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CASTLE Mid Season Finale Review: Castle and Beckett are Back Where They Belong, As “Mr. and Mrs. Castle”

BY The Screen Spy Team

Published 8 years ago

CASTLE Mid Season Finale Review: Castle and Beckett are Back Where They Belong, As

By Geannie Bastian

But first, the case. I know, I’m sorry. Forgive me?

Basically an entertainer on board a cruise ship was murdered because while she was attempting to expose the fact that ship was mishandling its waste, she discovered there was a pretty scary reason: It was being used to smuggle pure uncut heroin. Naturally, they can’t let her live with that information, and so she becomes the case of the week.

Finding out who done it is relatively simple, though it does involve Castle having go undercover as a wealthy passenger who wants to dance in the show for info. Classically funny, although apparently Martha didn’t teach him much of anything in terms of stage skills. Pity.

Martha’s a bit worried she didn’t teach him much of anything else either, because it’s at this point Castle decides that with the murderer caught, he needs to figure out what the heck is going on with the text Kate got the night before, when she hit the pause on their time in. Martha isn’t sold, but of course who Castle goes ahead and the fun really begins.

Sexy Talk, Silly tech, and the Need for Together Time

When Castle figures out that Beckett and Vikram are still working LokStat – following the heroin from their case right to their door – it turns into a hacker war. Both sides are trying to distract the other from their goal, penetrating or protecting Beckett and Vikram’s secret strip club hideout.

Hayley pretty quickly figures out if they’re going to catch on to Beckett and Vikram, they’re going to need to trace Kate’s cell. But how do you keep a cop on the phone long enough to trace the call without her noticing? Phone sexytimes, obviously. Because as distractions go, right? More like trying and failing to start something sexy, but still. It’s hilarious, but also horribly awkward with both Hayley and Vikram present.

In the end, Vikram uses some shaky super tech so Castle doesn’t stumble onto the case and get himself killed. Castle’s got the scent though, even after awkward phone sex and kitten videos fail to turn up the hideout and details of Beckett and Vikram’s case. And so, he has a few words for his wife.

It’s not that he is so much frustrated with her for investigating the case, but that she hasn’t involved him in it. In the night’s most memorable exchange, Castle says “Kate, I’d walk into a tornado for you.” To which, Beckett, confirming that this is her whole issue lately, replied “And I would die if I ever lost you.” That’s the drama in a nutshell.

Castle has a pretty snazzy idea: he thinks they should have worked on this together from the beginning, and staged the entire break up. And he thinks his wife would’ve thought of that if she wasn’t so wrapped up in doing things wrong way because she “likes being broken,” ouch!

Now, that’s a good idea, but it’s classic Castle. But was Beckett in a place to think that clearly? What with having been responsible for the deaths of a half dozen people (including Bracken), going on the run, getting shot, taking command of the precinct that had just been shot up, and basically having the fear of his death planted in her head? Distracted much? Would anyone think that clearly on that much adrenaline and that little rest?

When an attempt to get a better run at LokStat sees their only lead killed Dick Coonan style to save Beckett, Kate has some hard thinking to do. And she comes to the conclusion that Castle was right. She needs him, needs to work with him, and they can make a deception work. If only he will accept her. It’s a tense moment or so, but the words “I need you…I’m sorry…please don’t make me have to do this alone,” have the desired effect. But Castle intends to punish her. Naked. Enjoy that, kids.

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