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My Hero Academia Season 2 Episode 22 Recap – Yaoyorozu: Rising

BY Harris

Published 2 months ago

My Hero Academia Season 2 Episode 22 Recap - Yaoyorozu: Rising

Jet Black and Froppy

Tokoyami and Tsuyu go against Ectoplasm, who can create clones of himself. They carry each other towards the higher ground to execute their escape strategy.

Midoriya and Uraraka are impressed by their coordination. Recovery girl adds that this level of communication is significant for real-world scenarios.

Ectoplasm’s clones start swarming Tokoyami. While he defends, they manage to ascend to higher floors to escape. The teachers are aiming to confront Tokoyami’s weakness for close-quarters combat and see whether Tsuyu can provide appropriate support to her partner. Her calm composure will be one of their best assets.

The two defeat the barrage of clone attacks until they find the exit in view. But Ectoplasm is there, standing guard. He creates a singular giant clone of his head to attack them, pooling all of his power into the attack.

The team gets caught inside Ectoplasm’s trap and resorts to having Dark Shadow on the offensive. Naturally, the teacher overpowers it. But Tsuyu has a secret ace. She hands something to Dark Shadow to use as a weapon. In the end, they sneak in and attach a cuff into Ectoplasm’s foot. Tsuyu can hide objects inside her stomach. The team successfully passes with their ingenuity.

Careful Planning

The third match involves Iida and Ojiri against Power Loader, who’s lurking underground. Their terrain is filled with traps, but the two emerge victorious, with Iida launching Ojiro to the gates with a spinning Recipro Burst move. Power Loader praises Iida for his quick thinking.

Now it’s time for Todoroki and Yaoyorozu to fight, except the latter lacks confidence due to her lackluster performances. They’ll have to go against Aizawa in a dense residential area.

Todoroki plans to stall while she escapes, but she feels apprehensive. She feels she doesn’t have the same merits as Todoroki, even when they both got into UA from recommendations. At the previous exam, she served as a follower to Todoroki and then later lost quickly to Tokoyami.

Suddenly, Aizawa attacks them from above and disarms their quirks. He manages to catch Todoroki, tie him up and fill his landing zone with caltrops. Aizawa criticizes Todoroki’s strategy, as he didn’t carefully consider his partner’s quirk.

Yaoyorozu desperately runs to the exit, anxious about what happened to her partner. Aizawa himself noticed his lack of confidence from her since the last exam. He catches up to her and binds her hand, but her quirk isn’t erased. She manages to free herself and, against the plan, beelines back towards Todoroki.

Aizawa hesitates for a minute if he has to be gentle with her but gets the better judgment.

Switching Strategy

Yaoyorozu panics as he reaches Todoroki with the teacher in pursuit. Todoroki then encouragingly yells at her to execute the plan she has in mind. She hesitates, but Todoroki reveals he voted her for president since he trusts her.

She then throws away her matryoshka dolls, which are flashbang to counter Aizawa. By her command, they run away to evade the teacher’s view and carefully time their abilities to take advantage of Aizawa’s limitations.

Todoroki creates a massive ice wall as soon as the teacher blinks. Yaoyorozu then creates a copy of Aizawa’s binding weapon and a mini catapult. They distract Aizawa using cloaked mannequins before catapulting the binding weapon to constrict the teacher.

Todoroki then unleashes a fire blast to heat the material. Yaoyorozu specifically created it from an alloy that can harden with heat application. As a result, Aizawa gets completely bound and shackled. She noticed that their teacher could’ve evaded the catapult attack, but Aizawa claims to be focused on evading Todoroki’s attack the whole time. The two pass their exam.

Our Thoughts

Great development from a cool side character. The students of 1A have a lot of care going into their designs and backstories, and it’s always fun to see 4.2/5.

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