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BLINDSPOT: Trust Issues are Amplified in “Erase Weary Youth”

BY The Screen Spy Team

Published 8 years ago

BLINDSPOT: Trust Issues are Amplified in

By Pauline Perenack

Last week, along with Jane, we were pulled deeper into the mystery that is Oscar as he gave Jane her first mission to see if he could trust her. Before she could complete it however, she joined her team on a mission which led her to a soldier who had also been introduced to the same mind-wiping drugs she had. Upon completing her first mission, Oscar let the bomb drop of what Orion is…it’s where Jane died.

The discovery of other people having been subjected to similar drugs to Jane opens up a whole new world of possibility, as these people could somehow also be tied to Oscar and Jane, despite Oscar’s denial. Weller is the character though who will undergo the biggest emotional challenges after the reveals of the past couple of episodes. How will he handle the fact that Jane is his missing childhood neighbor, Taylor Shaw? And after last week, how will he handle the fact that Reade is dating his sister, Sarah, on the sly? We need to be prepared for some serious character evolution in Weller this season.

Patterson, who is still at work, drew concern and words of warning from Mayfair, so we may see more emotional friction developing there. As such, let’s recap what happened tonight, and see what new questions have been created for us.

Shoot First, Talk Later

“Erase Weary Youth” starts off with the arraignment of Russian spy, Olivia, whom our team captured before the winter break. Olivia drops the bomb that she knows of a Russian spy planted in the FBI, and her lawyer rushes her out of the judge’s chambers into a bathroom to question if she actually knows the mole. Olivia wants to trade the name for her freedom, and her lawyer says something to her in Russian, before killing Olivia. The lawyer is then killed by a police officer who enters the bathroom after hearing the scuffle between the two women.

At headquarters, Mayfair receives a phone call about Olivia’s death, and learns of the mole within the FBI. Weller walks in during the call, and Mayfair asks him to investigate, but to keep it quiet – even from his own team.

Sloane, an FBI counterintelligence agent, arrives to headquarters after learning about Olivia, and tells Weller she can help find the mole because she has a source within the Russian embassy. The two don’t get too far however, as Jonas Fischer and his team walk in, ready to start their own investigation, and lock down the building.

Every member of our team is interrogated, with Fischer pulling aside Mayfair, Zapata, and Jane as possible suspects, saying their answers were full of inconsistencies. All three women are hiding something, but Zapata is nervous about her involvement with Carter becoming known. Fischer questions her again, and sure enough, she cracks about her involvement, which intrigues Fischer, and helps him build his case against Jane, his actual target.

Meanwhile, Weller convinces Sloane to bring in her source, Roman, and uses his old flame, Allison, to sneak him into the building. Roman is reluctant to tell Weller anything, but finally admits he knows the mole, not by name, but by face. Patterson takes Roman away to look at photos of everyone in the building. At the same time, Fischer is continuing to build his case against Jane, learning she was able to slip by her security detail, and had no alibi for the night Carter went missing.

Jane is up next, and Fischer tells her he knows she slipped her detail the night of Carter’s disappearance, and that he believes she found out Carter knew something about her, and killed him. He keeps pointing out facts about her which make the possibility of her being the mole plausible. Weller is watching the interrogation, and knows Fischer is about to arrest Jane, and tells Patterson and Roman to work faster.

Fischer has left Jane alone in the interrogation room, and tells Mayfair he’s waiting for Jane to confess. Weller comes in and asks Fischer to listen to what Roman has to say. Fischer agrees, and as he walks in, Roman points to Jane’s picture as the mole. With that information, Fischer arrests Jane, and takes her away, with Weller yelling he will find out the truth.

Weller’s not convinced that Jane is the mole, but the rest of the team aren’t as sure – there are just too many gaps in her story. Not satisfied, Weller roughs up Roman to get the truth, and starts putting together Fischer’s timeline of the day, realizing it doesn’t add up. Roman cracks and confirms Fischer is the mole, and the team rushes off to find Jane.

Fischer is interrogating Jane once again, and tells her he’ll find everything there is to know about her given enough time, and she’s worried. A couple of guards take her to a holding cell, and as they’re walking, our team rushes in, yelling that Fischer is the mole. They’re separated from Jane by a key carded door, but Jane hears them, and takes out the guards holding her. She chases after Fischer, and as he reaches for his gun, she shoots and kills him.

Back at headquarters, Jane is worried about what will happen to her, but Weller promises her she has nothing to worry about. He asks her if she wants to go somewhere to decompress, but she tells him she’s just going to go. Frustrated by yet another dismissal from Jane, Weller takes out some of his frustration on Reade, telling him to stop dating Sarah. He then heads to Sarah’s to explain what he did, and has a complete meltdown, telling her he doesn’t want her to have to suffer a loss. Sarah is upset about his outburst, but knows something else is going on.

Zapata is back at her apartment, which has been trashed by Fischer’s men. Thinking about the bug they found, she starts talking to herself, challenging the people who left the bug to call her if they’re still listening. Almost immediately, her phone rings.

Jane heads off to find Oscar, and explains she’s scared about being caught, so she’s done. Oscar is worried about Fischer, but is relieved when he finds out Fischer is dead, and wants Jane to go on another mission, which is tied to a time sensitive tattoo. She refuses, and walks away.

Reade walks into Mayfair’s office, telling Mayfair he has questions about Jane. Mayfair admits she does too, and the question now is, what are they going to do about it?

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