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Cobra Kai Season 2 Episode 2 Recap – Back in Black


Published 1 year ago

Cobra Kai Season 2 Episode 2 Recap - Back in Black

[00:00:30] Johnny has his Challenger upgraded with a new coat of paint. He goes with a  black and yellow combo and has the manufacturer logo replaced with a cobra. He sports a Cobra Kai license plate which gives his car a very cool look. It was a waste of money but to the victor goes the spoils. Meanwhile, Robby is sleeping when someone’s voice awakens him. He sees a man standing in the doorway of their apartment. He thinks the man is a burglar, so he charges at him and kicks him in the face. Shannon opens the light and tells Robby that she’s with Ricky. She‘s just getting some of her stuff because they‘re flying to Mexico for the weekend. Robby is worried about the rent, but Shannon isn’t worried. She tells Robby that Ricky is paying rent.

[00:03:30] Robby goes back to the dojo to train for the summer. He‘s furious at his mother‘s behavior and vents his anger on a punching bag. Sam arrives at the dojo and receives a call from Aisha. She answers the phone, but it isn’t Aisha; it‘s Miguel. He apologizes to Sam and asks her to take him back, but Sam says things won’t be easy. Miguel begs Sam to give him a chance, but Sam doesn’t want to talk yet. She ends the call and trains with Robby. It‘s the first day of training for Miyagi-Do, so Daniel introduces the wheel technique to Robby and Sam.

[00:06:30] Cobra Kai is also accepting new students. While the students wait for Johnny to introduce himself, Kreese walks into the dojo. He sees the new students in line and is surprised at how pathetic they look. Johnny exits his office and tells Kreese that he‘s supposed to come the next day, but Kreese doesn’t care. He wants to take Cobra Kai back, and he’s not wasting time. Meanwhile, the wheel technique isn’t working out for Robby and Sam. They aren’t in sync, but Daniel wants them to master the technique so they can be unstoppable. Amanda messages Daniel about an emergency at work, so he must go there. He tells them to continue working on the technique until he returns.

[00:09:00] Johnny introduces Kreese to the class as an observer. He calls on Miguel to warm everyone up, but they mess around. Johnny isn’t happy that his students are messing around in front of Kreese. Johnny really wants to win his approval, and being easy on his students isn’t the way. He dismisses the class and tells everyone to show up the next morning, or they‘re off the team. Meanwhile, Daniel is stuck at work. Tom Cole poached their clients, so they must sell more cars — ten cars to be exact — to meet the monthly quota. Daniel tells Amanda to call their assistant so he can get his suit. He plans to sell ten cars within the day to return to teaching karate.

[00:13:00] Amanda and Daniel come through. They sold ten cars using their skills and Daniel’s fame as a Karate champion. Daniel can now return to Miyagi-Do. He’s worried he won’t be a good Karate teacher than he is a salesman. Amanda tells him that he just needs to be himself. While looking at the garage, he sees one of his employees changing a wheel on a car. He notices something strange with the wheel and gets his idea of getting Sam and Robby to master the wheel technique.

[00:14:30] The next day, Cobra Kais go to a construction site. Kreese and Johnny are having the cobras mix cement. Kreese tells Johnny that the kids won’t learn to be tough by mixing cement. They need something to fear. Johnny assures Kreese that the kids will learn to fear cement as a cement mixer arrives. Johnny borrowed a cement mixer from his friend, Cutter. Cutter realizes Johnny is working with kids. He‘s worried that the police will catch them. Johnny assures Cutter that he has everything under control.

[00:16:00] The next day, Robby is looking for something to eat when the power in the apartment goes off. He knows the bills aren’t paid, so he just goes to the dojo to train. Sam is working on the wheel technique, but Robby doesn’t want to bother with it. He thinks it‘s just a stupid dance. Daniel removes a couple of bonsais from the wooden table floating in the pond at the dojo. He tells Robby and Sam to get up on the table and balance themselves on the pond. Things are going smoothly, but Robby loses balance and falls into the pond. Sam also loses her balance without Robby and ends up in the pond. Daniel tells them they will master the technique on the table as they will sense what each other is doing.

[00:19:00] Cobra Kai is back at the construction site for phase two of their training. Johnny tells everyone to get inside the cement mixer and start mixing the cement before it hardens. The students are afraid because getting inside the cement mixer is dangerous. Johnny doesn’t care. He lowers the ladder and tells them to go inside. The students refuse. Kreese steps in and tells them he is Johnny’s sensei. He tells them they’re a bunch of pussies and they‘re nothing without Johnny. Kreese reminds everyone that they can’t be a bunch of pussies forever. Miguel and Hawk enter the mixer first, but they can’t get it moving. It needs the whole team to work together.

[00:21:30] Robby and Sam continue their wheel technique training while Cobra Kai seniors hop in the cement mixer to get things rolling. It‘s a difficult start for both dojos but everyone gets things done from their end. Robby and Sam find balance and sync, while the Cobra Kais find resilience and toughness. Both dojos are on their way to becoming formidable teams hoping to beat each other at the next tournament.

[00:24:00] Both dojos complete the first week of training successfully. Johnny reminds his students that they cannot tell their parents what happened during training. Meanwhile, Robby apologizes to Sam for being a jerk. He explains things aren’t going okay at home. Robby leaves. Sam goes to Daniel to ask him about Robby’s home life. Robby is living alone. He can’t pay the bills to get the electricity back without any money. He‘s about to eat a bowl of oats in total darkness when he hears a knock on the door — Daniel. He comes over to check on Robby. Shannon hasn’t returned, so Daniel offers Robby to stay with them.

[00:26:30] Amanda can’t believe Robby is living on his own. Daniel wants Robby to stay with them, but she wants Daniel to talk to Robby’s parents first. Shannon isn’t reachable, so Amanda reminds Daniel that Robby has a father. Meanwhile, Miguel goes to Johnny’s apartment to drop off some food for him. He sees Robby’s old picture on Johnny’s fridge. He‘s curious why Johnny has a picture of Robby. It won’t take long for him to realize that Robby is Johnny’s son.

[00:28:30] Johnny and Kreese grab some beers at the convenience store. They are returning to the dojo when they come face-to-face with Daniel. Daniel goes over to talk to Johnny about Robby, but he doesn’t tell him anything when he sees Kreese. Johhny told Daniel and the committee that Kreese was dead, but he‘s still alive. Daniel thinks Kreese and Johnny are friends. They look like they are friends because they are drinking beer together. Kreese tells Daniel that Johnny will take Cobra Kai to new heights. Daniel assures Johnny that he’ll be there to stop them.

[00:30:00] Daniel leaves the strip mall with a vengeance in his eyes. He doesn’t want to go against Cobra Kai, but Kreees’s return makes all the difference in the world. He can’t have Kreese and Johnny training a new generation of bullies that will end up like them.

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