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BLINDSPOT: Trust Issues are Amplified in “Erase Weary Youth”

BY The Screen Spy Team

Published 8 years ago

BLINDSPOT: Trust Issues are Amplified in

By Pauline Perenack

Last week, along with Jane, we were pulled deeper into the mystery that is Oscar as he gave Jane her first mission to see if he could trust her. Before she could complete it however, she joined her team on a mission which led her to a soldier who had also been introduced to the same mind-wiping drugs she had. Upon completing her first mission, Oscar let the bomb drop of what Orion is…it’s where Jane died.

The discovery of other people having been subjected to similar drugs to Jane opens up a whole new world of possibility, as these people could somehow also be tied to Oscar and Jane, despite Oscar’s denial. Weller is the character though who will undergo the biggest emotional challenges after the reveals of the past couple of episodes. How will he handle the fact that Jane is his missing childhood neighbor, Taylor Shaw? And after last week, how will he handle the fact that Reade is dating his sister, Sarah, on the sly? We need to be prepared for some serious character evolution in Weller this season.

Patterson, who is still at work, drew concern and words of warning from Mayfair, so we may see more emotional friction developing there. As such, let’s recap what happened tonight, and see what new questions have been created for us.

Who to Trust?

“Erase Weary Youth” in general didn’t seem to pack the same punch as Blindspot episodes normally do. It could be because it was the series’ first bottle episode, which always tend to be weaker episodes. Also, the episode dealt mainly with trust and the trust issues of our team, and this is a storyline we’ve already visited. The most interesting part of the mole hunt was that Fischer was targeting Jane, and seemed to know just a little too much about her. Feeling the same way, and especially after it was determined Fischer was the mole, Jane killed him immediately to eliminate the threat of him leaking any information about her. So, how much did he actually know? Oscar seemed worried when Jane was giving him a breakdown of her day, so it seems logical he knew of Fischer.

The tension of the episode picked up after Fischer died and we focused once again back on our team. Zapata now knows her apartment was bugged, and believes (correctly) it still is. Once her phone starts ringing, we’re all left wondering who at the CIA along with Carter knew about Orion and Jane. Since they’re still listening to Zapata, it seems highly likely they will try to draw her in. However, this time they don’t have anything on her, so the only reason she would spy on Jane is because she’s suspicious of Jane. This would make sense since clearly Reade and Mayfair are also suspicious. Trust, or, lack thereof, runs deep in this team. Reade helping Mayfair will only end badly since Weller so much wants to believe Jane is 100% on their side, and is not at all ok with Reade’s involvement with his sister. It definitely appears as though the rest of this season will be exploring the fracturing of our team as we currently know it.

Hopefully next week we learn a little more about Orion and who Oscar and Taylor are. So many questions about Jane which were brought up before the winter break have still gone unanswered, and almost forgotten, and it would be nice to get some answers on those soon. Once again, we were left with more questions after this episode than answers, so hopefully we get something more next week.

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