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THE BLACKLIST Recap: “Mr Solomon: Conclusion” Claims a Life

BY The Screen Spy Team

Published 6 years ago


By Kai Greenwell

The Blacklist concluded Mr Solomon’s two-parter this week and pulled no punches. Tom and Liz escape the wedding shootout, but before they can catch their breath Solomon is guided to their position by some very kitted out operator. Solomon forces them to crash and abandon their car to escape on foot.

They hide from him and his team, but Liz and the baby were hurt during the crash and have to give up their hiding spot to seek medical assistance. Solomon’s operator tracks them to a nearby hospital but Red convinces them to leave and come to his secure facility before Solomon can capture them both.

The doctor tells them that the baby isn’t getting enough oxygen and that he needs to perform an emergency caesarean. Everything goes fine and Tom and Liz think about what to call their baby girl. Before they can enjoy their moment, Liz starts suffocating and has to be ventilated until Red can procure more specific breathing equipment to help her breathe.

The damage to Liz’s lungs is too severe to be treated at their facility and the doctor tells Red they’re going to have to make a break for it to a nearby hospital. Red and his team, along with Ressler and his, coordinate to try and make a clear route to the hospital. Solomon’s operator quickly finds them and ambush Liz and Red’s convoy.

Solomon orders his team to take Liz alive and unharmed while Red tries to shoot a hole through which they can escape. Ressler and Navabi arrive behind Solomon’s team and quickly eliminate them but by time they reach the van, they see Red holding Liz’s lifeless hand.

Red leaves and goes to see Tom, who is panicking about how to be a father on his own.

Be Quick or Be Dead

Solomon escaped the crossfire of Red and Ressler’s teams, fleeing down an alley. But news will likely get out surrounding the circumstances of Liz’s death, with Solomon undeniably being the cause of that death – from the first car crash to delaying her getting to hospital in the end. Not the best of first impressions to an employer to whom he owes his life. Maybe they’ll look at settling that debt.

Red was finally chastised by his team, Dembe respectfully and Kaplan less so. They have seen him do many things of questionable character, but his actions regarding Liz have lost him the support of Tom, Ressler and co, and now even his own unquestionably loyal team. They won’t betray him to his enemies anytime soon, but may likely choose to help/have helped Liz behind his back if she is indeed alive.

The ending scene countered last week’s fantastically. Then, time was their ally. They just had to hold out until Ressler and the police arrived to push back the attackers. This week however, time was the real enemy, with every second spent locked in stalemate with Solomon’s forces pushing Liz closer to death.

The team all react to the news of Liz’s death differently, ranging from shocked acceptance to disbelief and dismay. Tom’s perhaps the most tragic, having spent the season being a pillar of optimism for Liz, but not even having time to mourn as he panics about how to raise his daughter alone.


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