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Manifest Season 3 Episode 10 Recap – Compass Calibration

BY Arabelle

Published 2 years ago

Manifest Season 3 Episode 10 Recap - Compass Calibration

Cal sees the snow globe; the volcano inside is erupting. He touches it but drops it quickly. It‘s too hot to handle. The volcano inside continually erupts.

Michaela deeply thinks when Zeke comes and tells her coffee is more effective if she drinks it. He shares what happened last night after she left, but he suddenly sees Michaela still deep in her thoughts. He asks what‘s happening. She tells him Saanvi is the one who killed the Major.

Zeke gets shocked. Michaela admits she is torn about arresting Saanvi. Saanvi told her it was the only way to save the lifeboat. Zeke also tells her that if taking Saanvi in will help the other passengers, Saanvi, and her badge, she should arrest Saanvi. 

Grace tells Ben that Olive called. She has decided to stay at Levi’s for another night. “Do we tell Angelina to leave and give her money to find a place?” Ben asks Grace. Grace suggests keeping everything in status quo until Olive talks to them.

Grace hugs Ben and asks him if he is okay. Ben tells her something has felt off ever since he woke up earlier. Grace asks him what the day is. Ben answers 17th. Grace then says she will try out a new recipe with Zeke. Angelina will help with Eden. Cal asks for a superglue. Grace pulls him in, hugs him tight, and says, “I love you.”

“Didn‘t you get a calling where passenger photos started to glow and caught on fire?” Cal asks his dad while looking at the passengers’ photos. “Yeah. I think it meant they were being tested,” Ben answers. Cal thinks one of the passengers is being tested. A passenger‘s picture starts to burn.

At Eureka, Troy talks to Saanvi about differentiating the xylem cells of Noah’s Ark sample. Saanvi says the more research they have, the closer they are to understanding why the fragments disappeared instantly. And solving the mystery of Flight 828, Troy adds. Troy asks Saanvi if she has already visited Dr. Cooper. Troy says he has a working theory the testing might have unintended consequences. Saanvi gets a phone call. “Can you escort her in?” she says.

Michaela comes in. She asks Saanvi if she is ready, referring to her voluntary turning in. She says yes, but just not yet. She found a breakthrough about 828, and it‘s a game-changer. Michaela gets confused; they agreed to turn herself in. Saanvi confirms she will, saying it is part of her redemption, but she needs to finish her research and hand it in within the day. She promises she will turn herself in. Michaela leaves when she receives a message.

Ben goes to Astrid’s house, the latest person whose photo burns on his information board. He is knocking at the door, but Astrid (Arianna Esquerre) doesn’t want to open it. She says she has a taser, so he can leave her alone. 

Ben introduces himself and tells her he has already called her several times and sent emails. Astrid opens the door after Ben mentions he is an 828 passenger. Astrid did not open the door, thinking he might be one of the people who hates them. Ben starts to ask if she sees or hears things. Astrid nods. Ben tells her he thinks she‘s being tested.

Michaela arrives on the scene and asks Jared about the 10-33. Jared tells her the Bomb Squad has arrived. Michaela approaches Val, a staff on Tate & Turner, who supposedly picks up his son from school, but the officers are not letting her leave. Michaela asks if other people could pick up her son. She says she left her phone in her purse, so she can‘t call the school to tell them she‘s running late.

Michaela gives her phone to Val to call the school and inform them what is happening. Michaela tells her after the phone call, she will get her statement about the situation, and she can go.

At Beverly’s house, Angelina plays with Eden while Beverly watches. Grace gives them a portion of food to taste. Grace goes back to the kitchen to continue what she is cooking.

Beverly asks Angelina what her baby’s name is. Eden, she answers, then tells her she is not Eden‘s mother, just a friend. Beverly says there is something more than being a friend between them. 

Back at Eureka, Saanvi and the team start to test the driftwood again. The whole Eureka shakes. Eden starts to cry out loud, so Angelina comes to her. They also feel the shake, and then the chandelier falls. Jared, Michaela, Ben, and Astrid, including the people at Tate & Turner also experience the shaking. 

Angelina explains Eden knew the earthquake will happen. She says Eden cried and told Angelina to come to her so she could protect her. Beverly says Eden is her guardian angel. Grace gets an awkward feeling toward Angelina.

Jared announces the bomb threats are only a hoax. All staff can leave after they give their statement.

Meanwhile, Ben tries to persuade Astrid to help him solve the callings. She says she had a vision of an enraged skull and a moving checkerboard. After she sketches it for Ben, he discovers the wavey checkerboard is a racing flag. He knows exactly where they need to go.

Grace wants to take Eden home for a nap, but she doesn’t want to leave Zeke and Beverly with all the mess the earthquake caused. Angelina suggests bringing Eden home. Grace is disturbed by what she sees between Angelina and Eden and the whole guardian angel thing. Zeke asks Grace what she thinks about Angelina. She tells him Olive doesn’t trust her. Zeke tells Grace that Angelina is intense, but she truly loves Eden, and Eden loves her back. Grace gets amazed by Zeke‘s new empathic ability.

