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Castle & Beckett Take a Break from Their Break in “The Last Seduction”

BY The Screen Spy Team

Published 8 years ago

Castle & Beckett Take a Break from Their Break in

By Geannie Bastian

Sure, things have been tough on our married crime solving duo over the last several weeks with them separated and all (for Castle’s safety, though he’s in the dark on that), but for some couples on tonight’s episode, marriage is actual murder.

The victim of the week is an unemployed actor, one who’s getting suspiciously large payments from an undisclosed source. Turns out, he was working a honey trapping scheme to help rich man get around their prenups. He picked up rich women, gave them the night of their lives, filmed it, and turned it over to their husbands’ divorce lawyer.

Except, when he’s hired by a son to set up his widowed mother, he grows a conscience. Which did not please the divorce lawyer – who as it turns out was profiting from the whole deal, naturally. So she stabbed him. Nine times. Because that’s not excessive or anything. I guess that settlement is final.

That’s okay though, because our favorite couple had a much better week in the marriage game. Even if you don’t set the competition bar as low as stabbed repeatedly. A fact for which we can all be thankful.

Caskett’s Anniversary Celebration Means “Time In”

Castle, being Castle, is not about to let a small thing like a complex separation keep him from celebrating his first wedding anniversary with his wife. So, with the help of the 12th he sets up an elaborate “Paper Anniversary Surprise” for Beckett, complete with a helium balloon delivered piece of paper – with a dinner invitation on it. And a confetti shower.

He gets a nice little surprise of his own when Beckett agrees to the dinner, though she has reservations. And not the restaurant variety. She and Vikram haven’t gotten very far on the LokStat investigation, and she’s worried that spending more time together might lead to Castle finding out things he shouldn’t. But she misses her man as much as he misses her, so the celebration is a go.

Or at least it is until Ryan and Esposito end up in a partner crisis. Mom and Dad put plans on hold to advise their respective boys. Castle advises Ryan that relationships don’t beat secrets well, while Kate tells Espo that a strong relationships can survive anything. So, I’m thinking that they aren’t just talking about the boys, how about you?

Now, generally speaking nobody likes a delay in their plans, right? But Castle and Beckett might want to send the boys a thank you card. After the guys get Castle to go undercover at the divorce lawyer’s office, and Beckett sees the experience live streamed from his glasses, she’s shaken by what she sees. So, she shows up with dinner for their makeup date. Which leads to a “time in” tumble in bed — with a little relationship talk on the side.

Beckett admits she was shaken by what she saw on the video, and asks Castle if he still has hope for them. He tells her that he always will have hope for them. Kate tells him not to change ever. Aww.

But then, when Kate goes to change clothes, Her phone vibrates with an incoming text. The source is unknown, but we know what Castle doesn’t – It’s from Vikram. What Castle does see? “I’ve found something. Get somewhere private and call me ASAP.” So, he knows she is up to something.

Cue Castle digging into what his wife is up to next week, I’d bet.

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