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BLINDSPOT Recap: Daylight Returns in “In the Comet of Us”

BY The Screen Spy Team

Published 6 years ago

BLINDSPOT Recap: Daylight Returns in

By Pauline Perenack

Last week on Blindspot we were treated to the antics of Rich Dotcom, providing us all with a much lighter episode than the previous Patterson-centric one. While the episode didn’t tackle any of Jane’s tattoos, it was fun to watch Rich outsmart our team, and set himself up for an epic return. We also saw Mayfair’s past come rushing back in the form of her very not-dead girlfriend, and this can only mean more drama for Mayfair.

Have you solved this week’s title anagram? This week’s title decodes to “Focus on the Time,” which is made more interesting once combined with last week’s anagram of “To Begin the Sequence.”

Tonight’s episode involves a school shooting, and before it even aired, fans on Twitter were questioning if the theme was necessary in the wake of so many real life shootings. Let’s recap what happened however, and see what tattoo prompted the case.

Shifting Perspectives

“In the Comet of Us” was told to us through the perspectives of Jane, Weller, Zapata, and Reade as they each went their separate ways during an active shooting at a school.

The case of the week was cracked by Zapata, who was doing some reading on a university football star, Levi Hart, who had fallen from grace. The article included the scores of past championship games, and the numbers just  happened to fit some found in one of Jane’s tattoos. Reade used to play for the coach of the football team, so the team goes to speak to the friendly connection.

While talking to Coach Jones, they are interrupted by the school president, who tells them they need to leave. Unsuccessful in making any headway, the team considers leaving when Patterson calls to check in on how things are going. As she’s talking, their comms drop, and shots can be heard from within. As kids run out, the team rushes in, and Weller splits the team up.

We follow Reade and Zapata, who decide they’ll cover more ground if they split up, and we continue on with Zapata. While in the lunchroom, Jones comes running in, and is shot from behind. Zapata fires back and hits the gunman, but has to stop to help Jones. She helps him through the building, and as they make it to the auditorium, the gunman follows them in. During a gunfight, Zapata runs out of ammo, and the gunman knows it, using the opportunity to make his way towards Zapata and Jones.

As we shift back to the team splitting up, we follow Jane and Weller. Jane wants to split up to cover more ground, but Weller refuses because of the lack of comms. Jane finally convinces Weller to split up, and we follow her as she makes her way to the gym. From the track above, she sees a man running through, with the gunman following. Because of Zapata’s perspective, we know this to be Jones. Jane takes off after them, but as she stops to check on the status of the bodies on the gym floor, the school security guard comes at her with a gun. He doesn’t believe she’s FBI, and when he moves in to cuff her, she takes his gun away from him. After convincing him of who she is, she gives his gun back, and has him follow her. As they leave the gym, they hear gunshots, and run in the direction of the lunchroom. The school president comes in with a gunshot wound to her stomach, and the security guard says there’s too much blood to stop it. Always thinking, Jane cauterizes the wound with a metal spatula she finds that is near a gas flame on the oven. She leaves the security guard with the president, and takes off after the gunman. She hears shots from the auditorium, and goes in just as the gunman is approaching Zapata. Jane fires, and with the gunman distracted, Zapata takes him out with a book to the back of the head. As they’re handcuffing the gunman, the room shakes from the force of a bomb blast, and the gunman gives them a dire warning that they have no idea what’s coming.

Next we follow along with Weller. He finds an employee who is injured, who tells Weller that the shooter is Levi Hart. Weller takes off after Levi, but finds the hallway door rigged to explode. To go around, he tosses a mini-fridge out of a window so he can climb out, scale the building, and go in the window next door. As he assesses the door, he hears someone kicking at another door and finds Levi. After a tense standoff, a bomb below them explodes, and Levi gets away. Weller makes his way downstairs and finds Jane and Zapata, telling them there’s still an active shooter. Zapata found the jamming device on her suspect, and turns it off, reengaging their comms.

Finally, we shift to Reade who finds a girl, Valerie, crying over the dead body of her boyfriend, Nick. Reade promises her he will get her out and then come back for Nick. She goes with him, and along with a group of students, they come up to a door that is rigged to explode. Reade accidentally triggers the bomb, but keeps it from exploding. The group of students run, but Val stays with Reade to help. She gives him her earring that he manages to put in the bomb where the original pin dropped out, giving him just enough time to run before the bomb explodes.

Shaken from the explosion, Reade is slow to get up, and finds a gun pointed to his head. It’s Levi, and he wants Reade to take him to Jones. Reade complies, realizing his comms are back on. He tells his team where to meet him, and gets Levi to explain why he’s so angry with Jones. Turns out, Jones has been molesting kids on his teams, and Levi has had enough. Hearing his reasoning, and knowing Weller is right around the corner, Reade pleads with Levi to stop so Reade can go after Jones. Levi refuses, and Weller takes him out with a kill shot.

As Jones is being wheeled out to the ambulance, Reade confronts him, but Jones denies everything.

Back at headquarters, Mayfair debriefs the team and explains that a lot of people were in on what Jones was doing, and had managed to keep it quiet for years. The team is disturbed, but Zapata assures them all that everyone involved will be in jail for a long time. Mayfair tells everyone to go home, but Reade is shaken. Weller finds him in the locker room, and the two finally have a peaceful moment as they drink scotch.

Throughout the episode, we also saw shifting personal stories of our team. Zapata found herself in a support group, and admitted that the murder of her partner when she was in the NYPD was what sent her life in the downward spiral. She felt that gambling was the only thing she could control – until she couldn’t.

Mayfair was confronted with the return of Sofia, who was looking for money. Mayfair offered her protection instead, but Sofia refused – pointing out that the CIA couldn’t protect Carter. Giving in, Mayfair gave Sofia all of her savings, and was disappointed when Sofia took the money and ran.

Weller brought his father home so he wouldn’t have to die in a hospital, and the two had a great father/son bonding moment. Meanwhile Reade was out getting fitted for a suit, and his tailor pointed out that he knew more about Reade than anyone else in the city.

Jane and Oscar are closer than ever, but Oscar admits he can’t be Jane’s handler anymore. Jane begs him to stay because he’s the only one who knows her, and makes her feel real. Oscar is clearly on his own mission however, because at the end of the episode, we see him open a body bag, which holds the body of Carter.

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