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Castlevania Season 2 Episode 4 Recap – Broken Mast

BY Harris

Published 4 weeks ago

Castlevania Season 2 Episode 4 Recap - Broken Mast


Godbrand moves through a snowy battlefield, slaughtering an opposing army with great fervor. In his victory, he yells with joy.

He wakes up from the dream, still yelling and wanting a taste of blood. The servants offer him a pig, which pisses him off. Something must be done about Dracula.

Back in the Belmont library, Trevor finds a broken magic mirror. Alucard recognizes it and throws a quip at Trevor for not knowing what’s in his house. Trevor gets angry, but Sypha pulls him back to stop him. She asks him how he got his name and teases him with the nickname Treffy.

Carmilla continues to urge Hector to go against Dracula. Hector believes he truly loved Lisa, but Carmilla argues that Dracula abandoned her to death when he could have turned her into a vampire. She questions Hector’s loyalty to the night world and insists to him that Dracula is confused. She warns him that he could be the next to die along with the human extinction.

The vampire asks Hector if he’s prepared to abandon Dracula to win the war. She wants his support to have the castle land at Braila as part of her plan to unseat Dracula. He tells Carmilla her forces may not be enough, but that is why she came to him.


We get a flashback to when Dracula went to Isaac’s hold to recruit him. Isaac remembers how they first met. He was hunted by brigand magicians who wanted to kill him for his supplies, and Dracula was the first to save him. The vampire asks for his aid to end the human race, and Isaac sees the irony in this but vows to be loyal to the end.

Godbrand gets tired of pigs’ blood and calls for the other generals to raid a nearby town, contrary to Dracula’s orders.

Dracula conjures a magic mirror that’s a portal to the outside world. He throws a cloth on it and stalks away to Isaac’s chambers. Dracula confides in Isaac that the war has now turned on him; even Hector seems distant. Isaac tells him that Hector only knows about his pets. He asks Dracula if he’s still his friend.

Godbrand and the generals start their massacre of the nearby town, ruthlessly killing and consuming the blood of everyone in sight.

Trevor sits by the mirror, waiting to sleep. Sypha stands nearby, feeling tired and lonely. He offers her his blanket. Alucard, on the other hand, is still exploring the Belmont trove. They talk about Alucard’s cold and distant demeanor. She talks about the bottomless pit that seems to be inside the half-vampire. Sypha knows Trevor is sad, but there’s a hint of light inside him. She falls asleep by his side.


Godbrand returns to the castle to find Isaac during his usual self-lashings. Isaac claims it’s his way of purifying the corrupted body. Godbrand tells him that Carmilla’s reasoning is making more sense to him. There’s no concrete plan for the war. Isaac argues that Dracula’s intent goes above all; they only have to follow it.

Godbrand worries about what happened at Gresit and the presence of Alucard. The half-human is a threat that could be as strong as Dracula, and he’s against the war because of his human mother’s wishes. Godbrand suggests Dracula could rest instead while taking care of the war efforts.

Isaac asks if he dares betray their master. Godbrand doesn’t see it that way, only that Dracula is being difficult. This is enough for Isaac; he murders Godbrand and burns the vampire’s body with his magic.

Our Thoughts:

I like how there are so many moving parts in Dracula’s court, and all of them seem life-like. There’s not a lot of action in this episode, but the tension is through the roof. I rate it out of 3.8/5.

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