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Bridgerton Season 1 Episode 6 Recap – Swish

BY Angela

Published 11 months ago

Bridgerton Season 1 Episode 6 Recap - Swish

Simon and Daphne arrive at Clyvedon. Mrs. Colson, the housekeeper, eagerly welcomes them and tells them she has plans to make them comfortable, including a meal and a tour of the household. Simon tells her those plans must wait because he has other plans with his new wife.

Back in Grosvenor Square, Colin announces he has asked for Marina’s hand in marriage, and she has accepted. It surprises everyone, including Penelope, Violet, and Anthony. Anthony asks Violet if she knows anything about the arrangement. She responds with a feigned smile and tells Anthony that people are looking, so he should also congratulate the couple.

Back at their house, Anthony confronts Colin for making such a hasty decision without consulting him or their mother. Colin tells him he‘s marrying for love and doesn’t need Anthony’s permission to do so.

In Clyvedon, Daphne gets out of bed to familiarize herself with her new duties as a duchess, despite Simon begging her to stay in. Jeffries, Simon’s butler, comes into the room shortly. He tells Simon that urgent things need the duke’s attention, so he prepared the study for him to work.

Mrs. Colson gives Daphne a castle tour and tells her that she has arranged for her to attend the upcoming village fair. Daphne thanks her and asks her to give the staff some time off. Mrs. Colson initially disapproves of it but later concedes.

At dinner, Simon and Daphne get disapproving looks from Mrs. Colson and the staff when Daphne sits near Simon’s end of the table. Daphne tells Simon she wants to redecorate some rooms in the castle but wants his approval first, should he want to preserve some things as they are. Simon tells her she can do whatever she wants, as he does not have many fond memories there. He also tells her she doesn’t need to dress formally there and removes her gloves. He starts kissing her hands. Daphne tells him they must go upstairs, but he tells her he has a better idea and leads her outdoors.

It starts to rain as they start kissing and making love. As usual, Simon withdraws before he can release inside of Daphne. She gets curious and asks if withdrawing is painful, thinking it‘s really how it should be. Simon tells her he feels wonderful, and they continue to make love. They make love everywhere, even in the library, where the staff can hear them behind closed doors.

Daphne tells Rose that she’s glad Simon’s inability to have children doesn’t hinder him from making love passionately.

Back in London, Colin’s engagement gets into the latest Whistledown papers. He apologizes to Violet. Violet tells him she was just not expecting that she’ll have to marry off another one of her offspring so soon. He tells her she will still have her hands full, especially with Eloise.

At the Featherington’s, Penelope tells Marina that she disapproves of her marrying Colin despite not telling him the truth. Marina begs her to understand the situation.

Violet and Eloise visit Madam Delacroix so that Eloise can get fitted with a new dress. Portia and Marina come for Marina’s wedding dress. Portia tells Violet they should have dinner soon. Madam Delacroix tells them they should settle their account before she can make them more dresses. She suggests they find another tailoress across town. Marina speaks in French and tells Madam Delacroix that she knows she‘s just pretending to be French and threatens to reveal her to the ton should she not give them what they want. Madam Delacroix is left with no choice.

At the village, Daphne gets to judge a contest involving three pigs. When she asks what the prize for the winner will be, she‘s told it‘s slaughter. Knowing such, she tells the people that all three pigs have won so that none of them will be slaughtered. A farmer approaches Simon and tells him their rent has tripled, so they are struggling to put food on their table. Daphne assures the farmer they will look into it. A crying child named Ada rushes to Daphne. She comforts her by carrying and comforting her with a hug.

On their way back to the castle, Daphne asks Simon what they can do about the farmer’s rent. Simon tells her he should have returned earlier to care for such matters. He didn‘t expect his absence would cause so much harm to the townspeople. Daphne also tells him that she hopes Simon is okay seeing her with Ada, thinking he must have been sad that they cannot have their children. Simon tells her otherwise. Daphne tells him he doesn‘t need to worry because her brothers and sisters will soon bear their children, and they will be busy being aunt and uncle. Simon tells her he’s thrilled that Daphe is okay with them just being them – no children.

Before going to the Bridgerton’s, Marina presents herself to the Featheringtons. Portia tells her she will raise the idea of a swift marriage over dinner, but Penelope laughs at their plan. She tells them they cannot fool Violet. At dinner, Portia tells Colin should marry Marina sooner than later if he wants to take advantage of the good weather for his tours. Anthony interjects and tells them that Colin is very young, so they prefer a  lengthy engagement.

While Prudence and Philippa are entertaining them after dinner, Colin excuses himself. Penelope follows him and tells him he should not marry Marina because she is in love with another man, Sir George Crane. Colin tells her he doesn‘t care if Marina has been in love with another man before they met. He assures her that he and Marina has an understanding. Marina sees them talking and tells Pen that her mother is asking for her.

Marina tells Colin she‘s rather sad because nobody seems to like her. She tells him that her father despises her, the Featheringtons cannot wait to get rid of her, and the Bridgertons don’t like her either, seeing that they‘re not that enthusiastic for them to get married, having asked for a long engagement.

