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Castle and Beckett’s Separation Takes a Literal Turn in “The Blame Game”

BY The Screen Spy Team

Published 7 years ago

Castle and Beckett's Separation Takes a Literal Turn in

By Geannie Bastian

This week’s episode was all about separation anxiety – and I’m sure many a Castle fan would tell you, anxiety over separation is relatable. But the fake up was kind of on hold this week. Instead, Castle and Beckett found themselves literally separated by a killer seeking revenge on his parents.

That’s because the parents used their adorable twin kids as lab rats in a psych study. And, well, it didn’t go well for the kids. Our killer became a recluse and his sister killed herself. It was the death of the sister that set off her brother’s madness – though surprisingly, since were talking about separation anxiety, no one mentioned that the brother becoming a recluse might have had an effect on his sister’s mental state. Because that couldn’t be relevant, or anything.

Obviously the best plan to expose his parents’ rather abusive choices was to kill the woman trying to expose what they had done – because that didn’t go far enough – and then kidnap 3 couples to stand in for all the people who let the kids down. Obvious to a mentally unbalanced killer, anyway.

Castle and Beckett – Better Together 101

Even though this was probably the biggest example yet of Castle and Beckett’s fake break up ruse slipping in public, the episode kept really nicely with this season’s thematic message: they’re always better together.

Though forced to work in separate rooms without knowledge of what was happening to each other, it was clear the two were the leaders of their teams. Castle managed to save the life of one captive – after almost killing him, but it’s the end results that matter, right? Plot twist, he saved the killer, but still.

Of course, then one of the other couples had to go all alpha and try to shoot the others. Beckett won that round, since she managed to think of taking the bullets out of the gun, which insured all the ladies escaped with their lives. Unfortunately, Castle didn’t think of that, and Alpha Husband managed to kill himself when the gun fired backwards. So that was awkward. Plus, Alpha Wife was now pretty much useless and faded sullenly into the background.

Castle’s knowledge of how the gun worked did help save Beckett, though, since she had the gun drawn when they met up with the guys. Which happened after Captain Kate Basdass, NYPD, blew a hole in the wall with her little homemade bomb kit.

Castle and Beckett were super glad to see each other alive and all. But it’s a good bet they are hoping that neither of their fellow captors report that on the evening news, or you know, the way they refused to leave each other behind. Afer all, they have a bitterly estranged image to maintain. Because LokStat. Move along, nothing to see here. These are not the emotions you’re looking for.

But it all led to an epic teamwork takedown when Castle and Beckett refused to choose which of them would die, and instead worked in unspoken sync to get the drop on the killer. Not only was that a satisfying conclusion to the episode plot, but I couldn’t shake the feeling that the Beckett who began the season would have simply volunteered herself to save Castle. A+ progress.

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