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Lucifer Season 3 Episode 16 Recap – Infernal Guinea Pig


Published 12 months ago

Lucifer Season 3 Episode 16 Recap - Infernal Guinea Pig

[00:00:50] Lucifer shows his idea to Cain. He tells him he got the mark because he killed his brother, Abel. He wants to reverse history by retrieving Abel’s soul from hell and reviving him. Cain can’t believe Abel is in hell. Lucifer tells him he’s the oldest tenant in hell. Cain understands Lucifer’s plan and wants to go forward with it. Lucifer tells him the ground rules of reviving dead people. They can only place Abel’s soul in someone who died recently. Cain wants to know how they will find someone who’s about to die or died recently. Chloe solves that issue for them when she tells them an explosion happened somewhere in LA, and one of the survivors is in critical condition, on the way to the hospital.

[00:03:30] Chloe asks Lucifer if he‘ll come with her to the crime scene, but Marcus tells her Lucifer will accompany him to the survivor for questioning purposes. Chloe arrives at the crime scene and interviews Alexa Lee. She was the target of the bomb mail, but it was her assistant who received and opened the package. Bree Garland is in the ICU, fighting for her life. Lucifer tells Cain that Bree isn’t the right candidate because she is too young. Cain agrees and tries to look for a different candidate. They find a dying man beside Bree — the perfect candidate. But just as Lucifer picks Abel from hell, Bree dies. Lucifer returns right after Bree dies; Abel ends up in her body. Abel wakes up and uses Bree’s body to leave the hospital.

[00:08:00] Lucifer and Cain wait for the old man to wake up, but he doesn’t. They realize what happened. Bree is gone. They try to find Abel in the hospital, but he isn’t there. Lucifer has an idea of who will know where Abel is. Chloe and Dan work on the Alexa case. They find that Alexa has a lot of enemies and hate mail. One of the letters blatantly tells her she will die. The letter came from Liam Wade. Chloe finds Liam’s website; his handwriting matches the letters. They visit Liam.

[00:12:00] Linda and Charlotte begin therapy on the wrong foot. Charlotte does everything she can to regain her memories and wants Linda to help in that alley. Linda wants to do things her way, but Charlotte thinks she only wants the sessions to last longer so she would gain more money. Charlotte disagrees with Linda’s methods and suggestions, so she leaves her office. Lucifer and Cain go to Maze, where she gives them a brief history lesson. She tells them Abel was the first soul in hell. All the demons learned torture by using Abel as their guinea pig. They change the scenarios, but it all ends up with Cain killing him. Maze adds that Abel is like Lucifer; the first thing he will do in any of his hell loops is find and sleep with women.

[00:14:00] Abel roams LA in Bree’s body. But he doesn’t know he is alive. He sees a bunch of women and offers them to have sex with him, but no one takes him seriously. Chloe and Dan arrive at Liam’s place and find they are being targeted. Chloe thinks a sniper is aimed at Dan’s head, but it is just a laser pointer. They speak to Liam, who tells them about the Z Prophecy. He hates Alexa because she made a movie about the Z Prophecy, which became a laughing stock. Now no one believes him. Chloe asks Liam if he knows anyone who would want to hurt Alexa. Liam says Alexa has a lot of enemies, but he isn’t one of them.

[00:17:30] Abel enjoys looking at women in a bar. Amenadiel approaches Abel and tells him he’s been watching him. Abel doesn’t know he is alive, nor does he know he is in a woman’s body. Amenadiel offers him a solution. He gives Abel a gun and tells him to kill himself. Lucifer and Cain find the bar where Abel is, but they’re in for a big surprise. Meanwhile, Chloe and Dan find another lead in the Alexa case. Alexa was using the Bolivian drug cartel to fund her movies. Chloe cross-checks a list of foreign investors; everything matched. Amenadiel almost got Abel convinced, but the drug cartel was already there. The guy tries to shoot Abel thinking she is Bree, but Abel picks up the gun and shoots the cartel guy first.