Colin tells her they can elope to Gretna Green, where they can get married in a matter of days. He tells her he just needs a day to arrange everything. Marina agrees and tells him she loves the plan.

At Clyvedon, Daphne awakens without Simon by her side. He looks for him and passes by the nursery in doing so. She closes the door to the nursery and moves on. She finds him at the study and asks him to have breakfast with her, but he is preoccupied with estate matters. She tells him she also has plans for the day, but he doesn’t pay attention. She walks away quietly.

Daphne and Rose gather flowers for gift baskets they will give to the townspeople. Mrs. Colson finds them and tells them she could have arranged for a gardener to pick the flowers for them. She tells Daphne she will take care of everything if she tells her what needs to be done. After Mrs. Colson leaves, Daphne tells Rose that Mrs. Colson despises her. Rose tells her she doesn‘t need to worry — Mrs. Colson hates everyone.

The townspeople avoid Daphne’s presence and refuse to accept her gifts. Frustrated, she turns to Rose who tells her she doesn‘t think anything is amiss. Ada comes running towards Daphne. The little girl hugs her while Daphne asks her mother if she’d like a basket from Clyvedon. Ada’s mother tells her she’d gladly take one if she can carry it, but she has her hands full. Daphne insists on walking home with her and takes the opportunity to ask her if she did anything to offend the townspeople. She tells her it was the pigs. She explains that the winner of the pig contest is supposed to supply pork to Clyvedon for a year, but when she didn‘t choose a winner, no farmer won the contract, and the income came with it. Daphne tells her she thought not choosing a winner was the best outcome for everyone. She tells her she will correct her mistake at once.

Upon arriving at the castle, Daphne asks Mrs. Colson to have tea. Mrs. Colson tells her about the late duke and duchess’ marriage and how it was strained. She tells her that Simon grew up alone at Clyvedon and didn‘t have an easy childhood.

At the Feathrington’s, Penelope tells Marina that the last letter she received from Sir George was a forgery by Portia. Marina tells her it doesn‘t change anything. Pen asks her why her bags are packed and suspects she will go to Gretna Green. She asks further what she plans to do when Colin discovers the child is not his. Marina tells her she counts on Colin as a kind man who won‘t leave her in the streets should he find out the truth. It angers Penelope and asks her what that would make of Colin. Marina realizes Penelope loves Colin, but Penelope doesn‘t admit to it. Still, this doesn‘t stop Marina from telling Penelope that Colin sees her as he sees Eloise and maybe even as he sees Hyacinth, but Colin sees herself as a woman and wife.

Meanwhile, at Clyvedon, Daphne goes into Simon’s study to check on him because he has been working late. Simon makes love to Daphne but withdraws again. Daphne gets curious and goes to the servants’ quarters to ask Rose about how a woman gets pregnant. She tells Rose she needs to explain it to her precisely because her mother didn‘t tell her anything. Rose tells her, and somehow, Daphne discovers that Simon has been fooling her all along.

At dinner, Simon talks to Daphne, but she does not hear anything, disappointed that he has been making a fool of her from the start. Later that night, Simon tries to make love to her again, but Daphne pretends to be asleep.

The following night, Simon makes love with Daphne again, but this time, Daphne gets on top of him and doesn‘t back off when he‘s about to come. Simon comes inside her, and they stop. Daphne walks away, but Simon asks her about what she’s done. Daphne tells him that being unable to bear children and not wanting to have children are entirely different things. She says that Simon took advantage of her, knowing she doesn‘t know much about lovemaking. She accuses him of taking away her dream, but Simon tells her he was prepared to die in the dueling field, so he won‘t take away her dream, but she insisted they be married. She tells him he doesn‘t love her because he doesn‘t know the meaning of love. If he loved her, he wouldn‘t have lied.

In London, Eloise gets surprised when she sees Penelope coming towards her, knowing they haven‘t been talking for quite a while already. As Pen comes nearer, she sobs heavily. Eloise comes and hugs her.

The next morning, the town gets swept by a scandal. Lady Whistledown writes that Marina Thompson is pregnant, and she has been ever since she came to London.

Our Thoughts

This episode really made us angry. First, we got confirmation that Daphne and Simon had a huge misunderstanding. Things as big as such can really damage their brand-new marriage. It certainly is confusing, as we knew from the start that Simon could not have children, but as Daphne said, cannot and will not are two different things that entirely change everything. So yes, we get why Daphne did what she did, but it‘s not to say that what she did was correct. If we think about it, what she did was out of line and disrespectful to Simon’s consent — clearly wrong, no matter the situation.

Speaking of wrong things, we are sad that Colin’s heart gets broken, but we are happy that he dodged a bullet. Obviously, someone who will go as far as rush a guy into marriage without telling the truth doesn‘t know love at all and certainly doesn‘t deserve a man like Colin. Marina got what she deserved. She is manipulative and evil in the very sense of the words.

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