At Eureka, Patrick talks to Saanvi and tells her the earthquake is connected to the driftwood. The epicenter of the other earthquake is on Eureka. The other one is 80 miles north of Eureka. “It opened up the kind of fissure you‘d see near a volcano,” Patrick says.

Ben and Astrid visit the closed car repair shop. Ben goes inside through an opening between the red door. Inside, he gets attacked by Cody. Cody almost attacks Ben using a metal. Fortunately, Astrid comes in with a taser.

Val goes to the precinct and talks to Michaela. She believes her ex-husband made the bogus bomb threat to take their son, Robin (Derrick Delgado). She says her ex-husband, Cody, thinks a war is on the way between the 828 passengers and everyone else. Jared and Michaela advise her to go home. They pledge to investigate.

Vance refuses to halt the tests in Eureka. He informs Saanvi that she’s making a significant mistake by linking the earthquake and their experiments. Saanvi says they’ll wait and see what happens in the next test.

Angelina speaks with Cal and expresses her belief that Eden is her guardian angel. Cal concurs. He also says he knew she should be living with them; the calling informed him.

Saanvi and Troy conduct another test at Eureka. An explosion knocks Saanvi off her feet and turns the driftwood to dust. Vance says Saanvi is correct and instructs Troy to take her to the hospital.

While at the car repair business, Astrid receives another call. She informs Ben the calling is a kid asking for help. Ben tells Cody his son needs help. “You‘re all crazy,” Cody tells Ben. Astrid informs them she can sense the boy is dying. Desperate, Ben begins to beat up the restrained Cody, knocking him and the chair he is tied to over.

Back at the Stone house, Cal and Angelina watch as a photo of Ben catches fire. “Trial by fire,” Cal declares. “Dad, what are you doing?” he asks himself, worried.

Michaela and Jared enter the building where Ben, Astrid, and Cody are. They intervene to prevent Ben from continuing the pounding. “Ben, what the hell are you thinking?” Jared asks him.

Ben reveals Astrid had a vision of Robin dying. Michaela tells Astrid she is a detective and must collaborate with her to save the kid. Astrid says Robin can’t breathe and details a few things involving him. Cody is taken aback by what she knows. Michaela insists Cody reveal where he hid Robin. Cody is unsure. “Is your hate for us really stronger than your love for your son?” a determined Michaela asks. Cody admits hiding him in a bunker for his safety. Michaela asks Astrid to accompany her in searching for the boy.

As Saanvi and Troy leave Eureka, Troy gives Saanvi the real driftwood. They lied. The driftwood that turned into ash was a fake.

Michaela and Astrid find Robin stuck beneath a bookcase. They successfully free him. Michaela checks to see whether he is still alive. He begins to groan. He’s still alive!

Angelina tests Eden as her guardian angel. She holds her hand above a lighted candle, telling Eden to help her. Eden just stares at her. She suddenly drops the candle, not able to take the heat. It falls and rolls to the curtains, catching fire. Downstairs, Zeke detects Eden’s fear. Grace and Zeke rush upstairs, where they find Angelina standing and chanting, “Behold, an angel will guard you,” while the drapes burn behind her. Grace snatches Eden and flees. Angelina pursues them while Zeke extinguishes the flames.

Grace gets enraged with Angelina. She tells her she must go. Angelina maintains she is merely demonstrating Eden’s status as her guardian angel. Grace orders her to go once again. Angelina walks away to get her things. Zeke tells Grace the fire has been extinguished and apologizes. He didn’t believe Angelina would endanger Eden. Grace acknowledges it isn’t his fault. She should have listened to Olive.

Michaela praises Astrid and encourages her to keep in touch. Jared has arrested Ben for assault. She agrees they must follow the rules this time. She sits in the car with Ben, frustrated at what he did. He asks about Robin’s well-being. Michaela says he is okay. Ben explains his fear of failing to save Cal and everyone else caused him to be aggressive. “I got to go do something else. I‘ll see you at the station,” Michaela tells her brother.

Cal reminds Grace that Angelina should live with them, but she refuses to listen. Angelina informs Grace that she, Cal, and Eden are all connected. A disappointed Cal hurries upstairs and locks his door.

Michaela goes to Eureka to take Saanvi. She‘s told Saanvi left an hour ago.

Saanvi and Troy are at the earthquake’s epicenter. Patrick helps them enter the vicinity, showing his ID. Saanvi walks over to a massive fissure where hot lava boils. She drops the driftwood into it, and the lava immediately freezes, shutting the fissure close. Cal watches the volcano in his snow globe stop erupting.

Our Thoughts

The volcanoes and earthquakes of Episode 10 were physical and emotional as everyone stood on unsteady ground.

As Vance mentioned, we’re coming closer to discovering what happened to 828. But the answers won’t come from a lab.

We also don’t appear to put our faith in science.

Nonetheless, with only three episodes remaining and no word of a fourth season, this episode sets up Manifest to close with even more revelations and ramifications.

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