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Biohackers Season 1 Episode 5 Recap – Betrayal

BY Kean

Published 1 year ago

Biohackers Season 1 Episode 5 Recap - Betrayal

Mia reveals her true identity to Dr. Lorenz. Dr. Lorenz thinks Mia’s lying, so she asks her who she works for. She takes Mia’s saliva sample and tests it in her lab. When it shows the same result in the database, she realizes Mia is Emma Engels. Mia says she’s proof that the Homo Deus project worked. Mia says Dr. Lorenz wanted to develop a new treatment for genetic disorders. So, she experimented on embryos with genetic diseases. Mia’s father blamed Dr. Lorenz for his son’s death, so he investigated her. But Mia says she thinks Dr. Lorenz is why her brother lived longer. Dr. Lorenz thought the project failed until she discovered that Mia was Emma. Now, they have to find out why the therapy worked on Mia. 

Jasper finally tells Niklas that Mia is faking her identity. So, to make his friend feel better, Niklas decides to spend some time with him. However, he has to leave when Mia asks to see him. Mia says she plans to find out what was done to them. After finding that out, she will get to know who the other subjects were. She says they need to take the Homo Deus children’s genomes from the lab on campus. Mia starts crying, so Niklas comforts her. That night, they sleep together. 

The next day, Mia’s roommates see Niklas coming out of her room. They tease her because they think she was with Jasper. Mia gives a business proposition to Lotta. Finding a cure for Huntington’s disease. They ask her because Lotta comes from a really rich family.

Mia goes straight to Dr. Lorenz’s home to see the results. Now, they must find the mutations by comparing those in the database. Jasper needs to use Niklas’ printer so he goes to his room. In one of the drawers, he sees the tickets to Basel with Niklas and Mia’s names on them. He checks Niklas’ laptop and sees the exchange of messages between the two. Jasper even reads one where Niklas tells Mia he already knows the truth. Jasper immediately goes to Dr. Lorenz’s home to let her know. While Mia is left alone in the lab, she can see from the computer screen that it was Jasper who came over. Then Mia overhears Dr. Lorenz telling someone to block access to her keycard immediately. So, Mia hurriedly copied the files to her USB and ran out of the house. She calls Niklas and asks him to get Jasper’s keycard. 

Mia asks Chen-Lu for help after telling her the truth. So, Chen-Lu uses Mia’s file and looks for the marker gene. After a few minutes, Chen-Lu finds the base sequence and says that if Mia enters that into the database, she’ll find the others too. Meanwhile, Niklas argues with Jasper while trying to explain what happened. But Jasper is already angry with him. They start wrestling over the keycard, and when Niklas finally has it, he immediately makes his way to the lab. The computer shows 237 results from the database. They get the DNA samples they need before they leave the campus. 

Dr. Lorenz says that if the data falls into the wrong hands, it means the end of their research. Jasper finds out that Niklas bought train tickets to Berlin. Dr. Lorenz looks at the mosquitoes in the aquarium and tells Jasper she has an idea of getting things in control. So, Jasper rides the same train as Niklas and Mia. He releases the mosquitoes before walking away. While Mia is helping the people, the train suddenly stops. Mia loses her balance and hits her head. 

Our Thoughts: 

We can’t blame Jasper for his loyalty to Dr. Lorenz. Dr. Lorenz is the one helping him with his case and his research. And besides, though his relationship with Mia was not official, we can understand why he was so upset. Niklas is Jasper’s best friend, but he slept with the girl Jasper is dating. That alone is enough to ruin what they have. 

And Chen-Lu has been a good help to Mia for some time now. They managed to save Jasper because of Chen-Lu, and now they managed to get the data because of her. As for Niklas, his actions were a bit unexpected. We thought his loyalty was to Jasper, and that was why he didn’t like Mia before. But now it’s clear. Jasper wants to finish his research so he can cure himself. Mia wants to bring Lorenz down. And Niklas just wants Mia. And each of them will take the side of who they think will be good for their plans. 

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