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Bridgerton Season 1 Episode 7 Recap – Oceans Apart

BY Angela

Published 11 months ago

Bridgerton Season 1 Episode 7 Recap - Oceans Apart

Daphne and Simon continue not to talk to each other after what happened. Daphne wishes to move out of their bedroom, but Simon opposes it because he wants to be updated about Daphne’s condition – he wants to know if she is expecting a baby. Daphne tells him she does not think of keeping such an important thing a secret from him.

Rose gives Daphne a copy of the latest Whistledown. Upon reading it, she orders Rose to pack right away. Simon asks, and she says that her brother is involved in a scandal and that she must return to London. Simon insists that he accompanies her, but Dahne tells him he does not need to come because it is a family matter. He tells her that he will not let her out of his sight until he knows if she is pregnant or not.

In London, Violet brings Eloise to the modiste again in preparation for her debut. Eloise tells Violet they should delay her debut because the scandal involving Colin might tarnish her reputation, and Violet dismisses her and tells her that everything will be alright. Eloise tells Violet that Penelope and her sisters are forever damaged because of Marina. Eloise blames Whisteldown but comes up with the idea that if she can destroy a reputation, she can restore one too. Madam Delacroix tells her she doesn’t want to cross the author because her word is as good as gospel.

Portia brings Marina to an orphanage in the hopes of finding a home for her child. Unfortunately, the orphanage requires a sizable donation before taking in another child.

Daphne and Simon arrive in London. Daphne alights the carriage and tells Simon not to go with her because they are not going to find out whether she is pregnant or not in the next hour.

In the Bridgerton House, Colin asks Violet, Anthony, and Benedict permission to see Marina when Daphne walks in. They all are surprised to see her because it is still her honeymoon. Anthony looks for Simon, and Daphne tells him he’s setting up Hastings House. Anthony tells her they can take care of themselves and do not need her assistance. However, Violet tells him that Daphne might be the answer to their problems because if the ton knows that their family still has the favor of the duke and the duchess, the people might stop talking about them.

Daphne tells them she’ll secure an invitation to the upcoming luncheon hosted by the queen in the hopes that their presence will be everything the ton will talk about, and they’ll eventually forget what happened to Colin. Colin walks out.

Daphne comes into Colin’s room and tells him he is lucky to have discovered Marina’s secret before they got married instead of after. Colin asks her if something happened in Clyvedon. She does not answer the question but tells him that if he wants to see Marina, she can arrange a chaperoned rendezvous.

In the Hastings House, Daphne is yet to sleep. She gets out of bed and opens her door ever so slightly to peek when she hears that Simon has already come home. Simon sees her, and she comes out to tell him that they should attend the queen’s luncheon to signal their support for Colin. Simon agrees and starts walking toward his room. Daphne asks where he has been and tells her he thinks she does not care where he goes anymore. Daphne accuses him of being with another woman, and Simon tells her that it hurts him to believe that Daphne accuses her of being unfaithful merely three weeks after they got married. She tells him it is not impossible since he believes there is nothing left in their marriage. Simon gets closer to Daphne as he asks him if that’s what she truly believes.

They kiss and end up having oral sex in the stairs. Daphne asks him if they should go into the bedroom to finish what they started. Simon backs off, and Daphne asks him what will become of them in the future. Simon tells him that if she is pregnant, he will stay and do his duty to support her and their child. However, they will remain married only in name if she’s not pregnant. He assures Daphne that she will be provided for, as a duchess should be, but he will not be seeing her anymore and their lives will entirely be separate.

The following day, Daphne arranges the rendezvous she promised to Colin. Marina comes, and Colin asks her to tell him that Whistledown is mistaken. Marina tells him otherwise and admits to being pregnant. Colin tells her that she is cruel for lying to him and deceiving him. Marina tells him that she did not know better because no one guided her and truly helped her with her situation and that she was left with no choice. She tells him she just did what she did because she needed to be married, and Colin was the only man who offered her hope. This angers Colin, and he asks her if he is supposed to feel lucky that she chose him to be the subject of her trickery and deception. Before Colin leaves, he tells Marina that the worst part is that he will marry her despite her situation if she just told him about it because that is how in love he thinks he is with her.

At the queen’s luncheon, the queen approaches Simon and Daphne and tells them that she wagered 100 guineas on there being a Hastings heir within the year. She asks if Daphne is already pregnant, and Simon tells the queen that they are certainly devoting all their energies to having a child, so she will soon be satisfied. The queen leaves. Daphne tells Simon that he lies naturally, while he tells her that he has learned from the best. Violet overhears this.