[00:22:00] Lucifer wants to know what Amenadiel is doing at the bar. He tells Amenadiel to stay away from his plans, but he can’t sit around while Lucifer raises Abel from the dead. Amenadiel vows to track down Abel and send him back to hell. Lucifer and Cain have a new problem: Bree killed the man from the Bolivian drug cartel, so they can’t keep their mission a secret from Chloe. Marcus explains to Chloe what happened, but she doesn’t speak up because he is her boss. Chloe only wants her partner back, so Marcus obliges. Chloe and Lucifer go to speak with Alexa again, but she is clueless without Bree. It seems Bree kept the fort down for her boss. She couldn’t even use the phone without her. Chloe needed access to Alexa’s investor files, but Bree installed a biometric lock on the file case.

[00:27:00] Without any help from Alexa, Chloe hits a dead end. She sends Dan back to the hospital to check if Bree left her belongings, which might contain a clue. Chloe wants to ask Marcus if he has any leads on Bree’s whereabouts. Lucifer knows Marcus would’ve found Bree already because Maze is helping him. Marcus convinced Maze to help because it’s the opposite of what Amenadiel wants, and she is hell-bent on screwing up Amenadiel’s life. She tells Marcus that Abel will do something out of the ordinary in his hell loop once in a while. All of a sudden, Abel arrives at the penthouse and shoots Marcus. He thinks he killed Cain, but after a few seconds, he returns to life. Abel begs Cain to kill him already, but he needs him alive so he can die.

[00:29:00] Maze and Cain bring Abel up to speed on what is happening and where he was over the past millennia. Marcus brings Bree into custody, so Chloe can still process the case. She brings Charlotte to discuss terms and deals with the DA’s office. Since Abel is using Bree’s body, he doesn’t understand anything and just agrees to everything Charlotte said. Charlotte knows something is off, but she pays no attention. Chloe brings Bree out of the precinct. Marcus wants to get Bree out of Chloe’s custody. Amenadiel continues to track Abel down, but Maze sets up a trap. Amenadiel discovers he is following a fake Abel, and Maze is trying to keep him off Lucifer’s way. Maze engages Amenadiel into an all-out brawl.

[00:32:50] Chloe and Lucifer bring Bree to Alexa’s office to open the biometric lock. Dan calls Chloe to tell her that Alexa collected Bree’s belongings from the hospital. Alexa is indeed working with the Bolivians. They tried to pay off Bree to keep her silent, but she didn’t accept, so they tried to kill her. Alexa knew the bomb was coming to the office, so she rescheduled her appointments to the time the bomb was delivered, ensuring her own safety. The biometric lock was a trap. As Bree opens it, they find a bomb. Dan and Lucifer want Chloe to just leave. She doesn’t know about Abel, so she just does her job and wants to save Bree. Since Chloe doesn’t want to leave Bree behind, Lucifer stays with her.

[00:36:00] Marcus tells Chloe what to do to disarm the bomb. Against all odds, she dismantles the bomb and defuses it. Amenadiel and Maze continue fighting. Amenadiel accepts the beatdown because Maze is in a lot of pain. Maze stops fighting Amenadiel because she doesn’t want to just beat him up without a fight. Chloe gets enough proof to put Alexa behind bars or make a deal with her for the Bolivians. Alexa is using her movies to launder money for the drug cartel. Chloe thanks Lucifer for sticking out with her on the case. Charlotte finds herself back in Linda’s office to resume therapy. She had a revelation when she faced Abel earlier and submitted herself to Linda’s expertise.

[00:39:00] Charlotte opens up about what happened the day she died. She recognizes the gunman who shot her family because he was a previous client. The gunman roams free because of her help. Charlotte tells Linda it would be a different guy each day, and her family would always end up dead. She tells Linda about her hell loop, which involved all of the criminals she helped evade the law. Charlotte doesn’t want to go back to hell, telling Linda she’s doing her best. Yet she doesn’t know if what she’s doing will ever be enough.

[00:41:00] Cain and Abel come to terms. Abel still needs time to overcome the millennia of torture by Cain in hell. Lucifer severes his partnership with Cain because he realizes how big a threat it is to Chloe’s life. Cain knows he still has a way to beat the curse as long as Abel is alive. Abel goes on his way. An ambulance kills him while crossing the street from Lux.

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