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BONES Review: Hard Feelings Take Center Stage

BY The Screen Spy Team

Published 8 years ago

BONES Review: Hard Feelings Take Center Stage
By Olga Kijāna

This week's Bones episode had it all - the remarkable Betty White as Dr. Beth Mayer, coy-wolves, fantasy football and... unexpected character death!

Breathe, Bones fans - the victim was actually Agent Andy in Brennan's new book, but a shocking reveal nevertheless. Those of us who love Kathy Reichs' Tempe Brennan series would certainly be devastated if (touch wood) it happened to Agent Ryan.

How did Booth deal with the loss of the character based on him? What was it like for the team to have the incredibly perceptive Dr. Mayer around? And why was Wells in particularly deplorable spirits?

It's time to recap the episode!

Dr. Mayer Will See You Now

It was wonderful to see Betty White guest star as Dr. Mayer, since it is not often that a character comes along who can really challenge Brennan both personally and professionally. Brennan saw her as a rival, but at the same time, we could not help wondering if she was a future version of Brennan herself – more experienced and perceptive, evolved in her awareness of other people’s issues and striving to help them. Moreover, Mayer seemed full of life and enthusiastic about working for years to come – perhaps she could relate to Brennan in terms of being bored without a constant challenge?

After her conversation with Mayer, Brennan changed her mind about killing off Agent Andy, suggesting to Booth that there are scenarios in which the character survived his seemingly fatal injury. However, instead of being relieved, Booth teased Brennan about the idea’s credibility and they launched into playful bickering about each other’s professional competence when it comes to gunshot wounds to the sternum. Curiously enough, he seemed to have reconciled with the idea of Agent Andy’s death and was more focused on Brennan not losing her integrity as a writer, which is one more reason to love their relationship.

We will have to wait for Brennan to write the next installment of her book to find out whether Agent Andy survives or not – in the meantime we are looking forward to more episodes.

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