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BLINDSPOT Mid Season Finale Review: Jane is Revealed to Have Made a Surprising Choice

BY The Screen Spy Team

Published 8 years ago

BLINDSPOT Mid Season Finale Review: Jane is Revealed to Have Made a Surprising Choice

By Pauline Perenack

Last week’s episode of Blindspot gave Blindspotters both the highest of highs, and lowest of lows seen so far in this season. While “Jeller” fans got to see their two favorite characters undercover as a pair of married assassins, the strength of the team was put to their first test when Patterson’s boyfriend, David, was killed after trailing a mysterious woman who appeared to be somehow connected to one of Jane’s tattoos.

The second test, albeit a smaller test, but just as important, was Zapata choosing “family” over foe when she destroyed Carter’s bug.

And did anyone catch the man with the tree tattoo drawing the swallow which is tattooed on Jane’s neck? Everything is coming together.

And speaking of everything coming together, if you’re playing along with the anagram puzzles of each episode’s title, this week’s anagram works out to be “And Unveil the Mastermind.” Combined with last week’s, “Lift the Curtain,” it appears as though we’re going to start getting some well-deserved answers.

This week’s episode was the fall finale, and we saw the team rallying around Patterson, while Jane is questioned by Carter, so let’s recap what happened.

It Was You All Along

For a fall season finale, this episode surely did not disappoint, and it was confirmed that Jane had some part in her being tattooed. While the reveal was shocking, it had been set up throughout the series in flashbacks Jane was having. The question however, is why is she doing it? Based on this episode, it has something to do with Orion. Remember in Episode 3, “Eight Slim Grins” Jane met up with a man named Casey Robeck? Robeck was recruited by the SEALs, and recognized Jane when she was sitting with him. He also just so happened to whisper the word “Orion” to her right before he died, which was obviously a program Carter was either involved with, or at least knew about. It almost appears to be some kind of undercover operation designed to take down Operation Daylight, which is why the majority of the larger tattoos connected to Daylight.

Also, based on last week’s flashback of the man with the tree tattoo – Oscar – drawing the swallow that is tattooed on Jane’s neck, he must be part of Orion somehow – as was the mystery guy who broke into Jane’s safe house earlier in the season. And it appears as though Jane was in charge of Orion, because Oscar is following her orders, and she’s the one who came up with the plan. Additionally, during a conversation with Weller when discussing the spies, Jane questions as to how the spies were able to know they would be able to marry their targets. Weller tells her they would have done a lot of recon, and made the perfect match. It almost seems as though the conversation is foreshadowing as to why she had herself delivered to Weller. Did she want to bring him close for some reason and knew she could because she was his perfect match? Perhaps this is how his father fits into everything.

It will be interesting to see the dynamic of the team once we come back from the hiatus. We’ve seen Patterson is now deeply invested in the team, because they were there for her. She even admitted to Jane she couldn’t have made it through the day without them, but will she feel the same once she learns more of Jane’s backstory? Or about Zapata? And speaking of Zapata, she was writing her resignation letter, and Reade walked out without checking on her. Based on the friendship the two have had all season, it’s interesting he didn’t at least say goodnight to her. Also, will Zapata try to take the resignation back once she finds out what happened to Carter? Finally, Oscar will be brought into the picture, and since he and Jane have history, how will this affect Weller?

When we come back from the winter hiatus, it will be interesting to see if we finally find out who Jane is, and why she went so deeply undercover. Also, who will be our main adversary now that Carter is gone? Someone who is involved with Orion? February 29 seems much too far away.

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