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Castle & Beckett Take a Break from Their Break in “The Last Seduction”

BY The Screen Spy Team

Published 7 years ago

Castle & Beckett Take a Break from Their Break in

By Geannie Bastian

Sure, things have been tough on our married crime solving duo over the last several weeks with them separated and all (for Castle's safety, though he's in the dark on that), but for some couples on tonight's episode, marriage is actual murder.

The victim of the week is an unemployed actor, one who's getting suspiciously large payments from an undisclosed source. Turns out, he was working a honey trapping scheme to help rich man get around their prenups. He picked up rich women, gave them the night of their lives, filmed it, and turned it over to their husbands' divorce lawyer.

Except, when he's hired by a son to set up his widowed mother, he grows a conscience. Which did not please the divorce lawyer - who as it turns out was profiting from the whole deal, naturally. So she stabbed him. Nine times. Because that's not excessive or anything. I guess that settlement is final.

That's okay though, because our favorite couple had a much better week in the marriage game. Even if you don't set the competition bar as low as stabbed repeatedly. A fact for which we can all be thankful.

Partners in Crime, Chaos and Crisis

Beyond Castle and Beckett, the big story this week is Ryan and Esposito, but there were more than a few fun partnerships this week. Beckett, needing a fellow female for an undercover operation at a spa, teamed up with Hayley. Complete with the suspect chase – wearing nothing but towels!

Castle’s own little undercover operation at the lawyer’s office is totally saved by a sly hand-off to Alexis, but both undercover operations got complicated by Mrs. Castle and Mr. Beckett being outed as marrieds. These two better be careful about working on the sly in the future. Public figures in love is a hard act to take undercover apparently.

But yeah okay, let’s talk about the boys. First of all, they are in actual couples therapy. Not that it’s going well. The therapist wants to break them up, unless of course they can find a buffer. Oh, Castle?!

But even buffers have their limits, and the two really struggle until they almost crack, not even Castle and Beckett’s intervention seeming to help. One thing that did help? Castle’s suggestion that they write down the things that upset them in a notebook. Okay, the therapy strategy didn’t work so well – but the notebook did. It stopped a bullet when Ryan jumped in front of one aimed at Espo. Now that put some things in perspective for the partners in a hurry.

As glad as I’m sure we all are to see them in good working order again – giving us hope for the other set of struggling partners, naturally – it has to be said that some of the humor in their fight scenes was the best I’ve seen in a long time. Funny lines of the week go to Espo’s “Tell that to the hole in my ass!” And Ryan’s “Sherlock Homeboy has a theory.”

Bonus Duo award:
Ryan: Stop, or I’ll shoot your ass!
Espo: He’ll do it, too.

But overall it looks like everybody’s on firmer ground, partner wise. Which is a good sign, although of course the investigation looms large for “Mr. and Mrs. Castle” so that should shake things up next week.

Rough seas or smooth sailing on the SS Caskett? I’ll be here next week to talk about it.

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