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BLINDSPOT Recap: The Team Continues to Unravel in “Any Wounded Thief”

BY Jennifer Griffin

Published 6 years ago

BLINDSPOT Recap: The Team Continues to Unravel in

By Pauline Perenack

Last week’s Blindspot episode wrapped around the case of an eclectic graffiti artist, and with Weller injured, we began to find out more about Jane, and her past life.

In keeping with the show’s theme of mystery, we met the mysterious Cade. Here’s what we know about him: he’s connected to Jane, he was initially part of Jane’s original team but has since gone rogue, and has a serious vendetta against her. There was also no luck in seeing some closure in the divide amongst the team, because if anything it got larger. Only time will tell how deep their distrust of each other will get.

Jane also found herself torn between her two worlds – her loyalty to her team, and her growing need to help Oscar. Already it seems futile for her to bounce back and forth between teams. At some point she’s going to have to choose a side and stick with it.

Have you solved this week’s title anagram? Word around the Internet is “Any Wounded Thief” decodes to “Find What You Need,” but series creator Martin Gero hasn’t yet confirmed that it’s correct.

So, let’s recap what happened tonight in “Any Wounded Thief.”

That’s Not an Epi-Pen

Tonight’s episode started off with a quick glimpse into our case of the week as an armored car is overtaken. The focus quickly shifts however, to setting us up with the overall episode themes for most of our characters. First, we see Weller walking into an empty apartment, and finding a note from Sarah that she and Sawyer will be moving out – clearly, she blames her brother for Reade breaking up with her. Next we shift to Patterson receiving a phone call confirming a restaurant reservation David had made for them before he was murdered. Lastly, we shift to Reade sparring. Weller steps in, and questions Reade about what happened with Sarah, but still protecting her, Reade won’t say what happened, and allows his irritation with Weller to show.

Later, as Jane walks into headquarters, Weller surprises her with a happy birthday wish. Turns out, it was Taylor’s birthday, and Weller gives Jane a jewelry box. Their exchange is interrupted by Allie, and Jane takes a hint, and leaves. Allie asks if Weller will come over later that night, and it’s clear that their relationship is starting to deepen. As Allie leaves, Weller joins the team for a briefing by Patterson about the armored truck robbery. Patterson is distracted by the phone call, and keeps thinking about David. She tells the team however that the logo on the truck matches a tattoo of Jane’s, and is for a fake company, so there’s no way to track what was in the truck.

The team heads to the crime scene, where they find vials of nerve poisoning on one of the dead guards. The case suddenly got much more interesting, as it’s clear the truck was carrying chemical weapons.

Back at headquarters, Patterson has been able to identify the three guards killed in the robbery, and traces them to an import/export company, which was transporting chemicals for the US military. To get more information, the team brings in Vanessa Chang, head of the import/export company, and General Sheridan, who was in charge of the chemicals. Both are interrogated, but neither produce any viable information. Patterson meanwhile, finds a fourth guard was with the truck, and the team tracks him to Korea Town. Jane immediately spots him, and when he sees her, he takes a hostage and starts shooting. Weller is able to circle around, and shoot the suspect. As they raid his personal effects, Zapata finds a security card with a tiger symbol on it, and Weller notices only one number is in the phone. Upon calling it, Sheridan answers, and the team knows the stolen chemicals is an inside job.

Patterson starts digging into the facility which was supposed to destroy the chemicals, and finds that a lot of the chemicals thought to be destroyed, weren’t. She sends the team out into the field to investigate, but it seems as though nothing is there until Weller finds an old hatch in the ground, and the team drops in. They’re immediately shot at and take chase, only to find Sheridan surrounded by C4 and canisters of chemicals, holding a trigger device, threatening to blow everything up. He tells the team he has been hording the chemicals because our enemies have weapons of their own. Listening to his story, Jane drops her weapon, distracting him, and manages to overtake him and take hold of the trigger device. Sheridan admits he was working with Vanessa to move the chemicals, but she had double crossed him, and chemicals were missing. Patterson looks into the shipping logs of the Vanessa’s company, and finds containers being prepped for shipment to Japan and China, and the team head to cut them off.

Once at the shipping yards, Zapata notices the same tiger logo from their suspect’s card, and she uses the card to gain access to the area. Once inside, the team find themselves in a gunfight, with Weller telling them to put the guns away for fear of striking one of the gas canisters. However, Weller and Jane are ambushed by Vanessa, who starts shooting and hits a canister, exposing the three to the chemicals. Jane pulls out the antidote Patterson gave her, but her vial is broken. Knowing exposure sets in quickly, Weller gives Jane his antidote. Jane notices Vanessa also has an antidote, and shoots her to steal the antidote for Weller, telling Reade to give Vanessa the one he had.

Back at headquarters, Weller and Jane interrogate Vanessa and find out she was actually working for the North Koreans, but had no idea what their target was. Meanwhile, Reade and Zapata are able to find two of the four canisters they knew to be missing, and notice they are packed in what looked like vacuums from a custodial company. Patterson finds buildings the custodial company was scheduled to clean that night, and determines the Stock Exchange was the target. The team rushes to the building, and after finding their targets, are able to neutralize the threat, solving yet another case.

Throughout the episode, Patterson battled the memories of David triggered by the reservation he made, and convinced by Dr. Borden, decided go to the restaurant to celebrate the memories she had with her former boyfriend. While there, his ghost convinced her to work on the day’s New York Times crossword puzzle. After solving it, she realized he had put it in the paper for her, and had coded it to tell her he had solved another tattoo.

The events of the episode also triggered memories for Jane, who remembered visiting a memorial for Taylor Shaw, and seeing Weller argue with his father. The memories were only strengthened when she opened Weller’s gift to her, and was told it was Taylor’s mother’s necklace he had saved. After being left by Weller for Allie, Jane went to meet Oscar, who told her she needed to draw in Weller once again. Jane refused, but Oscar said they all needed to make sacrifices, and told her how difficult it was to not be with her. Hurt from Weller’s dismissal, Jane turned to Oscar for comfort, creating an even more difficult decision for herself – her team, or Oscar.

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