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BONES Review: Accomplishing the Impossible Sleepy Hollow Crossover

BY The Screen Spy Team

Published 8 years ago

BONES Review: Accomplishing the Impossible Sleepy Hollow Crossover

By Olga Kijāna

This week’s episode of Bones was both a trick and a treat, as Booth and Brennan were paired up with an FBI Agent Abbie Mills and Ichabod Crane, an 18th century British Army soldier, in a two-part Halloween crossover event with Sleepy Hollow.

Hailing from the world of the supernatural, Abbie and Ichabod challenged Brennan and Booth’s universe where scientific evidence is used to solve crimes in which humans do terrible things to other humans, which added much eccentricity to the investigation!

How did Abbie and Ichabod’s perspective challenge the team’s beliefs? Does collaboration between opposites produce better results, or perhaps there are more similarities between Booth and Brennan, and Abbie and Ichabod than they’d care to admit? And what are the consequences of raising someone from the dead?

This time, we were in for a very special Halloween ride.

A study in contrasts

The first part of the crossover, The Resurrection in the Remains, focused on the investigation into the murder of Sarah Lippmann, a 26-year-old medical student whose body was found next to the headless remains of an 18th century British “red coat” General William Howe. The latter attracted the attention of Abbie and Ichabod, who showed up at the Jeffersonian to get Howe’s body transported to Sleepy Hollow’s Historical Society. However, as the remains were part of an active investigation, the two teamed up with Booth and Brennan to help solve Sarah’s murder. As it turned out, ever since her little sister’s passing, Sarah became obsessed with death and the afterlife. She asked a fellow medical student to stop her heart and then ‘resurrect’ her, using Howe’s skull and a book of charms as ‘insurance’ that it would work out. Apparently, ‘meeting’ her sister on the other side was a life-changing experience for Sarah, and she encouraged her Catholic boyfriend to try the same in order to share her awe of the afterlife with him. However, having seen ‘nothing’ on the other side, Joel experienced a crisis of faith, snapped, and killed Sarah with Howe’s skull. Thus, while the near-death experience had taken away Sarah’s darkness, it pushed Joel into it.

In the second part of the crossover, Dead Men Tell No Tales, our favorite dynamic duos got reunited sooner than they’d expected after solving Sarah’s murder. Things got really spooky when on the way to the Sleepy Hollow Historical Society – AKA into Team Witness’ care –Howe was resurrected by Ichabod and Abbie’s nemesis Pandora. Raising the British Army from the dead on Pandora’s command, Howe planned to unleash them on Sleepy Hollow on All Hallow’s Eve, blending in with the crowds of festive residents and wiping them out. Examining the particulates in General Howe’s hand bones upon Ichabod’s request, Brennan determined that the soldier’s previous resting place was… George Washington’s tomb! As the four of them were exploring the tomb, Brennan and Ichabod almost got burned by Greek fire – the fire that could not be extinguished, or as we know it in modern terms, Napalm. As much as we’d have loved to see Abbie save them by solving the riddle on the other side of the wall, we are glad that Booth’s gun came to the much speedier rescue! This discovery gave Ichabod and Abbie an idea of how to fight Howell’s zombie army – lure them into the underground and burn them with Napalm – whereas Brennan got the Jeffersonian to declare Washington’s tomb as site of archaeological interest. No wonder, the presence of the Greek fire in Washington’s resting place posed some questions Abbie and Ichabod determined it best not to answer!

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