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BLINDSPOT Recap: Daylight Returns in “In the Comet of Us”

BY The Screen Spy Team

Published 6 years ago

BLINDSPOT Recap: Daylight Returns in

By Pauline Perenack

Last week on Blindspot we were treated to the antics of Rich Dotcom, providing us all with a much lighter episode than the previous Patterson-centric one. While the episode didn’t tackle any of Jane’s tattoos, it was fun to watch Rich outsmart our team, and set himself up for an epic return. We also saw Mayfair’s past come rushing back in the form of her very not-dead girlfriend, and this can only mean more drama for Mayfair.

Have you solved this week’s title anagram? This week’s title decodes to “Focus on the Time,” which is made more interesting once combined with last week’s anagram of “To Begin the Sequence.”

Tonight’s episode involves a school shooting, and before it even aired, fans on Twitter were questioning if the theme was necessary in the wake of so many real life shootings. Let’s recap what happened however, and see what tattoo prompted the case.

Daylight Returns

The shifting perspectives of this episode were well done and made it one of the most interesting episodes of the season. I loved being able to see each side of the case as each team member was seeing/experiencing it. While the subject matter was a little tough to handle – and many fans commenting that a warning should have preceded the episode – I felt it was handled well by the shifting viewpoints. Everything was well timed, and the tension seemed to be broken up by the unbelievable, like Weller scaling the side of a building, or Jane using a spatula as a cauterizer. Neither makes sense, but in Blindspot, anything can happen.

The most interesting aspects of tonight’s episode however were the brief glimpses we were given into the characters outside of the case of the week. Reade really doesn’t have anyone, and therefore the loss of Sarah is that much more devastating. We now know what triggered Zapata into her gambling habits, and it will be interesting to see how that plays into her current job at the FBI.

Weller has finally made peace with his father, so does this mean we’ll get a reunion with Sarah soon?

The best however, is the return of Operation Daylight. Sofia is very much alive, and on the run. She knows someone is after those involved in Daylight, especially with Carter’s murder – and we discover Oscar has been keeping Carter’s body. The question is, why? And what does this mean for Mayfair?

It looks like Jane’s life with Oscar and her life with the FBI are going to come crashing together soon because of Daylight, and the results aren’t going to be pretty.


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