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Bridgerton Season 1 Episode 2 Recap – Shock and Delight

BY Angela

Published 2 weeks ago

Bridgerton Season 1 Episode 2 Recap - Shock and Delight

Simon’s mother dies after finally giving birth to a son – something the Duke of Hastings has wanted her to do for so long. His father is more concerned about knowing whether the child is a boy or a girl than her mother’s condition.

As the queen is being bathed by her maids, she awaits the society papers to see what Lady Whistledown has to say about the previous night’s soiree. The author tells her reader that Daphne was seen dancing twice with Simon, making her famous again.

Simon leaves his mistress in bed to go and promenade with Daphne.

Lady Danbury and Violet are watching as Simon and Daphne seem to be having a good time. Lady Danbury tells Violet that Daphne needs to be prepared because the life of a Duchess is not easy.

Daphne tries to negotiate with Simon to go with her to eight balls and send her expensive flowers. She reminds him that no one can find out about their arrangement and what happened the previous night with Lord Berbrooke because if anyone knew about her being alone with a man and not to mention punching him, it would cause scandal.

At the Feathertingtons, Pen is curious about Marina’s condition and tries to ask her sisters about it. When their mother hears them talking about it, she tells them not to talk about it anymore. She turns to her husband and asks what they need to do, and her husband tells her there is no need to worry.

While walking, Penelope tells Eloise about knowing of someone who’s pregnant but is not married. Eloise tells her to find out how that happened so it will never happen because they have things to accomplish other than become wives and bear children, like attending university.

Eloise goes home and tries to ask her mother and her brothers about having a baby. Her mother tells her not to ask about those things and tells her sons not to encourage such inappropriate conversations. They are interrupted by Humbolt, who tells them that many callers have come for Daphne.

Anthony comes with Nigel, and they are both surprised by the number of callers in the house. Nigel gets disappointed by this, but Anthony assures him that he has everything under control. He asks him to leave for now, along with the other callers.

After everyone else has left, Anthony confronts Violet about accepting callers when Daphne is already engaged. Violet thinks the duke has already asked for her hand, so she asks Daphne. Daphne tells her that she is not involved. He tells them that he has promised Daphne to Nigel already and that it is a done deal. Violet gets enraged by this, and Daphne tells him he has many other choices. Anthony tells her that she has suitors, but she has only one proposal, which is from Nigel.

Violet insists that Daphne has charmed a duke, and that changes everything. Anthony tells them that the duke will not marry and that he’ll be preparing the contract for Nigel to marry Daphne. After he leaves, Violet comforts Daphne and tells her that Nigel will retreat once he knows that the duke is interested in Daphne.

Anthony comes to Simon and confronts him about ruining his arrangements with Nigel for Daphne. He tells him that Berbrooks is decent and that, unlike Simon, who’s a gambler and a womanizer. Anthony insists that Daphne is his sister and that family comes first, always.

A flashback tells that Simon had difficulty speaking when he was still a child, and his father hated him for it. His father tells him that the Hasting line shouldn’t land on him because he is an idiot. He orders Simon to be banished because he is dead to him.

Penelope brings some sweets to Marina and asks about her situation. Marina tells her that the father of her child is Sir George Crane, who is in Spain, fighting with Wellington. She tells Pen that he has continued to write and that her condition was brought about by love.

The queen is displeased because nothing is entertaining about the season yet. She writes a letter of invitation to Violet, asking her to come and have tea at the palace.

Another flashback shows that Lady Danbury came to Simon’s rescue when his father had not given him any attention. She says that she is his mother’s closest friend and that she will help him with his stammers. She took him under her wing.

At that night’s ball, Daphne tells Simon that he should go with her on eight balls and a picnic so that they can fan the flame of their charade. After a dance with Daphne, Simon gets confronted by Anthony. However, before they can continue speaking, Nigel tells Anthony that he will happily restate his intentions to Daphne if need be and that he counts on him to handle the misunderstanding because he would like to avoid any embarrassment.

Anthony tells Nigel that he will take care of the matter. Nigel assures him that he will do the best for Daphne, but Simon then reveals to Anthony that Nigel attempted something the previous night, causing Daphne to punch him in the face; hence the black eye he is sporting. Anthony gets enraged and tells Nigel that he should never speak to Daphne again, not as much as look in her direction.

Daphne sees the commotion and asks Simon about it. He tells her that he told Anthony about what happened to help with her current situation. Daphne tells him she can speak for herself and that he didn’t help but only underestimated Nigel’s entitlement.

Later that night, Nigel follows Simon as he walks alone. He confronts him and tells him that what happened the previous night was a temporary lack of judgment. Simon tells him to leave him alone, but Nigel continues to talk to him, saying that he doesn’t need Daphne because he is already a duke. He accuses him of already having Daphne and tells him that if she is a damaged good, he must say to him. This enrages Simon, so he orders Nigel not to question the lady’s honor.

