find the red book. At least not yet. If they were going to search her car, they wouldn’t find anything. 

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