Eloise gets summoned by the queen to ask for an update on the task she has given her – finding out Whistledown’s real identity. Eloise tells her that she is doing everything to discover who the author is. The queen tells her that she is not acting fast enough and that her patience has limits. She commands Eloise to get her an answer.

Lady Danbury approaches Simon and Daphne and tells them their plan is working because she has not heard anything about Colin yet. She also invites Daphne into a special soiree with all the married ladies of the ton, in which she is the newest member.

The Featheringtons arrive, and the queen’s smile fades. People murmur as they talk about the audacity of the Featheringtons to come to such gathering after trying to trick Colin. Eloise pulls Pen away swiftly and talks to her in private. She asks how she has been, and Pen tells her they have not had any caller for three days already. Pen asks Eloise about Colin, and Eloise assures her that he will be okay. Eloise tells her that Lady Whistledown has gone too far and that when they find out who she is, they will ask her to publish a retraction so that the Featherington reputation will be restored.

Portia approaches Violet and tries to explain that they were fooled by Marina and that she didn’t know she was pregnant. Violet turns her back on her without saying a word. The queen’s butler asks Portia to leave because they have been uninvited. Eloise silently cries as she watches Pen and her family leave.

Daphne walks away from the crowd and into a secluded area in the garden. Violet follows her and asks her what is troubling her. Daphne tells Violet that she sent her out in the world without preparing her for the intimate details of marriage and blames her for her current situation. She is about to say more when she sees Lady Danbury nearby. Daphne walks away.

At the Featherington’s, Portia confronts Archibald for what happened to them at the luncheon. She tells him that if not for his gambling, they would have gotten rid of Marina, and none of that would have happened. They get interrupted when the maid tells Portia that Daphne is there to see her. Portia talks to Daphne and learns she is there to talk to Marina privately.

Marina apologizes to Daphne for what she’s done with Colin. Daphne tells her that she came to apologize to her for judging her and that she understands what Marina had to do. Marina opens up and tells Daphne about George. Daphne inquires about Sir George’s surname and offers to help Marina find him. She tells Marina that she heard General Langham and his wife are in London and that she can talk to them to ask for help to locate Sir George. Marina tells her it will be no use because he does not want to be with her. Daphne tells her that what happened is Sir George’s fault and that Marina should not let him get away with it and that maybe she can ask him to come back and take responsibility. Marina asks Daphne if she can make that happen, and Daphne gives her assurance.

While walking around town, Archibald sees a poster of an upcoming fight between Will Mondrich and Ray Pearson. He sees Will and makes an offer – Will is to lose in the fight, and Archibald is to bet on his opponent with a substantial amount that even half of his winnings will set Will and his family up for life. Will tells him that his honor is not for sale. Archibald tells him that his father won’t be proud to learn that his son is stumbling on the ring to put food on his table. This angers Will that he brings Archibald up against the wall. Archibald apologizes and tells him he is only doing what he’s doing for his family. He leaves his card and tells Will to think of it – one simple arrangement can both solve their problems.

At Lady Danbury’s soiree, Daphne gets introduced to Mrs. Langham and Mrs. Granville. Lady Danbury teaches her how to play the betting game. Daphne seems to have beginner’s luck because she wins again and again. She takes the opportunity to ask Mrs. Langham for her husband’s help in finding a soldier. Mrs. Langham tells her where she can write her husband.

Anthony finds Simon drinking alone at the bar and confronts him for making a considerable error with his sister. He says that he knows his sister and that while she is quite capable, she is not capable of messing up that severely. They hurl insult after insult to one another and end up in a fistfight.

Daphne comes home from Lady Danbury’s soiree and passes by Simon’s open door. She sees him tending to his wounds. He lies and tells her that he got the wounds from practicing with Will. She comes and helps him clean his wounds. They end up kissing. Daphne asks him why he would not open up to her. She tells him that a child will be a blessing. They untangle from each other, and Daphne begs him to tell her why he’s so opposed to having children.

Simon finally tells her that he made a vow at his father’s deathbed never to sire an heir as revenge for the cruel treatment his father has given him all his life. He explains that his father cared for the continuity of the Hastings line more than anything else, and to get back at him, he swore that the line would die with him. Daphne tells him that if his hatred for his father outweighs his affection for her, it cannot be undone. She tells him that her courses are due in the next few days and that they shall soon find out if they will be miserable together or perfectly happy apart.