Simon tells him that he does not deserve to breathe the same air as Daphne. However, Nigel tells him that he doesn’t deserve her either, and he knows of the story of Simon’s father. This angers Simon, who gives him a beating.

Another flashback shows how Lady Danbury tried to present Simon to his father. Simon seemed to be speaking well without stammer until his father paid much attention to him. He starts to struggle again, and his father tells him that he is his worst failure and that he is as useless as his mother.

Lady Whistledown tells her readers she is curious as to why Daphne would even bother with a baron when she has charmed a duke.

The following day, Eloise tries to get more information about the pregnant woman she talked about before. Penelope tells her there might be a happy ending because her lover might come and marry her. Eloise, however, tells her that marriage is the worst because once a woman gets married, her life is over.

Anthony apologizes to Daphne for what Berbrooke has done and tells her that he could have helped her if she allowed him to. Daphne tells him she wasn’t sure she’d believe her. Simon comes, and Daphne asks him to promenade with her so the other men will see them. Daphne tells him that she is still in need of a husband and that she wishes to marry for love, so whether he is the marrying type or not is out of the question.

A badly beaten-up Nigel angrily approaches Anthony and shows him a special license to marry he obtained himself. Anthony tells him the arrangement is canceled, but Nigel threatens to tell everyone about what happened in Vauxhall if he is not to be married to Daphne.

On the way home, Anthony contemplates a duel with Berbrooke, but Violet and Daphne disagree with him. Daphne tells them that the only choice she has is to marry Nigel.

Daphne throws all the flowers her callers have given her in disappointment. Violet comes and sits with Daphne in bed. She tells her that a partner is not the only thing important in a marriage, but it is the thought of having a house, a family, and children. Daphne tells her she wants to have a love as beautiful as hers and his father’s, and Violet tells her she wants the same for her.

Eloise smokes in hiding, but Benedict catches her. However, instead of chastising Eloise, he joins her. She tells him she wants more in life than preparing for balls like what Daphne is doing, and Benedict tells her she is not alone in that thought.

The next day, Violet is due to have tea with the queen. She comes to the palace, and the queen tells her that when she extends someone a favor, she expects them to make good on it. She says she is predicting a great future for Daphne, with someone like a duke. She implies that the whole Bridgerton family will benefit from such a pairing.

After her tea with the queen, Violet plans to invite Lady Berbrooke to their house.

Lady Berbrooke comes to have tea with Daphne and Violet. She fawns over Nigel and tells them he is perfect and that he has sent away many debutants already. In the kitchen, Rose, one of Bridgerton’s maids, tries to coax out information from Berbrooke’s maid.

When Lady Berbrooke leaves, Violet excitedly asks Rose about what she found out about Nigel. Rose tells her that Nigel has a child with one of their maids, for whom he has refused to provide. Violet and her maids go out to spread the news about Nigel in the hopes of damaging his reputation enough to get rid of him.

True enough, Lady Whistledown picks up on the gossip, and Berbrooke leaves town at once. Anthony tells his mother about this and says he thinks she has something to do with it. He promises that he will do things differently from there. Violet tells him he might not have to do so in the future because she is already capable of handling family matters if Daphne gets betrothed.

Eloise talks to Daphne about marriage and children, particularly her fear of giving birth, having witnessed how Violet gave screamed as she gave birth. Daphne tells her she’s frightened too, but she believes it is worth all the trouble. Eloise then tells her that it must be taxing to pretend all the time.

At yet another ball, Daphne dances with Simon as she tells him he shouldn’t have lost his temper on Nigel. She tells him that what they’re doing is more than a ruse now, she tells him that she is taking charge of her life from that point on, so if Simon is not serious about helping her, he should tell her at once. Simon means that he would agree with her only if she starts calling him by his name. She agrees and tells him that she wishes to find a husband so she can have children.

After dancing with Simon, Daphne dances with several other gentlemen. Lady Danbury tells Simon that he and Daphne make a good pair and asks what’s bothering him.

A flashback shows Simon making a promise on his father’s deathbed that the Hastings line will end with him because he will never marry and will not sire an heir.

Our Thoughts

Until the last flashback, we don’t understand why there would be any problem between Simon and Daphne. We thought they would just fall in love with each other and that Simon would disregard his plan not to marry. However, now that we know that his drive not to marry is something that has to do with his father and his past, we think this might be more complicated than we thought. This episode tells us how Simon became who he was, thanks to Lady Danbury. It is no surprise that Simon cares deeply for the woman.

We love that Eloise represents a certain type of woman, one that does not think marriage is the end-all and be-all of being a woman, to which lots of women will be able to relate. Of course, we understand her frustration about the courting season – seeing that her sister was almost married off to a man of Nigel’s caliber is something that will frighten anyone.

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