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BLINDSPOT: The Team Pulls Together Even as They Pull Apart in “Of Whose Uneasy Route”

BY The Screen Spy Team

Published 6 years ago

By Pauline Perenack

After last week’s episode, we were once again left without any answers to the overall mysteries of Blindspot, and it’s getting to the point where fans don’t seem to really care. We’ve established that Jane is Taylor Shaw, but based on how she’s settled in with the team, fans could care less about who she was as a child. And, with half of the team now focused on Mayfair, Jane’s case has been moved to the back burner.

The mystery of Oscar, and who he is exactly and who he works for however, continues to grow, and is something that will hopefully begin to resolve itself.

Tonight’s episode anagram decodes from “Of Whose Uneasy Route” to “To Your New Safehouse” and seems to indicate there will be a shift in where everyone’s loyalties lie.

This makes sense since the team is trapped in close quarters tonight when criminal hackers infiltrate the FBI building, sending it into lockdown.

Shifting Loyalties

Tonight’s episode is only the third episode this season which didn’t feature one of Jane’s tattoos, and had our team pulling together even as they pulled apart. The episode began with various pairings of the team, who found themselves in close quarters as headquarters went into lockdown. What was initially assumed to be a drill, quickly turned into a real problem once Patterson discovered the building had been hacked. Knowing they needed to stop the hack, Patterson and Jane were able to collect Weller and Dr. Borden, and get to Patterson’s lab, where Patterson determined the hackers were downloading intel on all of the FBI’s undercover agents.

Knowing the leaked information would shut down the Bureau, Weller and Jane once again pull out their MacGyver handbook, and make their way to the main server room where Patterson has determined the hackers to be. On the way, they make a pit stop in the evidence room to collect weapons, and various agents along the way including Mayfair and Zapata, who help in the take down. During the requisite Blindspot shootout, the female hacker is killed, but her companion gets away, and threatens to drop all of the elevators in the building from the top floor, killing all those trapped inside.

Patterson is able to secure all of the elevators except for the one holding Reade and Sarah, so Weller and Jane rush to rescue them, while Zapata and Mayfair go after the hacker. Once they find him, they try to talk him down, but the hacker has no interest in surrendering, so Zapata takes him out. The elevator drops, but Weller and Jane have managed to save all on board, and effectively save the day.

The bulk of the episode however, focused on the forced discussions of our various team members as they found themselves trapped with the very people they’ve been trying to avoid.

Mayfair confronts Zapata about knowing Assistant Attorney Weitz, and still unsure of Mayfair, Zapata denies the depth of her knowledge of the man. However, the longer the two women are together, Zapata finally breaks, and admits she knows Weitz because he had her looking into Mayfair. She questions Mayfair as to why she’s been so secretive, and Mayfair turns the tables on Zapata, questioning how she can continue to have Zapata on the team if she’s questioning the leadership.

Reade is forced to confront Sarah, who is still hurting, and wants nothing to do with him. She even thanks him for ending it before she introduced him to Sawyer. Once they’re out of the elevator, Sarah drops the bomb she’s moving back to Portland to be closer to her ex, and Sawyer’s dad, and Reade says nothing.

The final five minutes however, are when everything really starts going. After going through the files he had collected earlier from Mayfair’s office, Weitz arrests Mayfair for the murder of Alexandra. Weller wants an explanation, and Weitz decides interrogating Mayfair in front of everyone will be best. As such, we learn that Alexandra was an alias, and was actually a disgraced PI, whom the FBI had been watching. Weitz thinks Mayfair had been working with Alexandra, since Alexandra’s FBI file had recently been erased. Weitz also discovered FBI cars signed out by Mayfair were tracked to the locations where Carter was killed, and his body found. On Carter’s body, was a note, and the ink was traced back to a pen found in Mayfair’s office. The final piece of evidence was a lump sum of money found in Alexandra’s apartment, which matched exactly the amount of money Mayfair took out of her savings last week.

As Weitz goes through each piece of evidence, Jane thinks back to each mission Oscar had sent her on, and puts together she had been used to set up Mayfair for murder.

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