The following day, Daphne writes a letter to the general and asks Rose to get it delivered. Will contemplates making a deal with Lord Featherington. The queen becomes disappointed that the latest Whisteledown didn’t mention her luncheon but focused on the duke and duchess’ secluded life instead.

Simon and Daphne continue to ignore each other. Simon started eating in the library alone while Daphne is yet to have her period.

Eloise tells Penelope about her theory on Lady Whistledown’s identity. She tells her that she should be a tradesperson who visits the Featherington household regularly because she would not have known about Marina’s situation if she did not frequent the household. Pen tells her that she should say to the queen that night, at the concert. This confuses Eloise because the concert is meant only for people out in society already, but Pen tells her that Violet will surely allow her to go.

Daphne enthusiastically tells Marina that she has written to the general. Marina tells her that the general will not write back to her because her letter is not signed by the duke. She accuses Daphne of being unworldly. She also thanks her but tells her there is nothing more she can do.

Anthony apologizes to Colin and tells him that the pain will soon pass. He assures him that he has the love of his family and the honor of his actions.

Violet tells Eloise that she was surprised to hear that she wishes to join them in the concert. Violet tells Eloise that if she is not ready for her debut, she will force her to come out next season.

Daphne holds her belly as she looks at her reflection in the mirror. Simon sees her, and she removes her hand from where it is. They proceed to the concert.

Before the concert begins, Benedict sees Henry eyeing Wetherby again. He asks to speak with Henry privately and tells him he wishes to understand Henry’s situation. Henry tells him he is in love with Wetherby and explains that his marriage affords his wife freedom and protection and assures him that their union is happier than most people in the hall because of this. Henry tells him it takes courage to live in a way society does not expect. He tells Benedict that all he does is talk about doing the same, but he does not act on it.

Eloise goes to the queen’s box and tells her that her latest theory is that Lady Whistledown is a tradesperson. The queen does not seem pleased with this information and tells Eloise that she hired a group of Bow Street Runners to do a proper investigation. She further explains that Lady Whistledown will be made to pay for her impertinence. Eloise shudders at the thought that the queen wants to silence Lady Whistledown. She tells the queen that it is still good she must do. The queen scoffs and tells her to go.

Having finished her business with the queen, Eloise longs to go. She asks Benedict how long the concert lasts. He tells her that the show goes on for 3-4 hours, but he thinks he has heard enough. Eloise tells him that he is her favorite brother, and they go home together.

On their carriage, Anthony tells their coachman to make a stop because he is picking up a friend. This surprises Eloise because she does not know of any of his friends. He begs her not to tell their mother. They stop at the modiste, and Eloise asks him what they are doing there. To her surprise, Genevieve Delacroix boards the carriage. Benedict introduces Eloise to her and tells Genevieve they will drop her off at home. They endure an awkward silence until Genevieve asks Eloise about her day. Eloise tells her that it was horrible and boring. She says that the entire ton was at the concert, yet she did not have a worthwhile exchange. Genevieve laughs and tells her that the entire ton was there except for the Featheringtons. This remark makes Eloise think back on her theory about Lady Whistledown, and she suspects Madam Delacroix might be Lady Wisthledown herself.

Meanwhile, Marina makes a concoction using herbs and spices she found in the pantry and drinks it. Penelope finds Marina passed out in her room and calls for help.

At the concert, Anthony sees Siena with another man. Violet looks at Daphne and Simon from their box. Simon holds Daphne’s hand, and Daphne lets out a small smile. Daphne feels something and excuses herself to go to the restroom. Violet sees this and follows Daphne. Daphne discovers that her period has come. She is not pregnant, and she sobs heavily. Violet comes to her rescue and hugs her. Simon hears her cry.

Our Thoughts

Oh, when we thought things were going to get better for Simon and Daphne again, her period came and changed everything. Honestly, we cannot say if this was for better or worse. We’d say that Daphne blaming Violet was not something we expected, but if you think of it, she is not wrong. If she’d known what was it like to make love, then she wouldn’t have been fooled. This is why we respect her for trying to make things right for Marina – she sees herself in Marina and wants to help a sister out.

Benedict’s relationship with Madam Delacroix also surprises us because we thought it was a one-off thing. What might the other Bridgertons say about the matter? We shall find out.

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